Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EvOn, The Music Bully • "Blud" Music Video

EvOn The Music Bully BOi Mixtape 2012

British rapper and self-proclaimed "Music Bully" has released a new video, the first for a song off her latest collection, BBOi Mixtape 2012. "Blud" is a sexy track, driving drums coupled with an honest communication. The mixtape is a great collection of Hip-Hop music made for and by a member of the LGBT community. The songs and sounds are so fresh, so vital, you really must check it out for yourself. EvOn, an out and proud lesbian, is also a a driving force behind the LGBT UDRGRD, supporting LGBT musicians making music.

You can discover more about the LGBT UDRGRD by visiting the Tumblr feed. You can find all kinds of talented LGBT people making music and sharing it. For more about EvOn, visit her official website. There you can listen to the BBOi Mixtape 2012, and find the link for the free download.

Richie Luna • Celebrate - The People's Anthem

Richie Luna

To celebrate the Olympic Games, the ongoing worldwide sports competition, I offer you a song from a man recording in Great Britain, the home of the 2012 Olympics. Richie Luna, who is from the Moon, if you were to believe his official biography, has released this Electro-Pop gem just in time for the Games. "Celebrate - The People's Anthem" calls all the people of the world to get together with nothing more than love and joy to support all the courageous athletes representing their countries in London.

The song is just jubilant, a call to arms for the power of positive thought. To learn more about Richie Luna, you can visit his official website. If you love the song, you can purchase it on iTunes or order a physical CD on Amazon.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark Monday • Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire

To give a nod to the Olympic games, I decided to visit a film that taking a look at athletes training for the Games. In 1982, Chariots of Fire was an unlikely candidate to be taking the world by storm. After all, it was a British sports film that told the story of two real-life athletes who both ran in the 1924 Olympics for two every different reasons. One was a Christian, running for the Glory of his God. The other was a Jew, running to overcome prejudice in the years before the Nazi rise in Germany. The often powerful story of these two runners was riveting and uplifting.

Chariots of Fire

The movie was beautifully served by the soundtrack composed by a Greek composer named Vangelis. He was a well-respected synthesizer musician, adept at Jazz and progressive rock music. Vangelis had scored a few documentaries in the 1970s. In 1980, he also formed a band with former Yes frontman Jon Anderson, the aptly titled Jon and Vangelis. He was also working on Chariots of Fire. When it was released, the small film was the movie to see, and I truly remember going to see it. With his music, Vangelis captured the spirit of the film perfectly with his instrumental score, including the main title theme.

For his work on the film, Vangelis won the Academy Award for Original Music Score. And the theme in the video above was heard everywhere you could go, and topped the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as the Adult Contemporary charts. You can purchase the soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon.

The Aikiu • Pieces of Gold

The Aikiu - Pieces of Gold
The Aikiu - Pieces of Gold The Aikiu - Pieces of Gold
The Aikiu - Pieces of Gold The Aikiu - Pieces of Gold

"The Aikiu is a French pop band from Paris influenced by new wave and electronic music. Formed by Alex Aikiu (lead vocals), Julien Vichnievsky (keyboards) and Barnabé Nuytten (bass), the band recently welcomed Nuno Cordeiro (guitar) and Tatiana Mladenovitch (drums) for the stage." That is what I learned from the official website, about The Aikiu, which didn't really explain to me much about their latest video for the song "Pieces of Gold". It is really very clever, utilizing images from gay male adult films with images of them playing instruments. Now, I don't know exactly if they are trying to say playing in a Pop band is as good or better than sex, but I do know the video made me smile. Enjoy "Pieces of Gold".

I don't know, perhaps if your hands are good with one thing, they are naturally good with other? Now, this song is not available in the United States, but you can check out their official website.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chadwick Johnson • Soul Rising

Chadwick Johnson - Soul Rising

I can't tell you how excited I was to discover there was new music out from a favorite of mine, Chadwick Johnson. Soul Rising was released earlier this month, giving me the opportunity to hear it a couple of times. The seven-song release is either and expanded EP, or a short album, but no matter how you want to describe it, gorgeous must be included. This is not the first time I've been able to feature Chadwick on the blog. A year ago, he won an OUTMusic Award for "Intoxicated", called the OUTStanding Dance song in the 7th Annual Award Ceremony. Chadwick has caught my attention earlier when I heard his EP Live & Unplugged, a three-song EP that blew me away. Including a stripped down acoustic version of the dance hit. I was definitely a fan, eagerly anticipating the chance to hear more.

