Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kris Searle - Warning Signals FREE Download

kris searle
kris searle

Originally from Kent, England, and now making his home and career in Los Angeles, California, the talented up and coming singer/songwriter has released the new single Warning Signs. The song was just offered for free if you click here and Tweet about it. I think this might be for a limited time, so best to act fast! The song is fun and energetic, while never breaking into overly dramatic. Searle obviously has a strong connection to the lyrics, and it shows in the performance. And the video does celebrate love in different forms.

Kris has a blog that can be found here, and an official page found here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jay Brannan in the UK

jay brannan,uk tour
jay brannan,uk tour

As the talented singer/songwriter prepares for a tour of the UK, he released some new videos on YouTube I thought I would share with you. If you would like to check out the tour dates, click to my post here. Both songs are covers of Sinead O'Connor songs, and exceptionally good. The first is Troy, released in 1987.

The other is from the 1990 release I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. No, it is not Nothing Compares 2U, it is Black Boys On Mopeds. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Billboard Top 5 - 1987

billboard,top 5

Wow, this was an interesting year for me - the first time I hadn't worked in the theater for several years. I was working for a multimedia firm, mainly doing slide shows for real estate ventures. Yes, you read that right, slide shows. They were multi-projector shows particular to corporate real estate, and every bit as boring and awful as it sounds. But it paid well. Very quickly I worked my way up to the job of line producer, and was traveling with photographers, overseeing photoshoots of various real estate around the country. While driving around in rental cars, I would listen to the radio, hearing all the songs listed below. And what a great list it is, starting with former lead singer of The GoGos, Belinda Carlisle singing Heaven Is A Place On Earth. I was, and still am a fan of Belinda. When the solo album was released, I ran out to buy it and loved it.And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Belinda's strong support of LGBT rights, having embraced following her own son's coming out. Only made me love her more.

Anyone who watched Family Ties is familiar with Billy Vera & The Beaters romantic song At This Moment. The song was the score to the love scenes between Alex P. Keaton and Ellen, played by Micheal J. Fox and the woman who became his real life wife, Tracy Pollan. Lore has it that Billy Vera had already given up on his musical career, playing occasional dates for the bucks, when a Family Ties producer caught his show, and decided the song would be perfect for the show. The song was originally released in 1981, with minimal success. But when fans of the show started wanting a copy, the album was not available - the record company had gone under. So Rhino Records put out an album, and the song hit #1 on the chart, and remained on the Pop chart for 15 weeks.

George Michael had recently left Wham!, and was wanting to work with one of his all-time favorite singers, Aretha Franklin. So he worked on I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) to get that done, and it was actually an amazing performance. And while it would be tough to think of many bad efforts by Aretha, I really loved this, and was surprised to see George hold his own [insert giggling here]. The song hit #1 in the US and in the UK. While it was not George's first, it shockingly was Franklin's one and only UK #1. Who'd a thunk it?

Written by Albert Hammond and Diane 'Queen of the Power Ballad' Warren, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now managed to get Starship back on top of the charts in April of 1987. This enabled the amazing Grace Slick to be pegged with the dubious honor of being the oldest woman to have a number one song. She was later displaced by Cher, who had the 1999 hit Believe, which I blame for the popularity of autotune, which still is killing much pop music to this day. Anyway, the Starship song also appeared on the soundtrack to the wacky comedy Mannequin, and it was nominated for an Academy Award. It lost the award to (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, performed by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

This is the year U2 released their monster album, Joshua Tree. The band was already crowned the Band of the 80s by many because of their popularity, both on records and in concert. But the new album took it to a new level, as did the ballad off the album, With Or Without You. I was already crazy for the band, having gotten on the bandwagon when my sister Kim, still in college, gave me the War album in 1983. I instantly loved the Irish boys, and went and bought their earlier music. In fact, Kim and I, along with another friend, went to see them on this tour, during the stop at Giants Stadium. This is a great song, and deserves to be the #! song of the year.

Glee Meets Britney Tonight!

glee,season 2

To get everyone ready, I thought I would post a couple of Britney covers I really enjoy. It will help everyone prepare for watching the show tonight. I will be starting off with one of my favorites, Christopher Dallman singing Britney's 2009 release, Radar. This is a cut off Dallman's Sad Britney EP, a must have for your collection.

