Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EvOn, The Music Bully • "Blud" Music Video

EvOn The Music Bully BOi Mixtape 2012

British rapper and self-proclaimed "Music Bully" has released a new video, the first for a song off her latest collection, BBOi Mixtape 2012. "Blud" is a sexy track, driving drums coupled with an honest communication. The mixtape is a great collection of Hip-Hop music made for and by a member of the LGBT community. The songs and sounds are so fresh, so vital, you really must check it out for yourself. EvOn, an out and proud lesbian, is also a a driving force behind the LGBT UDRGRD, supporting LGBT musicians making music.

You can discover more about the LGBT UDRGRD by visiting the Tumblr feed. You can find all kinds of talented LGBT people making music and sharing it. For more about EvOn, visit her official website. There you can listen to the BBOi Mixtape 2012, and find the link for the free download.

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know that '5 on the fifth' returns for a one-off summer special photo challenge this Sunday!




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