Friday, December 2, 2011

RightOut TV Awards - Best (PRO) Video

RightOut TV

RightOutTV announced their first winners in the inaugural awards to celebrate the depth and diversity of the music in the LGBT community. The results reflect an impressive array of talent in 13 different categories. Winning artists represent the United States, Israel, Australia, England and Austria, making this a truly global contest. Next I will feature the winner of the Best Video (PRO) category.

Arro Verse

The award was given to Arro Verse for the video, Don't Be My Boo Boo. The video was directed by Robyn Dettman. I really enjoy the blend of Electronica with Hip-Hop, making for a clean, fresh sound.

You can find out more about the Los Angeles based Arro Verse on the official Facebook page here. You can find the samples of the music at ReverbNation here. You can watch the music of RightOut TV online here.

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