Chadwick Johnson performing live, On the Jimmy Kimmel stage in Loss Angeles.
Performing live on the Jimmy Kimmel Stage in Los Angeles.

The album kicks off with the beautiful song by Willie Nelson, "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground". The song was sung by Willie in the 1981 film, Honeysuckle Rose. There is an inspirational, almost a gospel feel, a perfect showcase for Chadwick's gorgeous voice. The second track, "I'm Gonna Live", has a more personal feel. I am not sure if this was written by Chadwick or just a song I don't know, but it is another brilliant choice. The chorus soars, as could be expected with Chadwick's rich vocals. "Unchained Melody" is about as iconic a song as there is out there. The song was written in 1955 with music by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret. It was made famous by the Righteous Brothers in a 1965 recording that many consider the best recording of the 20th century, and maybe ever. While it has been covered by many, Chadwick strips it back to the bones, and gives it the rich emotional value the song asks for. There are not many who could hit the notes written with such depth and fullness. While "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" was written and performed originally as a duet, Chadwick makes it work beautifully as a solo turn. The song, released in 1992 by Patty Smyth and Don Henley, written by Smyth and Flen Burtnik, has an aching heartache that is impossible to deny.With a simple acoustic guitar backing the vocals, the song takes on a confessional quality. There is such a beauty in the simplicity of the production, reminding me how great this song was to start with. "Stain On My Heart", the next track, was originally featured on an album by Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann. I had never heard it before, but love the way it delivers Pop in grand proportions, reveling in the pain love can bring. While he is heaping on the Pop, the sixth cut is "Everywhere You Are", another song of which I am not familiar. Once again, the song starts with a simple treatment, asking the singer step up to deliver the heart of the song, love. And Chadwick delivers, leaving me feeling like he's given me a warm embrace. It would be nigh on impossible to not know "Edge of Glory", the bombastic Pop megahit written by Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow, and released by Gaga. The song opens with a soft piano laying the groundwork to allow Chadwick to soar in the chorus, giving life to a song that is often delivered with a hollow enthusiasm. Here is a clip of Chadwick performing the song live on the Jimmy Kimmel Stage in Los Angeles.

I love Soul Rising, a delicious banquet of Pop tastiness. With an assortment of classic songs along with ones that are new to me, it keeps me coming back time and again. I hope we get some videos of Chadwick perofming the songs, for I truly just can't get enough. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon. For more about Chadwick Johnson, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter, and "like" him on Facebook.

Sunday Morning with Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

This morning I thought it would be nice to hear a couple of spirituals that are traditionally heard in some of the southern churches. It didn't take me long to pick a couple of songs, and an outstanding artist to sing them both. Louis Armstrong made a name for himself first as a jazz musician, playing the cornet and trumpet. He would also take the microphone, and sing a song with his throaty voice that was hard to forget. The first song I found was "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen". The song was a recorded in 1935 by singer Marian Anderson. Give Louis a listen.

Next up, there is another traditional spiritual, "Go Down Moses". Based on a verse found in the Scriptures, it was thought to be sung by the slaves in the South while they worked the fields. Lyrics were first published in 1872, it quickly became a favorite of gospel singers and groups all around the world. Here is a stunning version by Armstrong.

