Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

ABBA Barry Manilow Dan Fogelberg
Top: Daniel Cartier; Bottom: ABBA, Barry Manilow, and Dan Fogelberg.

Every year, I try to bring in the New Year with great music. Daniel Cartier's cover of Auld Lang Syne is haunting and beautiful. The song, a traditional greeting of the new year, is based on a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. That poem was set to a traditional Scottish melody, and the song was born. Daniel Cartier recorded it, and I just love it.

It seems like I would not be able to bypass the 1980 song from super-group Abba, Happy New Year. It was written by the "B's", Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. They, along with Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, make up all the letters in ABBA.

And how about the 1977 song from Pop Maestro Barry Manilow? It's Just Another New Year's Eve was a poignant song released in between the uplifting songs Can't Smile Without You and Daybreak. It was based on a melody from Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations.

In 1980, singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg released Same Old Lang Syne. It was later put on the album The Innocent Age. Like the best of Fogelberg's work, it told a story we could all relate to. It went to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. It remains a favorite holdiay song for many, 30-some years later.

Here's wishing us all prosperity and lots of love in 2012!

Great 2011 Releases

Hotels & Highways Nathan Leigh Jones
Angus & Julia Stone
Clockwise: Hotels & Highways, Nathan Leigh Jones, Angus & Julia Stone, and Mikey Wax.

With my next to the last post in 2011, I thought I would try to show some appreciation for some of the breeders on my playlist. Look, I know you must feel like a real minority on my iTunes playlists, but you really are appreciated. I refuse to discriminate against you just because of who you sleep with. That said, there was some great music from this group, and I loved listening to that music whenever I could.

I first found out about the music of Hotels & Highways because I was a big fan of Syd's music. So when he got together with Lisa Piccirillo and Patrick Thomas, I couldn't wait to hear what came of it. When they released Lost River, I was blown away, and couldn't hear it enough. They fuse together the rootsy sound with a modern edge like few can, and made a great, complete album. Watch this video from a live performance of Train Whistle from their debut.

You can purchase Lost River from iTunes and Amazon.

I have David Raleigh to blame for my preoccupation with the music of Nathan Leigh Jones. David and the handsome Aussie are friends, and Nathan has produced some music of David's, including the beautiful That's What Friends Are For with Raleigh, Sir Ari Gold, Alan Cumming, and Billy Porter. But it was his great music that really won me over, from his 2008 EP, The Way I'm Missing You, to the newly released Sooner Or Later, I just love it all. In fact, I had to go to New York City to see Jones and Raleigh perform with my dear friend David Dust, and it was a magical night. Only recently, Nathan released the video for Beautiful You, off the latest album.

You can purchase Sooner Or Later from iTunes and Amazon.

I still remember the point when I first decided I would be a Mikey Wax fan for a long time to come. It was when I happened across his video for La Vie En Rose, looking for something to use on the blog. Well, I hit play, and developed a big crush on him, one that has not ended yet. I bought the last couple of EPs and a full album he put out, but with the release of his latest album, I was blown away. Mikey focused his energy on the music, and put out a Pop wonder called Constant Motion. I just love it, and think it should be a mandatory listen for all music lovers. Give a listen as Mikey sings Counting On You, which has recently started to get some airplay on the radio!

You can purchase Constant Motion from iTunes and Amazon.

I don't know where I've been for the last few years, but for some reason, it hasn't been on the same plane as Australian siblings Angus & Julia Stone. However, since finding them, I am completely loopy about their quirky music, and lap it up like it was pudding. I found some of their older music, and love it, just like the latest stuff. And it doesn't hurt I am totally crushing on Angus, damn, he's beautiful. They started the year with a single at the top of the Australian charts, and soon that song made it on to a commercial in the US, and I discovered my new obsession. Watch the video for Big Jet Plane off the album Down The Way.

You can purchase Down The Way from iTunes and Amazon.

Even More Great Singles from 2011

Brendan MacLean
Wes Carr
Clockwise: Anthony Callea, Brendan MacLean, David Raleigh, and Wes Carr.

In my final look at the singles from 2011, I couldn't resist checking out my friends Down Under. This group is made up of 3 Australians, and one American who splits his time between New York and Australia. The group is made up of three very sexy out gay men, and one very handsome straight rocker. All are talented musicians who made my life just a little bit nicer when I heard their songs.

