Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great Singles from 2011

Ricky Martin
Clockwise: Nhojj, Gavin Creel, Gareth Asher, and Ricky Martin.

There were many singles released this year that were of special interest to this blog, and four of them are appearing here on this post. In fact, all four are of similar theme, of people coming together, finding acceptance for the common good. Take, for instance, when the gifted Nhojj released a video for his version of the classic song, Amazing Grace, in support of marriage equality.

You can purchase Amazing Grace on iTunes, Amazon or visit Nhojj's official website.

Broadway star Gavin Creel has proven to be a talented and masterful voice on the New York stage, garnering Tony Award nominations for Best Actor in 2002 and 2009. He proved to have talents as a songwriter as well, working on a couple of non-Broadway releases. Recently, he wrote and recorded the song Noise, a song supporting equality nationwide. The proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Broadway Impact, which Creel co-founded with Rory O'Malley and Jenny Kanelos. Here he is, to make some Noise.

This single will be included on an album due out in the Spring. You can purchase Noise on iTunes, Amazon or visit Gavin's official website. You can also check out the official website for Broadway Impact.

After coming out as a happy gay man, Ricky Martin released his first single and video for The Best Thing About Me Is You. The video was a call for inclusivity, for the people of the world to fight against discrimination of any kind. And he looked damn good doing it.

You can purchase The Best Thing About Me Is You on iTunes, Amazon or visit Ricky's official website.

In early November, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Gareth Asher released a new version of his song Get It Right. The new recroding was a collaboration with Nappy Roots, and was a call for the world community to strive to live together, to move past our differences and just Get It Right.

The song was originally found on Gareth's beautiful album, Between The Smiles And Tears. You can purchase Get It Right on iTunes, Amazon or visit Gareth's official website.



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