You can find both songs on Louis And The Good Book, available on iTunes and Amazon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mr. Showmanship, Liberace


For some, Liberace was one of the most gifted pianists to take to the stage in some time. To others, Liberace was the greatest showman since PT Barnum. To other, he was the gayest man they had ever come across, dripping in jewelry, feathers and furs. And for others, he was the first name they could recognize who died an AIDS-related death. But most of all, he was a talented musician who made a name for himself and others after being born Wladziu Valentino Liberace to a poor family outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His was was also a musician, although he often took jobs in factories to make sure food was on the table. Liberace, known as Lee to those close to him, started on the piano at a young age, having been taught a love and respect for music by his father. However, between issues with his speech, his love of music, and his avoidance of sports, Lee was often bullied by other kids, something many of us are familiar with. Also during his teen years, the country slipped into the Great Depression, and his family was hit hard. Lee would play in order to contribute to the family coffers. By the time the 1940s rolled around, he was playing in bigger clubs and halls, and starting to amass a fan base. He would play a combination of the classics and pop standards, and at times add a little humor to the shows. As he grew more popular, he was also becoming more lavish, creating a brand for himself. His costumes we bejeweled with sequins and rhinestones, and elaborate candelabras were placed on the fanciest of pianos. It was said in the 1950s, 1960s and 1972, he was the highest paid entertainer in the world, or at least in Las Vegas.

Liberace's piano

When he was still playing the small rooms, he had a clever trick. He would play a song most people knew, and many could play on the piano, like "Chopsticks". he would then play it in the style of some of the great composers, making even a simple song sound grand. here is a clip of Liberace's very special take on "Chopsticks".

People would flock to his shows in Las Vegas, and stages were build to accommodate his staging needs. You see, not only was he utilizing mirrored pianos, gold and silver candelabras, he was also being driven on stage by some of the most expensive cars in the country. He would get out of the car, wearing capes of feathers and sequins, a great peacock on the stage. The child who at one time was being mocked and ridiculed for his effeminate behavior, was now being applauded and highly paid because of it. You know Liberace saw the irony there, don't you? Here he is bringing another gift of his, combining the culture of classical music with the world of more popular music. Watch as he plays Ludwig van Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and "How Insensitive", a bossa nova by Portuguese composer Antônio Carlos Jobimis.

Now he never shied away from playing classical music for his audience, and here he tackles a tough one. This is "Concerto in B Flat Minor" by Tchaikovsky, which is really incredibly wonderful to hear. Make no mistake, Liberace could play the piano.

When he plays this Gershwin Medley, we are reminded that not only was Liberace an excellent pianist, but that Gershwin's music was complex and gorgeous, and there was a reason it was popular then, and has remained to popular even today.

During the 1980s, Liberace's popularity started taking a hit. While many whispered behind his back, questioning his sexuality, in 1982 Lee was sued by his former chauffeur, Scott Thorson, for palimony. Thorson, 40 years Liberace's junior, testified that he was Liberace's companion and lover until he was fired following a lover's fight. The case settled out of court in 1986, with Thorson getting relatively little. Later, Thorson said he settled due to Lee's ill health, as they AIDS-related illnesses were taking their toll. Liberace passed away the following year, at age 67. To this day, the Liberace Museum remains in Las Vegas, housing his over-the-top costumes and props for the world to see. You can find The Best of Liberace on iTunes and Amazon.

CSN • Just A Song Before I Go

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Left to right: David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash.

There are certain things I miss about the music of the 70s and 80s. One of those is the shear beauty of groups who not only knew how to sing, but would write with gorgeous harmonies. Outside of boy bands, that really doesn't happen anymore. But there was a time when it not only happened, but it happened a lot, and it was divine. One such group was the iconic Crosby, Stills & Nash, all three members of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. When David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash were singing, it was as if the angels took flight. One such time would be when they were singing the song written by Graham, "Just A Song Before I Go". The song, off off the 1977 album CSN, made it to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was their highest charting single. The album was certified quadruple Platinum. In fact, of their first five albums, they had two certified Platinum, two quadruple Platinum, and one seven-times Platinum. Listen and find out why.

You can purchase CSN on iTunes and Amazon. Have a great Saturday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Night Party • 1986

Robbie Nevil Nu Shooz
Prince & the Revolution Stacy Q
Clockwise: Robbie Nevil; Nu Shooz; Stacy Q; and Prince & the Revolution.

