Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Back at the Year 2011

Tom Goss Eric Himan
Garrin Benfield Jake Walden
Clockwise: Tom Goss, Eric Himan, Jake Walden and Garrin Benfield.

They are just the beginning to the list of names of talented artists I shall be mentioning over the next few days. I shall be taking a look at the new music of 2011, much of which I have covered here on this blog. There was a number of amazing LGBT musicians who released new material, and I was lucky enough to see several of them live. But I shall start with what was a bit of a first for me, and that was appearing in a music video. I was able to do that with the gracious assistance of Tom Goss when he was filming the first single off his latest album, Turn It All Around. It's All Over is the joyous first single off a great album, one that really rocks!

You can purchase Turn It Around from iTunes, Amazon, and from Tom's online store.

Another favorite of mine released a new album this year. Eric Himan worked with the the talented Namoli Brennet on Supposed Unknown, a brilliant album that shows Himan's growth as a songwriter and as a performer. It also had a gritty and sexy video for the first single, Dust.

You can purchase Supposed Unknown on iTunes, Amazon, and at Eric's online store.

I managed to catch Garrin Benfield twice in the last 12 months or so, and am grateful for each opportunity. I swear Garrin's music enchants me, and brings me to a place I'd love to live full-time. I was beyond thrilled to make it to his New York City album release party for The Wave Organ Song. It is an outstanding album, one I am listening to once again today, and still can't get enough. Here is the video for the first single, Walkin' Time Blues.

You can purchase The Wave Organ Song on iTunes, Amazon, or on Garrin's online store.

I was introduced to Jake Walden by Tom Goss, and have been blessed to have gotten to know the talented and handsome man. So when he hit the road earlier this year to support the release of his latest album, Same Something Different, I couldn't wait to see him. And I was not disappointed. The new music was great, as you can see in the video for the first single, Even In Your Doubt.

You can purchase Same Something Different from iTunes, Amazon, or Jake's online store. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see any or all of these talented artists performing live, I would say do it, without hesitation.

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