Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wedding Album

TimKristen_026 TimKristen_021

Last year sometime, my nephew Tim asked if I could take pictures at his wedding. Although I was unsure - I could screw up the pictures of an important day for a young couple - I agreed. Last weekend, the wedding finally happened, and I took all the pictures I thought I should be, and then some... So I thought I would share the pictures of Tim and Kristen's wedding day, and add a bit of music along the way. I will start with the obvious choice, Noel "Paul" Stookey's "The Wedding Song". Stookey was the "Paul" in Peter, Paul & Mary, the great folk group. This song is beautiful, so give a listen while looking at pictures.

TimKristen_013 TimKristen_033
Clockwise: My nephew Tim with my brother Tim. My parents. The wedding party.

TimKristen_059 TimKristen_024
Clockwise: Tim & Kristen. Ring-bearer and flower girl. Repeating the vows.

TimKristen_076 TimKristen_120
Clockwise: Waiting to enter the reception. Kristen's daughter Rylan knew how to work the skirt. Introduced as man and wife for the first time.

If that first song has run out, you can also hit play on this one, the gorgeous "Till The End" by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Tom Goss. It is such a wonderful song about love and commitment, I thought it was good to include.

TimKristen_102 TimKristen_151
Clockwise: Kids watching the first dance. Kristen and Rylan share a moment. My parents with my brother and sister.

TimKristen_131 TimKristen_167
TimKristen_170 TimKristen_136
Clockwise: A quiet kiss on the dance floor. The garter thing. Father-daughter dance. The bouquet is tossed.

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