I am not sure why, but I just felt like hearing a couple of songs, and it occurred to me they were from around the same time. Next thing you know, I am writing about some songs I was dancing to in 1986, and loving what I am hearing. Now, it would be easy for me to pull some music by Whitney Houston, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys or Janet Jackson, but that would be far too easy, and a bit expected. I was single, and living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and more likely to be dancing in my apartment than in a club. I will begin with the song that inspired this whole thing, by an artist I thought was so damn hot. I thought "C'est La Vie" was a sexy song, and singer/songwriter Robbie Nevil was yummy, too. And I loved the way he combined Pop and R&B, and used that voice of his.

Of course, it might be hard to go out in New York in the mid 80s, and not hear at least one or two songs by Prince. But I will focus on the flirty and fun "Kiss" by Prince & the Revolution, which certainly turned some heads back then. Of course, those were the days when Prince was living to shock people, and ready to do the unexpected.

I will admit I had a bit of a crush on John Smith and wasn't the slightest bit bothered by the fact that he paired with his wife, Valerie Day, to make music. They called themselves Nu Shooz, and were making electronic Pop and R&B music. They were based out of the Pacific Northwest, and making fun songs like "I Can't Wait".

Really, the final entry in this post belongs to someone who might be considered a one-hit-wonder, although she had a successful career making dance music. Stacey Q was making born Stacey Swain, but started making music in a band with her then-boyfriend. The band was called "Q", and so they all just adopted "q" as their last name, in that 1980s-aren't-we-clever way. So by the time "Two of Hearts" hit the airwaves, Stacey Q was a solo act, making great Hi-N-R-G music, like this...

Have a great night, and keep dancing!

Doug Repetti • Hang With Me

Doug Repetti
Picture 6

This next video just came up as an alternative to one of my many YouTube searches. Although I didn't know anything about Doug Repetti, for some reason I clicked play. The next thing I know, a handsome man was sing a cover of a Robyn song. So before I bog you down with details, here is Doug Repetti singing "Hang With Me".

So I tried to discover a bit about the man. I learned although he not lives in New York City, his hometown is about 40 minutes from me, in Newark, Delaware. He was a part of Naked Highway, an Electro-Pop group sometimes defined as pansexual. I would describe them more a celebration of the individual in us all. About a year ago, they released the single "Pop It, Drop It."

He has also done some solo work, much of it can be seen on YouTube. One of those would be "Grower", which shows a playful side to Repetti's music.

"Hang With Me" is available on iTunes. For more about Doug Repetti, "like" him on Facebook or check out what he has on YouTube.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paolo Nutini Covers And Such

Paolo Nutini

Hey, I was just in the mood to hear the voice of the beautiful Scotsman, Paolo Nutini. For someone so very young, Paolo has something very special going on when he sings. I wasn't too sure about him after I heard his 2006 hit, "New Shoes", a catchy and very poppy tune. But if you listened to the other music on the album, you would learn there was much more to the artist than that first single. The title single for the album, "These Streets", was far more memorable for me. So I was intrigued to see which Paolo we would see on his sophomore effort, Sunny Side Up. One of the songs I loved on it was "Pencil Full of Lead", not a cover, but written written by Paolo with an older feel.

I really enjoyed his cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, "Crazy". It fits his vocals so well, I kinda wish he would record it in the studio.

In another special live event, Paolo recorded a stunning version of the song written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, and recorded by Louis Armstrong. In 1999, Armstrong's recording of "What A Wonderful World" was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame. I have to say, Paolo serves it up in form.

Now I didn't think anyone could deliver "I'd Rather Go Blind" like Etta James could, and that may be true. However, when Paolo sings the song written by Ellington Jordan and Billy Foster, he owns his version with amazing depth. Enjoy.