I have been a fan of Anthony Callea ever since the first time I heard that amazing voice of his. I have run out of adjectives to adequately describe it, so suffice it to say I listen to it whenever I can. So, you can imagine my joy when he released a new single this year, Oh Oh Oh Oh. It is a dance tune, filled with vibrance and joy, and I still can't get enough of it. Watch the amazing video for Oh Oh Oh Oh.

You can purchase Oh Oh Oh Oh on iTunes and Amazon. You can also purchase the video on iTunes.

I was directed to listen to the music of Brendan MacLean by another musician, David Raleigh. As I have mentioned before, when I get a recommendation from another musician, I will listen. And this is yet another time I am grateful to Raleigh, for I love Brendan's music, with it's humor and zest. Watch his video for Cold And Happy from the White Canvas EP.

You can purchase the White Canvas EP on iTunes.

Wes Carr is another artist who captivated me the first time I heard his voice. And he is more than just the token straight man... I find his singing to be original and strong, just a joy to hear. Like Callea, I have ordered Carr's album's to be imported, since I just had to have them. This year, while I waited for a new album to come out, I was so pleased to discover he had a new single. Check out the new video for Been A Long Time.

You can purchase the Been A Long Time video on iTunes.

I just love David Raleigh pm just so many levels, and the first is the great music he makes. His piano-driven songs are just so melodic, so beautiful. And then there is that smile of his, it could light up all of Manhattan. And that is where he lives when he is not in Australia. While he released his great Beginning Again album in 2010, the latest single only recently premiered with a strong music video. Watch as he sings One Together.

You can purchase Beginning Again off iTunes and Amazon.

Great Albums of 2011

Casey Stratton Photobucket
Clockwise: Casey Stratton, Gregory Douglass, Chadwick, and Justin Utley.

You'd think with all the posts so far, how could there still be great music that was released in 2011? It is easy, you just listen to the music by the four outstanding men above, how put out wonderful music whenever they sit with a microphone. And, if I am not mistaken, they are all out and proud men who also happen to look very good in their pictures...

That is certainly true for Casey Stratton, who has been making great music since he was quite young, releasing his first EP, Driving To The Moon, in 1995. This year he released two albums, Hear The City and The Vigil. The latter was a response to the loss of his beloved pet, Henry, and it is just beautiful. The former, Hear The City, is a wonderful and so evocative.

I swear that Casey writes his music so that it is addictive, and I must have it all. You can purchase Hear The City at Casey's online store, iTunes or Amazon.

Another man whose music is just totally irresistible to me is Vermont's own Gregory Douglass. It still annoys me I have yet to be able to see him perform live, but hope I get to rectify that very soon. His latest album, Lucid, is a moody and vital work, with honesty pouring off it. I am particularly fond of the song Dream Come True. In the video below Gregory sings Lucid from the latest release.

You can purchase Lucid at Gregory's online store, iTunes, or Amazon.

Well, once you get past Justin Utley's Hulk-like build and dashing good looks, you get to know that he is also a talented singer/songwriter. His vivid and uplifting music touches me so, and let's me know he has lived a life that has not always been easy, but will always be a path for growth. The former-Mormon sings from the heart, and that can't be missed. Watch as he sings Stand For Something from Nothing This Real.

You can purchase Nothing This Real at Justin's online store, iTunes, or Amazon.

I happened across the music of Chadwick while working on this blog, and can't believe I hadn't heard his amazing voice before. The crispness of his tone is amazing, and how he manages to use it while singing great songs is impressive. His latest album, Live & Unplugged, shows off that voice, allowing it to tell the story with simple instrumentation. Watch as he sings What About Love from Live & Unplugged. The song was written by Brian Allen, Sheron Alton, and Jim Vallance and originally performed by the legendary rock band, Heart.

You can purchase Live & Unplugged on iTunes or Amazon.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday Night of 2011

Elephant, Jackson & Coleman Vrana
The Young Professionals, Ivri Lider and Yonathan Goldshtein
Clockwise: Elephant, Jimmy Somerville, The Young Professionals, and Sir Ari Gold.

