Saturday, December 31, 2011

Even More Great Singles from 2011

Brendan MacLean
Wes Carr
Clockwise: Anthony Callea, Brendan MacLean, David Raleigh, and Wes Carr.

In my final look at the singles from 2011, I couldn't resist checking out my friends Down Under. This group is made up of 3 Australians, and one American who splits his time between New York and Australia. The group is made up of three very sexy out gay men, and one very handsome straight rocker. All are talented musicians who made my life just a little bit nicer when I heard their songs.

I have been a fan of Anthony Callea ever since the first time I heard that amazing voice of his. I have run out of adjectives to adequately describe it, so suffice it to say I listen to it whenever I can. So, you can imagine my joy when he released a new single this year, Oh Oh Oh Oh. It is a dance tune, filled with vibrance and joy, and I still can't get enough of it. Watch the amazing video for Oh Oh Oh Oh.

You can purchase Oh Oh Oh Oh on iTunes and Amazon. You can also purchase the video on iTunes.

I was directed to listen to the music of Brendan MacLean by another musician, David Raleigh. As I have mentioned before, when I get a recommendation from another musician, I will listen. And this is yet another time I am grateful to Raleigh, for I love Brendan's music, with it's humor and zest. Watch his video for Cold And Happy from the White Canvas EP.

You can purchase the White Canvas EP on iTunes.

Wes Carr is another artist who captivated me the first time I heard his voice. And he is more than just the token straight man... I find his singing to be original and strong, just a joy to hear. Like Callea, I have ordered Carr's album's to be imported, since I just had to have them. This year, while I waited for a new album to come out, I was so pleased to discover he had a new single. Check out the new video for Been A Long Time.

You can purchase the Been A Long Time video on iTunes.

I just love David Raleigh pm just so many levels, and the first is the great music he makes. His piano-driven songs are just so melodic, so beautiful. And then there is that smile of his, it could light up all of Manhattan. And that is where he lives when he is not in Australia. While he released his great Beginning Again album in 2010, the latest single only recently premiered with a strong music video. Watch as he sings One Together.

You can purchase Beginning Again off iTunes and Amazon.

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  1. Hate the Anthony Callea new song, he has such a beautiful voice... this doesn't sound nothing to his natural voice =/



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