Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Support Angel Adams

Angel Adams

I luvs me some Angel Adams. I first came to know her when she hooked up with Eric Himan and her brother Jimmy Adams to form Eric & the Adams. I became so attached to Angel and Jimmy during that period, I was crushed when their partnership came to an end. I know I loved Hear You Breathe off the Eric & the Adams EP, and it was written by Angel.

I knew I needed to stay in touch. And I did. So I know Angel recently had a baby with her partner, Heather. So when I discovered you were starting a KickStarter account, I had to race over to check it out.

A full album? A music video? Damn, I'm in! You can be, too! Want some great music by Angel, check out the incentive to invest in your aural pleasure. You can invest $5, $10, $15, $20, $25? Or even more? Well, there are plenty of reasons to do just that. Click in the widget below, and find out for yourself!


  1. will go check it out i've back several youngartist recently so will see what i can do.

  2. by the way you post a lot of great musician here have you ever heard of Cassidy Haley if not you should check him out he is amazing http://cassidyhaley.com/

  3. Becca, I have heard of Cassidy Haley, and in fact have a post about him here. http://soundtracktomyday.blogspot.com/2011/03/cassidy-haley-this-time.html

  4. awesome going to read btw yes i adore him.



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