As it is the last Friday night of 2011, I thought I would end it with a review of some great party/dance music from the year to date. And some very hot gay men, too. Well, that is just a very nice bonus point, at least for me. And, as you will be able to hear for yourself, some of my favorite dance music comes in all kinds, from Punky Hip-Hop to Neo-Disco to Euro-beats.

I will start off with one of my favorite tracks from the homo-twins, Coleman and Jackson Vrana, with their biting social commentary set to their own brand of Hop-Hop that sounds more Punk than Pop. Using the group name Elephant, the twins assault the listeners with strong language, hard beats, and bold ideas on the four songs off their debut. Take, for example, their video for the song Notorious H.I.V. off the Queer Nation EP. Being a Friday night post, I just think I will mention this is not safe for work, but great for everywhere else.

You can purchase the Queer Nation EP on iTunes and Amazon.

I have made no attempt to hide my complete infatuation with Ivri Lider and his music. I tell you, if I were to ever meet him, I fear I would embarrass myself, and ask him to marry me or something along those lines. Well, that aside, I was eagerly awaiting his first English-language album, which still has yet to hit the stores. However, we were treated to a release by The Young Professionals, an electronic duo featuring Ivri and Yonathan Goldshtein. Their first album, 9:00 to 17:00, 17:00 to Whenever, is a pure electronic pleasure, one irresistible song after another. Check out their video for the single D.I.S.C.O., and just try to not dance while you listen.

You can purchase 9:00 to 17:00, 17:00 to Whenever on iTunes and Amazon.

Not only is Sir Ari Gold unmistakably hot, he is also incredibly talented. And if you pair him with a legendary voice like Miss Sarah Dash, and you have a single that is impossible to resist. And that would give you the song Sparkle, the second single off Between The Spirit & The Flesh. That is a great album, starting with the sexy first single, Make My Body Rock. But here is the video for Sparkle.

You can purchase Between The Spirit & The Flesh on iTunes and Amazon.

And finally, a night of dancing isn't complete without a some Jimmy Somerville to shake my groove-thang to. And this year, Jimmy released the Bright Things EP, and I just had to buy it. I mean, I've been buying Jimmy's music since he was with the Bronski Beat 27 years ago, and I've been addicted to that voice since. Jimmy might have turned 50 this year, but he hasn't lost a step with that voice, and just makes me hungry for more from him. Check out Overload, off Bright Things.

You can purchase Bright Things on iTunes and Amazon.

Great Club Music From 2011

Simulover, SIRPAUL & Alex Lauterstein Cazwell
Clockwise: Yovanni, Kris Searle, Cazwell, and Simulover.

When you hit the clubs in 2011, it would be surprising to NOT hear some if not all of the acts pictures above. Especially if you are hitting a LGBT club! They put out some fantastic music, an not just this year.

At the beginning of the year, Cuban-born Yovanni released his single Hello. The song, with the strong elements of Dance and Rock, showed the countless influences of the boy who grew up in Miami. After studying music, he ventured out to make his own statement. This he did. Bold, futuristic, and spicy hot are just a few of the ways you could describe the video. Watch Hello.

You can purchase Hello on iTunes and Amazon.

Earlier this year, a new release came out by Simulover. It is a duo made up of SIRPAUL and Alex Lauterstein, two talented men working in New York City. I am a huge fan of SIRPAUL's work, and had seen him live where he was assisted by the strikingly handsome DJ, Alex. So I was excited to hear the music they made together, and once it hit the internet, I was not disappointed at all. The Simulover album was great stuff, a combination of dance, electronica and industrial music that showed no limits. Check out their first video for the song Tourniquet.

You can purchase the Simulover album on iTunes and Amazon.

For the fifth consecutive year, Kris Searle has won the prestigious 21st annual Los Angeles Music Award for Best Dance Electronica Artist of the year. The British-born Kris splits his time between his home in the UK and his new adopted home in Los Angeles. Searle recently released Falling For Your Light, a great Electronic Pop song.

You can purchase Falling For Your Light on iTunes and Amazon.

It is sometimes tough to write about someone like Cazwell, who has been making great music for several years, and who is just so damned fun to watch and listen to. He recruited a bunch of hot dancers and they made some videos for songs like Ice Cream Truck and Get My Money Back off the 2010 release, Watch My Mouth. Whether it is more fun to watch the video, dance to the song, or just listen to his music on the iPod, you can decide. Cause I just can't, I love to do it all.