While not included on any of his albums, singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket did manage to cover one of Ms. Spears oft covered songs, the 1998 song that started it all, ...Baby One More Time. This is Sacha live and in concert several years ago, and I was thrilled to find it on YouTube.

With another cut from his Sad Britney EP, where he covered four of Ms. Spears songs, Christopher Dallman returns to sing Gimme More live at a show on the West coast.

And although I already have this song covered by another artist, I thought I would just be missing the boat if I didn't add in this fan video from a live concert by Tori Amos. Here is the amazing singer/songwriter doing her own cover of ...Baby One More Time.

Remember, GLEE is on your local Fox station tonight at 8PM/7PM Central.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dark Monday - One Little Word

Photo: Don Hunstein / Sony Music Archives

Sometimes I can be blown away when a song that is over 40 years old has such honesty it is still relevant today. Sometimes, it is so personal and real, the emotions touch the listener in just the same way, the message so timeless. Other times, the lyrics might touch you in a way not originally intended by the songwriters, but it happens. Take, for instance, a song from the John Kander and Fred Ebb music Cabaret. Married is a song sung by a mature couple discussing why they should get married in pre-War Germany, as the gentleman is of the Jewish faith, and the woman not. Interestingly enough, the song has music by John Kander, but the lyrics are by playwright Joe Masteroff, not Fred Ebb, Kander's usual writing partner. The song is rather simple, which is an important part of it's beauty.

Today, however, it hits quite a nerve with me as this country struggles with the idea of marriage equality. Some people don't seem to understand the the truth of the opening lyrics.

How the world can change,
it can change like that-
due to one little word:

See a palace rise
from a two room flat,
due to one little word:

And the old despair
that was often there,
suddenly ceases to be.
For you wake one day,
look around and say:
Somebody wonderful married me.

Here is a beautiful version by Lotte Lenya and Jack Gilford from the 1966 Broadway production. There is such joy and hope in Gilford's singing, while Lenya's is a bit more nuanced, a certain awareness creeps in. Perhaps it is because her first marriage to composer Kurt Weill ended during this period, many thinking it was becuase his needing to flee the country due to his own Jewish faith. They later remarried. The visuals are courtesy of the poster of the video.

There are many in this country who wish to deny a minority the joy of 'someone wonderful,' instead preferring to vote for a group of people to live in 'that old despair.' Sure, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but I can't help but think whenever I hear the argument against marriage equality that those making it, despite public opinion to the contrary, feel inherently better than others, and feel much more deserving of a public acknowledgment of their love and the legal rights that follow. When I hear it, I understand they are saying that I am, by definition, a second class citizen. That is where despair could come in. Instead, I'd prefer to fight the prejudice. Although I don't understand why the possibility of my finding love is so threatening to heterosexual love, because it shouldn't be. I've never tried to take anything from them, no matter how much they try to take from me.

GLEE Casting News - Darren Criss


Michael Ausiello of announced new casting for GLEE over the weekend. Darren Criss will be joining the cast, rumored to be playing a gay competing with Kurt on another glee club! According to Ausiello, Criss’ character, Blaine—a cute and charismatic gay student from a rival Glee club named the Dalton Academy Warblers—will maintain a strictly platonic friendship with McKinley High’s most out and proud pupil. But could that change as the season progresses? Yes, it could. Here is the video Criss is rumored to have submitted to get the attention of the producers.

While the producers have mentioned Kurt will be getting a boyfriend this season, it is not certain if it will be Criss' character. There was a time it was rumored to be blond quarterback cutie played by Chord Overstreet. For now, it is all up in the air.

chord overstreet,glee

Of course, this Tuesday night on FOX is the long awaited Britney Spears episode of GLEE, and in case you missed it, here is a promo for the show.

And here is a sneak peak at the cast covering Britney's Toxic.

GLEE is on your local FOX station at 8PM on Tuesday nights, 7PM Central time. I know I can't wait to see it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Gets Better - Paul Bright

paul bright
paul bright,steve callahan
Top: Paul Bright. Bottom: Paul on the set with Steve Callahan.

I will admit to being a big fan of filmmaker Paul Bright's work. Ever since I saw the funny and charming Angora Ranch [for my review click here], I have been wanting to see what he will offer next. And I have yet to be disappointed. So when he posted a video recently, I had to check it out, and was totally blown away.