And I almost forgot to mention, Paolo is awfully easy on the eyes. For more about Paolo Nutini, check out his official website. You can buy his latest album, Sunny Side Up, on iTunes and Amazon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brett Every • Tales of Ten Men

Brett Every - Tales of Ten Men

I was so unbelievably excited to hear I would be able to get a fourth album from out and proud Australian singer/songwriter Brett Every. I have to say upfront, I have loved his music from the first time I heard it, on a magical track off the 2009 album Fairy Godmother's Gone To Vegas. "Prince Charming" is an exceptional song, one I still love to play. And the video was outstanding. It took me no time to buy the album, and enjoyed it so much, I went back to buy the 2008 offering, Camping Out. I love the way Every compiles blues, rock and folk a story told with sensitivity, and sometimes humor. All the music kept the love affair going. By the time 2011's Menu was released, I couldn't wait. With fantastic songs like "Man Walks Into A Bar" and "Closure", I was still a card-carrying member of the fan club. So I have to admit I was predisposed to like it, but not only was that true, it surpassed my expectations


So now we get to Tales of Ten Men, the latest from Every. The fourteen-song collection, ten plus four bonus offerings, includes ten brand new songs, and four live recordings off previous albums. All the songs save one were written by Every. The album kicks off with "Henry", a story of what happens at the end of a relationship gone bad, from angry words to clothes in the front yard. "Ollie" is another tale, that of a neighbor. Only, he is more than just a neighbor, for it seems the singer stole his man. Then we get to a live recording of "Joey", originally on Menu. Written by Johnette Napolitano of the band Concrete Blond, the song is a hesitant search for love. Every gives it such beautiful treatment. Then Every kicks up the blues with "Brother Taylor", Brett's answer to the the soul classic, "Ode to Billie Jo". Every wants some answers about what some people, like Brother Taylor, wee doing when Billie Jo took the dive off the Tallahatchie Bridge. "Sidney" looks at the end of another relationship, one where it seems the two people have just grown apart. There is a heartbreak in his delivery that is palpable, and felt long after the last clipped note of the song. The next cut off the album is another live one, only this is a new song. Every has questions for "Doctor Joe", looking for ways to see if the good doctor could help him mend a broken heart. Next is a great song originally off Fairy Godmother's Gone To Vegas, given a fresh look with a live recording. "Mr. Smith"is a sweet yet painful discussion between a gay man and the less than accepting father of his partner. It is really a defiant apology, not willing to take less than approval. On "William", originally on the Camping Out album, adds a electric guitar to heighten the bluesy sound so right for a ex-lover looking for a second chance. Will love be better the second time around? "Gentleman" tells a story many, if not all of us, have been in before. There is hope that a new friend has been a gentleman after a night with too much alcohol, and the last memory is dancing to a Pointer Sisters song at the club. When we wake up on the sofa, do we really know what went on? The piano opening for "Jack" is so sweet, when the poignant song about the pain of a breakup continues to hurt, no matter how much we think we can push it away. I have to admit the song that got the first video is one that truly brought a tear to my eye. "What A Beautiful Day" is a wonderful discussion about the feelings of two men now getting married, and how their parents react. Check out the video with some beautiful animation and features beautiful support from Belinda Crawford.

The next song is a favorite from Camping Out and the final live cut on the album. "Devereaux" features lovely vocals from Jeremy Brennan, and, of course, Every. It is the story of a man working long hours and coming home to watch late-night reruns of The Golden Girls, featuring his favorite, Blanche Devereaux. Very touching, indeed, as the vocals are steeped in melancholy and loneliness. Next we have Every wanting to talk about his list for Santa, a little gay boy is disappointed by the traditional gifts he is getting each year. Not into sports or guns, why does Santa not read "My Christmas List". On the final cut, Every manages to fills the vocals with love, hope, and longing as he talks about a lover who must go home at "Midnight".

There you have it, a complete collection of stories telling a variety of tales of love and loss, of friends and lovers. This is what every has always done best, and he proves he still has it. His words and voice speak so directly to the heart, touching a pool of shared existence. I love the record, and know it will make a great addition to any collection. You can purchase Tales of Ten Men from iTunes. As I said before, I have own and love all four albums, so if you're up to new music, you could find it here. To get more information about Brett Every, check out his official website. You can follow him on Twitter, or "like" him on Facebook.