You can purchase Watch My Mouth on iTunes and Amazon.

More Great Singles from 2011

David Geftakys

Clockwise: David Geftakys, Angelo, Cassidy Haley, Darryl Stephens, and Brian Kent.

This afternoon, I will be talking about another group of talented musicians who put out fantastic singles in 2011. It was such a great year for music, and these singles are shining examples of that. These might not be songs you are hearing on Pop radio, but if I were hearing them there, I might listen to the radio more often.

I first heard of David Geftakys when David Raleigh told me I should check out his video. I always will follow the advice of musicians, for they rarely steer me wrong. Well, I hit play on YouTube, I was pretty much a goner. That first song was his single this year, Games We Play. It has so much charm, and such a great melody line, I think it is a total winner. I also downloaded a previous release, Lines In My Hand, which I also love.

You can purchase Games We Play on iTunes and Amazon.

Funny enough, I first discovered Angelo and his music when I found his "It Get's Better" video on YouTube. Hey, here is a good-looking, out and proud man, so being the curious sort, I sought out his music, and found that it was quite good! I love his most recent single, Hands Down, and I think if you give it a listen, you would love it too.

You can purchase Hands Down on iTunes and Amazon.

I discovered the music of Brian Kent through Rich Overton of RJO Artists, who has represented so many talented people, I pay attention when he is involved. Brian has put out some great music in the last few years, like Breathe Life. This year, he had a new single, and it was all kinds of fun! Watch the video directed by Mike Ruiz for Su-Su-Su-Superstar, the latest from Kent.

You can purchase Su-Su-Su-Superstar on iTunes and Amazon.

There was a bit of buzz circulating around about the music of Cassidy Haley when Adam Lambert was on American Idol. I decided to check it out, and discovered that I really love Haley's music. He has a great blend of Rock and Pop, showing off the darker side of soul. Did I forget to mention he is also gorgeous and gay? Well, he is. You can make the call for yourself when you watch his video for This Time, released earlier this year. The song is from his 2010 album, The Fool.

You can purchase This Time on iTunes and Amazon.

I first became familiar with Darryl Stephens when he played the lead in the television series and subsequent movie, Noah's Arc. I loved the show, and was also happy to see him get other work in movies, for he is quite talented. Well, sometime this year he mentioned he was about to release a song he had written, and my interest was piqued. When Envious Moon came out, I bought it, and was quite impressed, not only for his writing skills, but his singing, too. Seems Darryl has talent in many different areas, and I hope we get to see/hear his musical bent a bit more. Here is the video for Envious Moon.

You can purchase Envious Moon on iTunes.

Even More Great Music from 2011

Toby Madigan Chad D
Matt Zarley EvOn
Clockwise: Toby Madigan, Chad D, EvOn, and Matt Zarley.

I am closing out the year by revisiting the great music released in it, for there has been some great music out there, especially by LGBT artists. Of course, that might not be what you hear on the radio, but if you put your ear to the ground, you might be surprised by both the quality and quantity you can discover.

I first discovered Toby Madigan when I saw the video for Chatroom Romance, and was immediately thrilled by the combination of humor and intelligence in it. So I went out and purchased the first album, and really liked it. Soon, it was time for a second release, and Symphony of Sweat was soon part of my music library. I love Toby's style, and find his songwriting to be quite good. Of course, his stunning good looks don't hurt, either. Watch as Toby sings Arrested from his latest album.

You can find Symphony of Sweat on his online store. There you can also find his first album, Left Brain/Right Brain.

Philly's own Chad D is a young rapper with a dream, and he is making his dreams come true. Part of that dream includes equality for all, something the gay man understands far too well. In his music, which is a combination of Hip-Hop and old school rapping, he tells you not what you wanna hear, but what people need to hear. Watch the video for Ask & Tell off the album The Human Link.

You can find The Human Link on iTunes and Amazon.

Well, when I first saw a picture of Matt Zarley, I have to admit my jaw dropped just a little. He is most certainly a sexy man, but those good looks did not overshadow what I quickly discovered were big talents. He can sing just about anything, and has the voice to do it well. Watch the video he made for WTF off his latest album, Change Begins With Me.

You can find Change Begins With Me on iTunes and Amazon.

