Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Evening with Robert German

Robert German

I have been unbelievably charmed by Robert German for a few years now, since I happened upon the video for Open Wide, and immediately went out to buy his album, Sirens of Brooklyn. Robert's music tends to defy definition or quick description, so don't bother to try to pigeon hole him. He is one of the only artists I can think of who can be both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the exact same time. Check out his wonderful song, This 2 Shall Pass.

While there is a simplicity to the song, and the instrumentation might seem a bit nostalgic, the subject-matter, tone, and the deep textural nature of the production defies the dated bit, and quickly brings the song to a different, very current place. You can also see it in a series he is doing, called Eat My Shorts. It offers abbreviated songs as little taste morsels, an aural snack. I can tell you, I eat them up! This is Nerdy Boy.

I have yet to see Robert German performing live, but I do hold out hope that it will happen, and happen soon. If you need some more convincing, there was also the somewhat disarming, and a bit disturbing Volume 5: Murderer. There is such an eerie quality, making me think of classical and operatic works.

As one could surmise from the music, Robert is a bright man. He also happens to be sweetheart as well. He lives in New York with his partner, Konstantine Malakos, who sometimes writes with German. You can find out more about Robert by visiting his official webpage here. You can also find him on Twitter here, FaceBook here, and on Google+ here. I will leave you with one more of Robert's delectable treats. He did some reworking of the memorable hit by Destiny's Child, Bootylicious. And while Robert's name might not be the first one that comes to my mind when I think dance music, that might change after hearing this...

Sunday Morning with Sam Harris

Sam Harris

In 1983, there was no American Idol, no Simon, Randy or Paula on our televisions. But there was a premiere of a show some of us might remember well, Star Search. The talent show was hosted by Ed McMahon, and featured performers in music (both groups and vocalists), dance, comedy and the innocuous category of 'Spokesmodel. It was reminiscent of the old Ted Mack Amateur Hour, as the talent shows were an old staple of the entertainment industry. That first season, there was a young man from Oklahoma with tuxedo jacket that didn't quite fit, converse high-tops and a booming voice that took the world by storm. Sam Harris seemingly came from nowhere, but of course, the singer had been doing shows all around Los Angeles, and winning the Frank Sinatra Pop Singing Award, and the endorsement of Frank himself before going on the show. But it was his soaring rendition of Over The Rainbow that earned him high praise and attention. Soon he was on the radio, taking to the Broadway stage, and being featured on television shows. Sam also came out as a proud gay man, and he and his partner adopted a baby a few years ago.

Sam Harris Daddy

Sm really does have an incredible voice, and a style very much his own. He would often infuse his songs with great emotion, or with biting comedy. Take, for example, his lovely performance of Jonathan King's Everyone's Gone To The Moon.

Sam has been very active online, and would make videos for his online fans. One of those videos he made was this clip of Sam covering a song by the great Bonnie Raitt, I Can't Make You Love Me.

Flor more about Sam Harris, check out his official website here. You can find his official YouTube channel here.You can also find him active in the social medias, with Twitter here and FaceBook here. However, I would be remiss if I didn't include one gem that I found on his YouTube channel. It is Sam singing Bust Your Windows.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

absolute torch with kd lang

kd lang

While I will grant you that in appearance, kd lang is as far from a traditional torch singer as you might want to go, when she opens her mouth to sing, all bets are off. There have been times she has looked like a cowgirl on meth, and at other times like an Oscar Wilde fop. I swear there was a point in her career she was looking like the Las Vegas incarnation of Wayne Newton. After a while, though, she simply looked like kd, and sounded like a heavenly choir.

kd lang

I offer up Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray as proof. It is a track from the 1987 album, Angel With A Lariat. It is just brilliant country heartache.

In 1989, kd release a new album, Absolute Torch & Twang. While it didn't really make a big splash on the US charts, it certainly did gain quite the buzz, and was the darling of the critics. It still maintained a country base, yet it was polished with a Pop veneer. Take, for instance, Trail of Broken Hears. It was written by kd and long-time producer Ben Mink, and certainly a nice amount of Country appeal.

While it might not have been filling the charts with entries, Absolute Torch & Twang was making strong sales, earning Gold status in the US. Another song lang and Mink worked on together was Pulling Back The Reins, once again chock-full of Country imagery, yet sounding more Pop than Nashville. But it also enables kd's voice to soar, which it can do like few others.

In 1992, Ingénue was released. It really completed the transition started with the previous album. It was slick, and certainly more Pop, although it verged on cabaret. During the promotion, kd often appeared clad in a suit or a tuxedo, as if she were a Vegas lounge act. But few lounge acts could deliver like kd on Constant Craving.

For more about kd lang, check out her official website here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Disco Divalicious

Disco Divas
Clockwise from top left: France Joli, Diana Ross, Cher & Donna Summer

1979 was an interesting year in music, some incredibly strong women made their way to dance music, and if you were going to hit the clubs, you'd be dancing to these songs. one of those women was a big-voiced Canadian from Montreal, who had the club-goers buzzing trying to figure out who she was. I remember people saying they heard she was the younger sister of Barbra Streisand, but that, of course, was not true. Before fame found her, she did sing to Streisand records, but that is where it ended. I remember seeing her at Spectrum, the club in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where Saturday Night Fever was shot. It was a gay dance club in the late 80s when I would go there. And one of teh songs she sang at the club was her 1979 hit, Come To Me.