Boy George • Video Games

Picture 6
Picture 4 Picture 8

The amazingly talented Boy George has a new video out for "Video Games", an amazing cover of the song by singer/songwriter Lana Del Ray. George seems to defy the odds, has his voice seems to get better with the years, with a richer, fuller tone. The official video has an amazing retro feel, yet captures the mood of the tough times facing people around the world today. It features the gorgeous "couple" Angel Rose and Cesar Polini, in a story of new love.

As hard as it is to believe, we are about 2 months shy of the 30th anniversary of the release of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?", the first time much of the world heard and saw of this amazingly gifted and talented Brit, who has spent the last three decades challenging the conventional roles of gender in society. And he has continued to make great music, like the 2010 release, "Amazing Grace". The song was written while Boy George was incarcerated. It is a beautiful song off the album Ordinary Alien.

Early in 2011, George released another single off the album, "Turn 2 Dust". This reggae-infused song gives voice to George's call to end hate, and for everyone to embrace love. Once again, the video uses images and actors who blur the line between the genders to varying degrees.

While "Video Games" is not available for purchase, you can buy Ordinary Alien from iTunes. For more about Boy George, check out his official website, or follow him on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Todrick Hall • Cinder Fella

Picture 9
Picture 11 Picture 10
Picture 12 Picture 21
Clockwise: Todrick Hall; Willam Belli & Shangela; Lance Bass; Glozell; and Janice Dickinson.

Todrick Hall released a new video this afternoon, and it is far more ambitious than his previous efforts. It also has far more star power than most videos out there. Todrick stars as Cinder Fella, giving the folk tale first published in the 17th century a new lease on life, now a morality play promoting marriage and love equality. Hall is joined in the video by Janice Dickinson as the Evil Stepmother, Shangela & Willam Belli as the Wicked Stepsisters, Glozell as the Fairy Godmother, Kimberly Cole as Jasmine, Aubrey O'Day as Alice (not in Wonderland), and Lance Bass as handsome Prince Charming. The six-minute short combines the music of several Disney classics with some of recent Pop hits to also give the storyline a bit of a sprucing up. While it might sound like a bit of a jumble, it is quite charming and fun, and a great time. Watch "Cinder Fella"...

Hope you enjoyed the video. You can tell Todrick how much you enjoyed it on Twitter here and Facebook here. And while not this video, you can check out his music available on iTunes. His "It Gets Better" song and video are quite nice, and I featured them on the blog.

Picture 20
Picture 22 Picture 17
Cinder Fella

Matt Alber Releases Whitney Cover for Charity

Matt Alber - Dance With Somebody cover

Singer/songwriter Matt Alber released a new single today, and the proceeds will benefit Larkin Street Youth Services. Following the passing of Whitney Houston, Alber released a video of the Grammy-winning singer performing an acoustic cover of one of Houston's early hits, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". It also had the simple dedication: "W, I miss you already. M", along with the lyrics and credits for the songwriters, George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam.

Matt went into the studio to record the song, and now the single is now available on CD Baby. Again, the money will be going to Larkin Street Youth Services. The mission of the San Francisco-based charity is to create a continuum of services that inspires youth to move beyond the street. We will nurture potential, promote dignity, and support bold steps by all. Larkin Street’s Diamond Youth Shelter was recently rebuilt to create an inviting and modern home for our most vulnerable youth. Diamond offers youth a safe place to live and integrates them into to other Larkin Street services including case management, education and health services with access to daytime programs offered at the Drop-In Center on Sutter Street. For more about Larkin Street Youth Services, visit their official website.

Matt just completed an extended run in Provincetown, Massachusetts. On August 16th, he has a show in Durham, North Carolina. On Sunday, August 19, he has a show in Washington, DC, with fellow-singer/songwriter Tom Goss. For more information about that show, click here. To learn more about Matt Alber, visit his official website here. You can find his last release, Constant Crows, on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dark Monday • Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett

Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett

This clip of Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett singing together is a wonderful example of what a great variety show could bring. To describe it, you could not do any better than Julie did on stage by saying "I thought it was be a good idea if we did a history of the musical comedies in the United States, singing songs representative of the various epochs or eras, if you will, as they were handed down through the ages and into history." It is fantastic, for Carol seemed to bring out the comedic side of Julie, and Julie brought out a wonderful song in Carol. Enjoy.

