Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great EPs in 2011


Clockwise: Matt Doyle, Chris Riffle, Stewart Lewis, Andy Moore, and Shaun Hague.

This year several Eps were released from some great musicians. EP stood for Extended Play Single, a single with a few supplemental tracks. Now, they are more of a demi-album, a smaller collection of songs put out by an artist. It can be more affordable for all concerned - the independent artist who has to pay the costs, and the fan who can get new and fresh music at a lower cost. Take, for example, Broadway star Matt Doyle, who is an out singer/songwriter when not appearing on stage. Currently, he is featured in the New York production of War Horse. But earlier this year, he released the EP Daylight. It is a wonderful collection, beautifully written and sung. Check out this clip as he sings If Morning Can't Wait.

You can find Daylight on iTunes and Amazon.

Though he was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Chris Riffle now calls New York City home as he pursues his career in music. Earlier in the year, the out performer released I Am Not From Here, a strong acoustic collection of songs song from the heart. Here he sings the title track from the EP, I Am Not From Here.

You can find I Am Not From Here on iTunes and Amazon.

Stewart Lewis sings Shine from the album In Formation. Earlier this year, he released the EP Stumbling For Truth. I have seen the out singer/songwriter perform a few times, and have loved him every time. The five-song collection is filled with honesty and love, a welcome addition to any collection.

You can find Stumbling For Truth on iTunes and Amazon.

I have been fascinated with the music of Andy Moore since I saw her performing with Eric Himan many years ago. So I was quite thrilled to hear she was releasing new music, and had to buy it right away. 5 In Common is a beautiful group of songs, sung with a simplicity and beauty that is hard to match. I have the first two album from the out lesbian, and love them both. Check out as she sings Cemetery off the EP.

You can find 5 In Common on iTunes and Amazon.

I first heard of Shaun Hague when Jake Walden announced they would be touring together. When I went to see them, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was blown away by him and his music. Shaun adds a bluesy touch to his Rock-infused Pop, with plenty of heart and soul. Watch as he sings Make It A Great Day from the EP The Time Is Now. I took this video at the show at the MilkBoy Coffee this summer.

You can find The Time Is Now on iTunes and Amazon.

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