Paul has a blog, ....from the second floor penthouse, which I follow and read as often as I can. The blog is a combination of personal stories, experiences, and interesting tidbits. So when I saw a post titled 'It Gets Better' with a clip embedded, I clicked play before I even read the description. I might have been a bit better prepared if I had read the short forward that read:

Dan Savage reacted to the recent suicide of a high school teenager by posting a video on YouTube telling kids that life gets better after high school.

He’s inviting others to post their stories.

Here’s mine.

Whew! Paul's video is so honest, so personal, and just so damn touching. In my high school, the Juniors & Seniors, particularly the jocks, used that same ring trick. They used their class ring, which was big and heavy. When they did it, you could feel and hear the contact all the way down your spine.

To check out the trailers for all of Paul's releases, click here for a post I had done earlier. Check out his blog here, too.

Sunday Morning with Mandy Patinkin

mandy patinkin mandy patinkin

I first became aware of Mandy Patinkin's amazing voice when I listened to the Original Broadway Cast album for Evita. By the time I saw him in Sunday In The Park With George, I was buying his album, and ready to run off with him forever, as long as he would sing to me. So I thought I would offer up a couple of Mandy tunes to make your Sunday just a little bit prettier than before. In the first clip, Mandy delivers a gorgeous song in under two minutes, and still gives me goosebumps. Here is I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.

In the second selection, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Mandy hits notes very few men can even attempt, and delivers this classic with a such beauty and emotion, I could almost cry.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing and quiet. For more about Mandy, check out his official website here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night Party with RuPaul


Before there was any Drag Race, before she headed up her own University, RuPaul was the Supermodel of the World and putting out some great music that would fit in the Saturday night festivities for one and all. Take, for instance, Ru's collaboration with Martha Walsh, one of the Weathergilrs, the the magnificent It's Raining Men.

Ru rose to prominence with the fun and enigmatic Supermodel (You Better Work). I have to say that back in the day, I practically wore out my CD. If Ru doesn't celebrate love and fun, I don't know what she could be all about.

And, finally, this video is just so damn fun. This is RuPaul singing Free To Be (Emancipation Remix), and looking damn good doing it!

Have a great Saturday night! For more about RuPaul, check out the Supermodel of the World's official website here.

I Miss Being Human Already!

being human,season 2

With the season finale on last Saturday night, I am already missing Being Human. Their season lasted only 8 episodes, just not enough time for me to get my fill of George and Mitchell. And, of course, Annie & Nina. But really the gorgeousness that is Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner. So I just figured I would post this fan video of George and Mitchell - The Being Human Boys.

You just know I will be watching this season again soon. You can find out more about Being Human online at their official website here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night with Houtson Bernard

Houston Bernard photo HoustonBernardhb5_zps479e3196.jpg

There are some songs that scream out summer, and I thought I might feature one tonight as summer recently came to a close. This song, and the video, speaks to a certain mood of summer, and can't help but bring a smile to my face. Performer and activist Houston Bernard released I Feel Gorgeous, and it makes it's way on to my iPod every summer. But if you look like Houston Bernard, I guess it is easy to sing this song.

His music is strong, driving and sexy, as you can tell when you listen. Say Goodbye is another dance floor treat put out my Houston Bernard. The out Bisexual has been promoting Human Rights and Free Speech since 2003, as well as recording some great music.

Houston also can perform in an acoustic mode, as you can see with the video for the song Luv.

Houston performed the song See The World at the New York City Howl Festival in 2008. But just recently, he released an official video, and you can watch it here. There is an amazing flavor of the 80s in it for me, like some great combination of Depeche Mode and the Psych Furs...

You can purchase Houston Bernard's album See The World on iTunes here. For more about Houston Bernard, you can check out his official site here.

Worth Another Listen - Michael Johnson

michael johnson,70s,80s
michael johnson,70s,80s

The year was 1978, the year I completed my education at Smyrna High School. One of the songs of the summer was by a folk/rock singer with a bit of a jazz twist to his music. Michael Johnson made a startling move on the charts with his first single, Bluer Than Blue, from his eponymous fourth album. Maybe it was all the teenage hormones, or just the trauma and drama of high school, but we all loved the song. Johnson's debut made it to #12 on the Billlboard Pop chart, as well as topping the Adult Contemporary chart. Here is Bluer Than Blue.

