Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great Albums of 2011

Casey Stratton Photobucket
Clockwise: Casey Stratton, Gregory Douglass, Chadwick, and Justin Utley.

You'd think with all the posts so far, how could there still be great music that was released in 2011? It is easy, you just listen to the music by the four outstanding men above, how put out wonderful music whenever they sit with a microphone. And, if I am not mistaken, they are all out and proud men who also happen to look very good in their pictures...

That is certainly true for Casey Stratton, who has been making great music since he was quite young, releasing his first EP, Driving To The Moon, in 1995. This year he released two albums, Hear The City and The Vigil. The latter was a response to the loss of his beloved pet, Henry, and it is just beautiful. The former, Hear The City, is a wonderful and so evocative.

I swear that Casey writes his music so that it is addictive, and I must have it all. You can purchase Hear The City at Casey's online store, iTunes or Amazon.

Another man whose music is just totally irresistible to me is Vermont's own Gregory Douglass. It still annoys me I have yet to be able to see him perform live, but hope I get to rectify that very soon. His latest album, Lucid, is a moody and vital work, with honesty pouring off it. I am particularly fond of the song Dream Come True. In the video below Gregory sings Lucid from the latest release.

You can purchase Lucid at Gregory's online store, iTunes, or Amazon.

Well, once you get past Justin Utley's Hulk-like build and dashing good looks, you get to know that he is also a talented singer/songwriter. His vivid and uplifting music touches me so, and let's me know he has lived a life that has not always been easy, but will always be a path for growth. The former-Mormon sings from the heart, and that can't be missed. Watch as he sings Stand For Something from Nothing This Real.

You can purchase Nothing This Real at Justin's online store, iTunes, or Amazon.

I happened across the music of Chadwick while working on this blog, and can't believe I hadn't heard his amazing voice before. The crispness of his tone is amazing, and how he manages to use it while singing great songs is impressive. His latest album, Live & Unplugged, shows off that voice, allowing it to tell the story with simple instrumentation. Watch as he sings What About Love from Live & Unplugged. The song was written by Brian Allen, Sheron Alton, and Jim Vallance and originally performed by the legendary rock band, Heart.

You can purchase Live & Unplugged on iTunes or Amazon.

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