EvOn calls herself The Music Bully, and I see why. The British lesbian is laying down some great music, and putting some amazing freestyle over it, taking it to the audience and the music. I am so glad I happened across her on the internet, for I am loving her music. Check out the video she made for Listen Up, a new song from earlier this year.

Check out EvOn on Bandcamp here, where you can download The Stolen Mixtape for FREE. It includes Listen Up.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Great Music From 2011

Brett Every Christopher Dallman
Declan Bennett
Clockwise: Brett Every, Christopher Dallman, Matt Alber and Declan Bennett.

Last night I started talking about the great music that was released in 2011, and today I have continued that trend. That is because there was just that much great music out there, and then some. And one of the things I love about this group, is that they are four massively talented gay men, all very different. And all are valued part of my music collection, and I would urge you to take the opportunity to add them to yours.

Since I first heard the music of Australian Brett Every, I have been a fan, and a bit enamored of his talent. He combines classic Pop with Jazz and Folk to make he sound of his very own style of storytelling entertaining and very real. I have all three of his albums, but still think his latest just might be his best. Watch and listen to the video for Man Walks Into A Bar, from the album Menu.

You can find Menu on iTunes and Amazon.

I have been a fan of Christopher Dallman since I stumbled across his debut album, Race The Light, several years ago. I thought it brilliant, and couldn't wait for a follow-up. Well, I had to wait a while, but finally there were a series of releases in 2009 and 2010, and the amazing Light The Love earlier this year. The EP contains five songs that communicate the love and beauty in Dallman's life, and I adore it. Watch as Christopher sings the title track, Light The Love, at a live show in California.

You can find Light The Love on iTunes and Amazon.

Once I found the music of Declan Bennett, I knew I was in trouble. It immediately spoke to me, whether he was recording under the name "sumladfromcov" or under his given name. From 2005's The Painter's Ball to the new release, I could, and have, listen to him all day. So when I first listened to Record: Breakup, I was not surprised I was deeply moved, and almost addicted to listening to it. Tell me what you think after watching Declan sing Freer from the album.

You can find Record: Breakup on iTunes and Amazon.

Matt Alber can, and most likely can, sing anything he would like to sing. He performed as a part of the award-winning group Chanticleer, has written and performed Country, and had a magnificent debut album of great Pop music. He co-wrote Who We Are with Tom Goss, a moving song supporting the LGBT veterans and the movement to take down Don't Ask, Don't Tell. So when it was time to pre-order his new album, I thought it was a no-brainer, and stepped up right away. And I can't tell you how glad I am, for Constant Crows is a beautiful collection, a little different from his debut. It has a little more Folk feel to it, more personal, more introspective. He wrote most of the music on it, and included one cover song. Here is a video of Matt as he sings Take A Bow, a cover of the Madonna song, from a live performance at Joe's Pub in New York City.

You can find Constant Crows on iTunes and Amazon.

Great EPs in 2011


Clockwise: Matt Doyle, Chris Riffle, Stewart Lewis, Andy Moore, and Shaun Hague.

This year several Eps were released from some great musicians. EP stood for Extended Play Single, a single with a few supplemental tracks. Now, they are more of a demi-album, a smaller collection of songs put out by an artist. It can be more affordable for all concerned - the independent artist who has to pay the costs, and the fan who can get new and fresh music at a lower cost. Take, for example, Broadway star Matt Doyle, who is an out singer/songwriter when not appearing on stage. Currently, he is featured in the New York production of War Horse. But earlier this year, he released the EP Daylight. It is a wonderful collection, beautifully written and sung. Check out this clip as he sings If Morning Can't Wait.

You can find Daylight on iTunes and Amazon.

Though he was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Chris Riffle now calls New York City home as he pursues his career in music. Earlier in the year, the out performer released I Am Not From Here, a strong acoustic collection of songs song from the heart. Here he sings the title track from the EP, I Am Not From Here.

You can find I Am Not From Here on iTunes and Amazon.

Stewart Lewis sings Shine from the album In Formation. Earlier this year, he released the EP Stumbling For Truth. I have seen the out singer/songwriter perform a few times, and have loved him every time. The five-song collection is filled with honesty and love, a welcome addition to any collection.

You can find Stumbling For Truth on iTunes and Amazon.