That was not the only song of Johnson's to hit the Top 20 on the Pop chart. There was one other, and it was the first single from Dialogue. This Night Won't Last Forever was released in 1979, and made it to #19 on the Pop chart, and #5 on Adult Contemporary.

The second single off the album, and perhaps my favorite song on the album, was Johnson's reworking of a classic Lerner & Loewe from the 1947 Broadway show Brigadoon. The cover of Almost Like Being In Love had a sweet yet sexy jazz flavor, propelling it to #32 on the Pop chart, and #4 on Adult Contemporary.

Johnson was never able to recapture that success on the Pop charts, but by the mid-80s, had taken to a country sound, and was rewarded with several hits on the Country chart. He had five Top Ten songs on the charts, including the lovely The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulders,one of his two #1 songs.

To find out more about Michael Johnson, check out his official website here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christopher Dallman!

christopher dallman,Seattle,Portland,double trouble,live music
christopher dallman,over my head

Today is the birthday of the gifted singer/songwriter Christopher Dallman. I have been a fan of Chris' since I purchased his debut album, Race The Light, on a whim, and my admiration has only grown since. You can tell he writes highly personal songs, yet they are so universal, so easy to relate to, I am always eager to hear more. For example take a look at the video for Ghosts, his latest from the EP Never Was.

As I said, I loved Race The Light, which began my love for his music. A sterling example of the great songs on that album is Over My Head. It is just beautiful, and it is nice to see Chris co-star with his husband, Josh.

Gimme More is another song from a recent EP, Sad Britney. The EP was a collection of Britney Spears songs, all reinterpreted by Christopher with an aching and yearning inherent to the lyrics.

Earlier this year, Chris and Aiden James toured on the West Coast, calling it the Double Trouble tour. Aiden back in California to be part of a birthday concert with Chris. I really wish I could be there, and they schedule an East Coast leg soon, because I think a show with these performers would be amazing! Here is Christopher singing Little Bit Of Blue with Aiden.

OK, so this birthday post was more about me getting to hear some great music by Christopher than it was giving him much more than birthday wishes, but then again, it is my blog. Well, am also going to give you links to buy Christopher a present, and buy his music. You can find Race The Light on iTunes here or on Bandcamp here. You can purchase an autographed copy of Never Was directly from Chris here. You can purchase his amazing Anthem here, Sad Britney here, and Live In LA here. There isn't a bad one, so buy any of them, or buy them all! And be sure to wish Chris a happy birthday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seeing Double


Yes, Sam Harris, that is how I feel when dealing with my optometrist. I went to my appointment at noon yesterday, and after signing in and sitting there for 25 minutes, the woman at the desk asked me if I was there for a reason. I tried hard not to get sarcastic and announce I was there to spend my day in their waiting room for my health, and told her I was there for my noon appointment. And she told me I wasn't on the schedule. I explained I called last Thursday, was told this was the earliest appointment I could get, and have been trying to cope with an outdated prescription since. Yes, I was getting annoyed. I guess she could tell, cause she went to the back, and came out to say they could squeeze me in, since there was a no-show for a noon appointment. Well, it was 12:30 already, so I thanked her, but also realized squeezing me in isn't what happened, someone screwed up the schedule...

So I went in the back, did the testing thing, and came out with a new prescription. I will say, the doctor was very nice, considering I was in a mood. It was time to pick out new frames. So I brought out a printout of the glasses I had on the post yesterday, and the gentleman - who was very nice - said he got it, and proceeded to bring me 10 frames, only 2 of which were remotely resembling the pictures. Even remotely. As I was looking at the one frame, we discovered it would not come in my size. So I was down to one, and he priced it out - the frame alone was almost $300, or over $600 with the lenses. That was just not happening. I mean, really? What drugs did they think I was doing? So I looked at the other frames, and I would be hard-pressed to come up with a line-up that was more dull and lifeless.

So I paid for my appointment, got a printout of my prescription, and left the office with no order. I have been prowling the internet for frames, and found plenty of frames that matched what I was looking for, and they were under $140. Like these, for instance, from the unknown brand called Ray-Ban.


So I will have to see where I get my glasses, and where I will make my next appointment when I need my eyes checked. I am pretty sure it won't be the same place, because between the mix ups the first time I was there, to the second (yesterday), I have no faith in their customer service. And I get to add on a few extra days with an old prescription. Yes, this whole thing could have me seeing double soon...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GLEE - Audition - Real Soundtrack

glee,season 2

Well, the debut of GLEE is finally here, and it reminded me how much I missed it. In case you missed it, here is the preview for the second season.

