Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Theo Tams & Ali Slight

Ali & Theo - Do You Hear What I Hear Ali & Theo 2000 Miles

A couple of years ago, Theo Tams got together with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Ali Slaight to record Do You Hear What I Hear? for the War Child charity. They did a wonderful job with it, and I was thrilled to buy it. Give a listen here.

This season, they released wonderful covers of 2000 Miles and Baby, It's Cold Outside. Both songs have been getting airplay on Canadian radio, and I was happy to add them to my collection. In fact, last week, 2000 Miles mad it into the Top 10 in the Canadian music charts. You can find those on iTunes here, and on Amazon here. You can find Theo on Twitter here, and Ali on Twitter here.


  1. 2000 Miles is #3 on this week's chart. Considering the two songs in front of it are by Justin Bieber and Michael Buble, both of whom have have excessive exposure (including their own holiday specials as well as appearing on other specials) this season, that's a fantastic feat for Theo & Ali.

    I would definitely recommend that your readers pick up both of these excellent holiday tunes!

    Happy Christmas, Howard! :)


  2. Sue, you have a great holiday as well! So glad to hear Theo & Ali are doing so well! You know I luvs me some Theo!



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