Thursday, December 15, 2011

X-Factor Results • No Diggity For Someone

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Marcus Canty Melanie Amaro
Josh Krajcik Chris Rene
Clockwise: Marcus Canty; Melanie Amaro, Chris René, and Josh Krajcik; .

We are reminded of the eight performances from the four contestants last night, as well as the judges comments. The first few minutes are all "sturm und drang," with the music and lighting effects that bring to mind high drama. After the judges are introduced, we hear there were 30 million votes placed last night. With that, he brings out the contestants to perform a mash-up of the following two songs. They start with Blackstreet's 1996 hit, No Diggity, and use Tears For Fears 1984 hit, Shout, as a chorus of sorts.

Soon, we again revisit last night, checking in on each song, and judge's spat. We check in with the judges, and Paula pulls out Chris René and Josh Krajcik as the high points, and adds Melanie Amaro on Feeling Good. Nicole agrees, and LA admits to being a bit nervous, fearful he might loose a boy tonight. After a commercial break, Steve Jones introduces Florence And The Machine to sing Spectrum from the album Ceremonials.

Florence Welch is in exceptional voice, and puts on quite a show. It was wonderful. But soon it is back to the competition, and Paula leads everyone on a comparison of the remaining acts. Marcus is thought of as the Entertainer, while Chris René is the original. Josh has a voice made for Pop/Rock/Soul music, and Melanie has a voice like honey. Both are radio-ready. Steve Jones calls them on stage. We are reminded there is no competition tonight, the top-three vote-getters go to the finals. The first act through to the finals is Chris René. The second act through is Melanie Amaro. That leaves two to fill in the remaining spot in next week's finals, and an obvious chance to take a commercial break.

When we come back from the break, The introduce Nicole to sing her latest single, Pretty. Well, I can't find a video of this anywhere. It is from the album Killer Love.

Nicole Scherzinger

She gyrates and contorts on the stage, but not enough to distract from the rather pedestrian vocal delivery. She is quite happy, and Simon makes fun of her critiques in a rather amusing way. But I am bored, and ready to move on. Thankfully, they bring on another commercial. We come back to Steve Jones, with his rather innocuous cardboard delivery on everything, to discover that Melanie and Chris are excited and grateful to be through to the finals. So Marcus and Josh are back with their mentors, LA and Nicole. The person making it to the finals next week is Josh Krajcik. This means Marcus is finally heading home. He says it isn't the end, despite what the track record of reality television talent is.

Marcus Canty

So next week is the final performances, featuring Chris René, Melanie Amaro, and Josh Krajcik, will be next Wednesday, December 21, on your local Fox station.

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