Monday, July 2, 2012

Hotels & Highways • Greetings From Wilbraham

Hotels And Highways
Left to right: Lisa Piccirillo, Syd, and Patrick Cupples.

I loved the debut album from Hotels & Highways, Lost River. So I am very excited that Lisa Piccirillo, Patrick Cupples and Syd have a new EP, Greetings From Wilbraham. The six-song collection features the same combination of rock, folk, roots music, and intimate storytelling found in the first. There are moments they remind me of The Band, and other times I think of other great bands.

Hotels & Highways album Cover, Greetings From Wilbraham

Hell, I am still listening to the debut - and think "Train Whistle" is unbelievably amazing - so I was quite excited to hear about the new EP. Starting with "Lonely Together" and continuing on, there remains that intimate feel, like hearing a friends confessional. "Get No Sleep" strays into bigger waters, sounding more U2 that Bob Dylan. There's a mighty sweet vibe to "Please Tell Me Again" and Lisa delivers a vocal somewhere between Natalie Merchant and Bonnie Raitt. There is a return to the quiet storytelling in "A Day Off", and Patrick allows the song to spring to life. "Sleep Just Fine" begins with a quiet grace, before taking on a Beatlesque turn, with a tinge of psychedelia. That left "Barbecue Suitcase" to bring home the humor and style of the band, and ode to love and the joys of raising Barbecue Suitcase. You can hit "play" below and give it a listen for yourself.

Now you can either click on the widget above, or click here to purchase "Greetings From Wilbraham". For more about Hotels & Highways, visit their official website. Sign up for the mailing list, and you can get the latest updates from the band.

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