Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GLEE Redux • Hold On To Sixteen

Rachel stops by the school to pick up her homework, and runs into Quinn, who tells Rachel she plans to get MS. Corcoran fired, and announces when she tells everyone about it, she will get Beth back. Rachel argues with her, and asks her to think more about her daughter, and less about herself. Rachel meets up with Finn, who decides they need to get Sam back if they are to have a chance at Sectionals. Kurt is having a time as he thinks he and Rachel are both doomed to be baristas for life, not able to get into NYADA. Soon Warbler Sebastian comes up to flirt with Blaine, and to irk Kurt. He announces to Kurt he plans on stealing his man. Rachel and Fin find Sam dancing in a strip club as White Chocolate, as apparently all the seniors at Ohio and Kentucky are 18 at the beginning of the year. Rachel goes up to Sam, tips him a buck, and makes an appointment to talk after the show. Finn and Rachel ask him about coming back, but he needs to talk to his parents. They, of course, allow him to do it, despite the fact they will miss him greatly. Back in the chorus room, the kids are getting together. They fear they will not get the chance to perform, even though the competition is at McKinley High. Then Sam comes in, and is greeted by Santana with a list of barbs. They hug, and Sam sings his first song of the season. He brings a bit of country when he sings Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup.

The boys of New Directions are dancing, struggling to figure out what they will do. Quinn talks to Sam about resuming their relationship, but Sam wants nothing to do with it. Sam wants to add some sexy moves, from his time as White Chocolate. Tina and Mike have a fight when he asks about him applying to dance schools. He has already applied to Stanford, to the pre-med program. They fight. Sam finds Mercedes, and talks to her. Yes, he heard about her boyfriend, by he wants her back! Finn follows Blaine to the gym, and apologizes to him, saying his jealousy made him not treat him right. But he wants to win, and without Rachel around, Blaine is the most talented member. He hopes they can all work together. Tina goes to talk to Mr. Chang, and bring him a tape of Mike dancing in West Side Story. Of course, Mr. Chang wants nothing to do with any of it. As the New Directions get ready for competition, The Troubletones stop by and offer to work together once they win the competition. The New Directions are insulted, and Quinn smacks back at Ms. Corcoran,hinting she knows about her relationship with Puck. The first act of sectionals goes on. The Unitards are up, and they sing Buenos Aires from Evita, starring Patti LuPone.

They are good, and everyone is frightened. Rachel follows Quinn in the hallway. She tells Quinn to beware of telling about Ms. Corcoran, and doing something she might regret. Rachel knows what that is like. Quinn goes to Ms. Corcoran, and spills about her the plan to tell Principle Figgins about her relationship with Puck. Shelby tells her to enjoy her youth while The Troubletones are up next, and Santana and Mercedes sing a mash-up of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

and Destiny's Child's Survivor...

It is not surprising that the girls kill it on stage. It is time for the New Directions to take to the stage and Tina leads with The Jackson 5's ABC.

At the beginning of the song, Mr. Chang comes to see the performance. Mike sees him in the audience, and is overjoyed. The song ends, and the kids perform Janet Jackson's Control. It starts with Quinn talking about talking control of her life, directed at Ms. Corcoran.

And Finn follows that up taking the lead along side Blaine, Sam, Artie and Puck. They sing Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.

Of course, they get a standing ovation at the end of the performance, including from Mr. Chang. He actually smiled! Mike seems so proud. Puck gives Quinn a big hug, and Finn and Blaine fist-bump. Everyone is excited back in the chorus room. Mr. Chang tells Mike he must follow his dreams, and and he will support his son. Mike is so happy, but has missed the deadlines to apply to dance schools. But Tina already applied for him. Then it is time to find out the results. Third place goes to the Unitards. Second goes to the Troubletones, meaning the New Directions win!

Quinn sees Rachel in the Principal's office, and thanks her for stopping Quinn from making a big mistake. Quinn knows she doesn't want to grow up quite yet, and might want to apply to Yale Drama School. Rachel offers to help with the application. They are kinds friends, after all. Maybe she could help her with a few other things. Quinn goes to see Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes, to see if they will rejoin the New Directions. Mercedes isn't good with that idea, not ready to take a back seat again. But Quinn negotiates a deal, and soon the girls are singing with the kids in the chorus room. They join together on a joyous version of We are Young, originally performed by Fun featuring Janelle Monae.

Next week, Christmas will come early for the kids!

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