In another part of the special, Carol begins the show with "There's No Mozart Tonight", only to be interrupted by Julie. This lead them to discuss the differences between them in "You're So London." This is also from the 1962 special.

Both were part of a television special filmed at Carnegie Hall. The special won the 1963 Emmy Award for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Music. Carol also won an Emmy for this and her work on 1963's An Evening with Carol Burnett for Outstanding Performance in a Variety or Musical Program or Series, and Julie was also nominated in that category. Nine years later, the ladies teamed up again, in Julie And Carol at Lincoln Center. Once again, there were Emmy nominations, although no wins. You can purchase for download the songs from both specials the duo made, at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, from iTunes or Amazon.

Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goliad Uprising • Review

Goliad Uprising COVER
Picture 59 Picture 26 Picture 13 Picture 42 Goliad Uprising - Mike Justice Picture 10
Clockwise:The cast includes: Shannon Lark; Aaron Weisinger; Paul Bright; Matthew Burnett; Mike Justice; and Cynthia Schiebel.

Goliad Uprising is the latest release from indie writer/director Paul Bright, a futuristic look at technology and the effects on society. The movie is part science fiction, part espionage tale, and part psychological thriller, and totally exciting from start to finish. Goliad Technology has a major government contract, as well as a former member of the board of directors working in the President's cabinet. The new technology not only changes the way people get the news, it also changes the context and facts of the news as well. There is a rebel group working against Goliad, performing a banned play to expose the technology and the evil men behind it. Ariel, played with a brash confidence and smouldering sexuality by scream-queen Shannon Lark, happens upon David, played with smart assurance by handsome Aaron Weisinger. They team up on the run, trying to avoid the militaristic police force, including Jordan, Quinton's strong and sexy boyfriend , played by the perfectly cast Mike Justice. Matthew Burnett combines warm concern with a wry smile to complete the group as Quinton. We quickly learn David works at Goliad as a janitor, cleaning the offices where the software is developed. The team is led by Helen Mireau, smartly portrayed by Cynthia Scheibel, who answers directly to Secretary Brian, played with a ruthless vigor by Paul Bright.

Goliad Uprising Goliad Uprising
Goliad Uprising Goliad Uprising

The movie chronicles the journey as Ariel and David find one another as well as their way through this turbulent and oppressive time. Along the way, they must avoid the police, sleep in a barn, and combat the lies told about them in the news. Quinton must steer through the murky waters of having a friend/roommate on the Most Wanted list while starting a promising relationship with a hot guy from Homeland Security. Secretary Brian must figure out how to balance his greed and control issues with an unhappy wife and a rebellious daughter. Helen must learn to put the stress of her job aside so she might grab at some happiness with a handsome younger man.

Goliad Uprising Goliad Uprising
Goliad Uprising Goliad Uprising

Like most of life, we also learn things are not always what they seem. Just when we think we are watching a modern day Animal Farm, there is a turn and it might be the retelling of Electra, a play by Sophocles. Or does the technology threaten life, and make it 2001: A Space Odyssey for a new generation? Or will we learn it is none of these, and is instead writer/director Bright blazing his own trail, and bringing us all along with him. Will the people realize the dangers of the new technology, or will they all be brought online in a new and scary way? The line between hero and villain, as well as right and wrong, are allowed to blur, leaving the audience unsure who we want to see left standing bay the end. Both Lark and Weisinger are particularly adept at peeling away a layer at a time from their characters, allowing us to see a little deeper as we watch.

The soundtrack includes edgy rock songs from Johnny Punish (Twisted Nixon), Stephen Vs. Stephen and Professor Possessor. The music truly adds to the film, both in mood and flavor. The DVD includes several extra features, including Director's commentary from Paul Bright. There is also an interview with star Shannon Lark. You can watch the trailer for the film, as well as a fun behind-the-scenes documentary where you get to know a bit more about the cast and crew. Goliad Uprising is now available on Amazon. For more information, check out the official website or 'like' it on Twitter.


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