There are a thousand sites (at least) that will be recapping the show, so I thought I would try something different. I am thinking I will be offering up the original songs the kids will be covering on the show. The first song was the kids offering up a version of Jay-Z & Alicia Keys singing Empire State of Mind.

If only briefly, new cast member Chord Overstreet, playing football player Sam Evans, sings Poison's Every Rose Has It's Thorn in the shower with Finn overhearing.

Rachel is in the ladies room and overhears a exchange student Sunshine, played by Charice, singing Lady GaGa's duet with Beyoncé, and her competitive nature kicks in as they sing Telephone. OK, the following isn't really Lady GaGa, but it made me laugh.

Sam Evans comes in to sing with the boys at Finn's insistence, and he breaks out the guitar and performs Travie McCoy's Billionaire, featuring Artie instead of Bruno Mars.

Sunshine comes in for an audition, after Rachel sent her to a crack house, and performs Listen from Dreamgirls. All I can say is Beyoncé should be checking Charice's version out!

Rachel is called on her antics by Finn, who tells her to apologize. Before she can face the kids in the choir, she takes a moment by herself to sing What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line. The version below is by Alyson Reed the movie version - I couldn't find a good version by Priscilla Lopez from the Original Broadway Cast.

So, that is the soundtrack for the Season 2 premiere, the duly named Audition.

Life Can Be A Blur


Recently, I was coming to grips with the prospect of needing new glasses, as the world was getting a little softer, a bit fuzzier lately. It's been about three years since my last checkup and new prescription, so it was time. But I was procrastinating, as it is such a dreadful experience for me most of the time. The reason I need glasses is that my vision sucks. To be trying out new frames, well, I can't see crap. So I end up listening to the sales person, and they are trying to sell me the latest trend, and I often go along with it, since I am annoyed and want to get it over with.

So last Thursday, I was cleaning the lens, and the metal frame broke on my left lens, and I was truly agitated. I was left to look around for my old pair, while I am somewhat blind. It took me a while, but I found them, and I put them on. That prescription is about 6 or 7 years old, and I am having a rather exciting time with them. Close is not an option. Ugh. So I called up the optometrist, hoping for a quick appointment. Well, no dice there. My appointment is this afternoon, five days later. With a pair of old glasses that are giving me headaches, unable to spend too much time up close, like on the computer. I am really unimpressed.

So, I thought about the frame issue, and am thinking of getting glasses I really want, as opposed to listening to the staff.


You never know what I will end up ordering, or how ill-tempered I might be, but such is the state of my life. After all, it will most likely be at least a week before I get glasses with the right prescription. So I will more than likely be asking the immortal question, When Will I See You Again? Only I will mean it in focus, not the way the Three Degrees meant it...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Repost - Dark Monday - Sweeney Todd

sweeney todd sweeney todd,angela lansbury,george hearn
sweeney todd,angela lansbury sweeney todd,angela lansbury,george hearn
George Hearn and Angela Lansbury in the Original Broadway production. Originally posted 08/17/09.

I saw this show in previews, and it was just magical. This was back in 1979, and I was already a fan of composer Stephen Sondheim, one of the most brilliant minds the theater has known. I went with a college theater group I was part of, and we went for a four-day trip, seeing 6 shows in that time. It was an insane schedule, but also amazing, seeing Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. Back then, when I was working in the theater, there were basically two camps when it came to musical theater - you were a fan of Sondheim, or you loved Andrew Lloyd Webber - and never the twain shall meet. We Sondheim fans believed the Webber fans were just populist, non-thinking idiots who went for spectacle over content. Webber fans thought we Sondheim fans were intellectual elitists, and I think both groups were correct.

sweeney todd,johnny depp sweeney todd,patti lupone,michael cerveris Sweeney Todd - Merritt David Janes sweeney todd
A variety of people have played in Sweeney Todd, from famous to not-so-much.

If you saw the movie with Johnny Depp, it was well done, but the Broadway show was oh so much better. I remember sitting in the audience that first time [I saw it more than once], and the orchestra started playing...

