Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great Music From 2011

Derek Nicoletto Darren Hayes
Clockwise: Derek Nicoletto, Darren Hayes, Jason Walker, and B.Slade.

As I continue to look back on the great music released in 2011, I can't help but give a listen to Derek Nicoletto's amazing Kind Ghosts. As an album, it explored Derek as a solo artists, giving some great pop, a little rock and a lot of Derek. The lead single was also the title track, Kind Ghosts.

You can purchase Kind Ghosts on iTunes, Amazon and Derek's online store.

And with his first new release since 2007, handsome Darren Hayes was back on the scene with Secret Codes & Battleships, a collection that proved his still making great Pop music after a hiatus. I, of course, had to purchase the Deluxe Version of the album, because you can't ever have too much Darren in your life. Check out the video for the single, Blood-stained Heart.

You can purchase Secret Codes & Battleships on iTunes, Amazon and check out Darren's online store.

You could also get the latest release from the magnificent voice of Jason Walker. Jason made a dream come true for his father when he released Live And Unplugged, an acoustic album his proud father wanted him to make. The five-song collection of songs showcased his magnificent instrument on songs like I Am Changing, off the Leave It All Behind album.

You can purchase Live And Unplugged on iTunes, Amazon and you can visit his official website.

I have to admit I am relatively knew on the B.Slade™ train, after he was pointed out to me by Wonder Man and Nhojj. And I am grateful to both, as I immediately fell in love this B.Slade's inventive sound on the album Diesel. I have to admit I went a bit crazy, also purchasing A Brilliant Catastrophe (Alpha) and A Brilliant Catastrophe (Beta). B.Slade's voice is also amazing, as you can hear ion the title track, Diesel.

You can purchase Diesel on iTunes, Amazon, his Bandcamp site, or his official website.


  1. Love Bslade and I would love to make out with Derek

  2. Wonder Man, thanks for turning me on to BSlade, and who wouldn't want to make out with Derek?



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