I have been fascinated with the music of Andy Moore since I saw her performing with Eric Himan many years ago. So I was quite thrilled to hear she was releasing new music, and had to buy it right away. 5 In Common is a beautiful group of songs, sung with a simplicity and beauty that is hard to match. I have the first two album from the out lesbian, and love them both. Check out as she sings Cemetery off the EP.

You can find 5 In Common on iTunes and Amazon.

I first heard of Shaun Hague when Jake Walden announced they would be touring together. When I went to see them, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was blown away by him and his music. Shaun adds a bluesy touch to his Rock-infused Pop, with plenty of heart and soul. Watch as he sings Make It A Great Day from the EP The Time Is Now. I took this video at the show at the MilkBoy Coffee this summer.

You can find The Time Is Now on iTunes and Amazon.

Great Singles from 2011

Ricky Martin
Clockwise: Nhojj, Gavin Creel, Gareth Asher, and Ricky Martin.

There were many singles released this year that were of special interest to this blog, and four of them are appearing here on this post. In fact, all four are of similar theme, of people coming together, finding acceptance for the common good. Take, for instance, when the gifted Nhojj released a video for his version of the classic song, Amazing Grace, in support of marriage equality.

You can purchase Amazing Grace on iTunes, Amazon or visit Nhojj's official website.

Broadway star Gavin Creel has proven to be a talented and masterful voice on the New York stage, garnering Tony Award nominations for Best Actor in 2002 and 2009. He proved to have talents as a songwriter as well, working on a couple of non-Broadway releases. Recently, he wrote and recorded the song Noise, a song supporting equality nationwide. The proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Broadway Impact, which Creel co-founded with Rory O'Malley and Jenny Kanelos. Here he is, to make some Noise.

This single will be included on an album due out in the Spring. You can purchase Noise on iTunes, Amazon or visit Gavin's official website. You can also check out the official website for Broadway Impact.

After coming out as a happy gay man, Ricky Martin released his first single and video for The Best Thing About Me Is You. The video was a call for inclusivity, for the people of the world to fight against discrimination of any kind. And he looked damn good doing it.

You can purchase The Best Thing About Me Is You on iTunes, Amazon or visit Ricky's official website.

In early November, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Gareth Asher released a new version of his song Get It Right. The new recroding was a collaboration with Nappy Roots, and was a call for the world community to strive to live together, to move past our differences and just Get It Right.

The song was originally found on Gareth's beautiful album, Between The Smiles And Tears. You can purchase Get It Right on iTunes, Amazon or visit Gareth's official website.

Great Music From 2011

Derek Nicoletto Darren Hayes
Clockwise: Derek Nicoletto, Darren Hayes, Jason Walker, and B.Slade.

As I continue to look back on the great music released in 2011, I can't help but give a listen to Derek Nicoletto's amazing Kind Ghosts. As an album, it explored Derek as a solo artists, giving some great pop, a little rock and a lot of Derek. The lead single was also the title track, Kind Ghosts.

You can purchase Kind Ghosts on iTunes, Amazon and Derek's online store.

And with his first new release since 2007, handsome Darren Hayes was back on the scene with Secret Codes & Battleships, a collection that proved his still making great Pop music after a hiatus. I, of course, had to purchase the Deluxe Version of the album, because you can't ever have too much Darren in your life. Check out the video for the single, Blood-stained Heart.

You can purchase Secret Codes & Battleships on iTunes, Amazon and check out Darren's online store.

You could also get the latest release from the magnificent voice of Jason Walker. Jason made a dream come true for his father when he released Live And Unplugged, an acoustic album his proud father wanted him to make. The five-song collection of songs showcased his magnificent instrument on songs like I Am Changing, off the Leave It All Behind album.

You can purchase Live And Unplugged on iTunes, Amazon and you can visit his official website.

I have to admit I am relatively knew on the B.Slade™ train, after he was pointed out to me by Wonder Man and Nhojj. And I am grateful to both, as I immediately fell in love this B.Slade's inventive sound on the album Diesel. I have to admit I went a bit crazy, also purchasing A Brilliant Catastrophe (Alpha) and A Brilliant Catastrophe (Beta). B.Slade's voice is also amazing, as you can hear ion the title track, Diesel.

You can purchase Diesel on iTunes, Amazon, his Bandcamp site, or his official website.


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