That damn factory whistle nearly had me jumping out of my skin. That opening created a tension that held fast throughout the show. Later in the show, Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett had to figure out what do do with the dead bodies, since leaving them lay around wouldn't be good as she ran a meat-pie shoppe. So here is Angela Lansbury and George Hearn coming up with a solution in A Little Priest.

The show was just brilliant.

Happy Birthday Sue!

Top: Sue with Theo Tams. Bottom: Sue with me!

Just wanted to wish Sue Jackson a quick 'Happy Birthday!' Sue is one of two people to attend all three Theo Tams shows recently. In fact, Sue and Melony made it to more shows, as would I, if I wasn't 10-11 hours away. That said, Sue has been a good friend to the blog, first stopping by to investigate my postings about Theo. I have had occasion to use a few of her pictures, and certainly several of her videos. We have also discussed to great length out particular musical favorites, so I thought I might offer up a little something for her. This is Take That singing Pray. Well, everyone deserves video with half-naked men for their birthday, right?

And, of course, I couldn't celebrate her day without posting a video of Theo from the show we sat together, side-by-side, in Stouffville. This is Sue's video of Theo singing The Promise by Tracey Chapman. It was at this show that the pictures were taken.

Happy Birthday, Sue!

Happy Birthday, Sacha Sacket!

Sacha Sacket
sacha sacket

Today is the birthday for the amazing and hypnotic Sacha Sacket. I've only discovered this talented man in the last year, but I am completely enthralled by his music. He can be almost beguiling, as his songs are so varied and diverse, from haunting ballads to driving rock, but I simply can't get enough of it all. As you can tell from the pictures above, he is also a gorgeous man, a very sexy out performer. One of his early songs that garnered attention was Judy (For Shame) from the Lovers And Leaders album.

I purchased the Hermitage EP, and was just blown away by it. Sacha's voice is so rich and so textured, it amazed me. The emotional impact of it shakes yo to the core. I love the dense feeling of the music, enveloping me while I listen. Here is Used.

Another song from Hermitage, Running Away, is in some ways more simple in texture, yet so rich as well. There is an amazing quality to it that makes me think of an amazing circus, this song building to it's crescendo.

I have not had the pleasure of seeing Sacha performing live, but I have a feeling if I did, I might just go into a happiness overload. Here is a clip of Sacha singing two songs live, Desire and Cockatoo, two hard driving rock songs I love. In fact, Cockatoo is one of my favorite Sacha songs.

You can check Sacha out at his official website here. For Sacha's birthday, you can celebrate by purchasing an album from his online store here. You can get Hermitage on iTunes here for under $5.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Six New Followers

new followers new followers
new followers new followers
new followers new followers
Top: Sizzlyn & Kathy. Middle: Melony [with Theo Tams] & Miss Holly Housewife. Bottom: Gabrielle & Bjorn.

OK, it has been a buys couple of weeks, and I have been derelict in my duties. Since last reported, there are six new members of the Soundtrack family, and it is way past time I have welcomed them. So, Sizzlyn, Kathy, Melony, Holly, Gabrielle and Bjorn.

Sizzlyn is someone I am familiar with on Twitter and on the blog The Chris Dallman Connection, where she is a host. She is from Singapore, and from what I can tell, is very smart and sweet. Kathy and Melony are two of my Tams-manian devils, sharing my love for the music of Theo Tams. Kathy is an online buddy, as I did not get a chance to meet her on my sojourn in Toronto. Melony, on the other hand, kept me company for all three shows I went to, including the one with the unfortunate view in Oshawa.

I might be mistaken, but I don't think that picture really is Miss Holly Housewife, but I would say the picture captures her thoughts well, as she has a bit of a retro feel, a fondness for the 40s, 50s and 60s. She has two blogs, Being Bree Hodge and Through the Looking Glass... Into Never, Neverland. BBH celebrates housewifery in the style of a Desperate Housewife, while TTLGINN talks about and celebrates vintage Pop culture. Gabrielle does not have a blog of her own, but describes herself as I'm a silly, vegan, gluten free, cancer survivor, 22 year old college student that is addicted to Facebook, Twitter... oh yeah & my Blackberry! so I am sure many can identify! And, finally, there is Bjorn, a blogger in charge of Bjorn's Brutzelbude. Bjorn is German [I believe] and his blog covers anything from cute boys, pop culture, to tidbits of Bjorn's personal life. The blog is written in German, but there is a translate button just below some pictures of Bjorn, so you can read it easily.

And for the traditional greeting, I feel the need to offer a couple of videos, as I was a naughty boy who is a bit tardy, so I have figured out I would go with three videos. First up will be Theo Tams singing Weak In The Knees, because when I check in to find additional followers, I feel just that. This clip of the Serena Ryder song is from the show in Etobicoke I attended last month.

For those liking the mid-century style, I offer you Fly Me To The Moon by one of my favorite groups, Westlife. Yes, they aren't mid-century themselves, but they do a fantastic job with the song, and the Allow Me To Be Frank album is a winner for sure! I used the song in a slide show for my parents 50th anniversary.

And, finally, for those who like their music in the singer/songwriter vein, there is the amazing Christopher Dallman singing Subterranean, a glorious song . The clip is from a show in Los Angeles earlier this year. I love the song, and was going to say it is a favorite from his recent stuff, but all his songs are so good, I can't pick a favorite.

So, here is hoping everyone feels welcome and at home here at Soundtrack to my Day, and we get to know you a bit more and we get a chance to chat!

New Music from Joe McElderry

joe mcelderry

Who is Joe McElderry you are asking? He is the cutie who won X-Factor UK last season, and thanks to ElectroQueer, I saw the link to his new single, Ambitions. Since winning the competition, Joe has come out as a gay man, so good for him! The song is certainly pop, although, to tell the truth, it isn't the sound I thought Joe would be putting out, this Pop/Rock song.

When he won the show, he was saddled with the winner's song, The Climb. While I have to admit it was novel to hear the song sung with the right notes. But I thought this was going to be the type of song he sung.

I must say, I am glad they are giving him something else to sing. To find out more about Joe, check out his official website here.

Being Human Season 2 Final Thoughts & Previews

being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale

After the excitement of the finale, I was certainly on the edge of my seat. In yesterday's recap, I left it at George and Mitchell leaving the building, with Kemp and Lucy distraught, for their plans have fallen short, with only Annie being sent away. Three weeks later, Mitchell, George and Nina are in a country cottage, and Nina is trying her best to get inside Lucy's mind, with paper clippings and Lucy's book. George tries to stop her, but Nina explains how she feels it is all her fault Kemp was in their lives. George goes to talk to Mitchell in the kitchen, where he tells him that he doesn't want to know what was up with Mitchell, he needs his friend too much. Mitchell goes outside for a walk, and sees Lucy. She doesn't know what happened to Kemp, and she found them through Nina's research. She came to find a way to soothe her own soul, for the death of the werewolves. Mitchell is angry. Lucy wants to see George and Nina. Nina is unimpressed.

being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale

The anger is palpable, and they call the meeting for the night. Nina wants to kill her, but George and Mitchell stop her. Mitchell helps Lucy make a bed on the sofa. He explains to her the reason he is not killing her, if he wants forgiveness, he needs to offer it first. Nina wakes up, and hears a noise. She goes down to investigate, still not ready to think of forgiving Lucy. She goes to through her out, only to find Kemp with her as he puts a stake through Lucy's heart. As Mitchell and George come down the steps, they find Nina held hostage. George offers himself in exchange for Nina, and Kemp tells him he plans to kill them all. Nina escapes and there is a whirl of activity. Annie appears, grabs Kemp and brings him through the door. There is static on the TV. Annie appears on it, and tells of her time in the afterlife. It is not great, and the boys are quite moved.

being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale

Annie needs to go, but pleads they don't forget her. The TV goes blank, and Mitchell vows to get her back. The show cuts to a snowy field, where two vampires are over a bloody grave, trying to raise the dead. Mitchell told them the bones were there. Are they going to bring back Annie? No, they aren't. It is Herrick.

being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale
being human,season 2,finale

So, that marks the end of Season 2, but it has been renewed for next season, and they have already started working on it. Since I was able to find them, I thought now would be a great time to give a bit of a preview for season 3. First up there is a quick bit with Aidan Turner, the very sexy man who plays Mitchell.

And here is a clip of the others behind the scenes. While I do enjoy the entire cast - Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan seem every bit as lovely as they are beautiful, I have to admit I think Russell Tovey just keeps getting better looking each year.

So, until it returns, I hope you have enjoyed the pre-caps of the show. You can find out more about Being Human online at their official website here.


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