Diva extraordinaire Donna Summer was discovered while singing background for the rock band Three Dog Night, and immediately started working with producer Giorgio Moroder, and together they started making history in 1974. In 1979, Summer ruled the charts with several songs, including two she often sang together, Bad Girls/Hot Stuff.

Although she first came to the attention of public over a decade before, as part of a duo with her husband, Sonny. In 1979, Cher had a huge hit with the song Take Me Home, her foray into the world of disco, as only Cher could deliver. And it certainly wasn't her last hit, as she had plenty of juice left for a few more decades of music...

Is there a bigger Diva in the world than Miss Diana Ross? Perhaps Ms. Streisand could give her a run, but I still think that perhaps the title remains with Ross. In 1979, she let the world know who she really was with the release of the dance hit, The Boss. Yep, she was the boss, and we all made our way to the dance floor on her orders.

Role/Play Prizes from Deep Dish

Role/Play dvd

I received a package in the mail, and in it found my prizes for a recent give-away on Marc Harshbarger's sensational blog, Deep Dish. The package contained the DVD for Rob Williams' great movie, role/play, as well as the soundtrack. The movie stars the handsome Steve Callahan and the sexy Matthew Montgomery, two actors whose work I always enjoy. Check out the trailer for the film.

The movie is wonderful, so if you get the chance, I would definitely say to see it. Callahan and Montgomery have a great chemistry together, which should not be surprising, as they are a couple off-camera. I loved them in a number of movies. My favorites featuring Steve have been smooth and sexy East Side Story and the hysterically funny Make The Yuletide Gay. Matthew starred in the exciting Socket, and the mysterious Gone, But Not Forgotten. Writer/Director Rob Williams certainly has his own successes, with 3-Day Weekend, Back Soon, Long-Term Relationship among the list. In fact, 3-Day Weekend had a fantastic soundtrack - but I don't think that has ever been offered for sale.

Role/Play ad

And if you haven't already, check out Marc's blog. It is a great deal of fun, where hot men and Pop culture reside. There is lots of interactive stuff going on, from give-aways to voting for the sexiest men to who'd you like at a make believe dinner party! Click here to see it.

Torchwood • Miracle Day • Escape to L.A.

Torchwood - Miracle Day
Torchwood - Miracle Day

Don't forget to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day on STARZ tonight at 10PM! Tonight's episode is called Escape to L.A.. After the hot sex Captain Jack had last week with that cute bartender, I can't wait to see what else they have in mind for him!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tarkan • Kuzu Kuzu • Akustik

Tarkan Kuzu Kuzu

This video by the incredibly beautiful Tarkan just seemed like a perfect pick for this summer night. It has that languishing, sweaty, a bit sticky, feel to it. Of course, just the thought of an insanely handsome Turkish man singing to me could cause the ssweatiness, I know...

I was intrigued by this song, for more than just the obvious reasons. Now, like many of my readers, I cannot understand a word of Turkish, so I went out to find a translated lyric, which I did. Here they are:

Look! My arms and wings are broken
No, I couldn't hold on
Hard! To be without you is hard
I couldn't get used to
Hit this stupid head by the stone
Against the wall - to get sevap*
Then forgive me, come to me
Lean my head against your heart
I felt blue, wasted away without you
Here I came back just like you said before
How much times I wanted to bring myself to your knees
This time I burned my pride down and came to you
You can leave me if you want to
And you can kiss me
But look into my eyes and listen to me first
Trust me, I understood this feeling inside without you
I repented
Spread this hot pepper on my lips

I first watched this video because Tarkan was beautiful. I kept watching because his voice and sound intrigued me. I bought his music because it was good. Did I mention he quite sexy, too?

Eric Himan & Coyote Grace

Eric HIman & Coyote Grace

On Tuesday night, I went to see Eric Himan at World Cafe Live! in Philly. While I try to get myself together, with videos and pictures to share with everyone, I thought I would give a preview to give myself a bit of time to catch up.

Eric Himan

Eric came to town to celebrate the release of his latest album, Supposed Unknown. As he often does, he combnied the new material with cover songs and some old favorites to complete his set.

The group Coyote Grace opened the show, and were just amazing. It is the first time I've had the chance to see them live, but I hope it will not be the last.

Coyote Grace

Ingrid Elizabeth and Joe Stevens are at the core of Coyote Grace, with strong support from Michael Connolly. I loved their sound, and they had such a strong charisma. Yeah, I'd love to see them again, and soon.

For more about Eric Himan, check him out here. And to learn about Coyote Grace, visit them here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kind Ghosts Available Now!

Derek Nicoletto Derek Nicoletto

Derek Nicoletto's first solo album is now available for purchase. We talked about Kind Ghosts when I interviewed Derek here. The album consists of 12 great songs, from the aching beauty of Alabaster Sky to the rollicking beat of Take Medicine, to the 80s electronica of Suddenly, to the Neo-Soul groove of Girls Like'Em Lucky, to the lush Pop story-telling of Not Thinking About Me, and so many more, the album is brimming with style. And, of course, there is Derek's great voice, one I have been following for a couple of years. I would say the album is the culmination of his experience with Telling On Trixie and Derek & the Darling, saving his best for Kind Ghosts. This is a celebration of genres and an aural banquet, nourishing the musical soul.

And I almost forgot to mention, Derek looks amazingly hot on the cover! Kind Ghosts is available on iTunes here, and on here. You can also find it on CD Baby here. For more about Derek, check out his official webpage here. If you'd like to tell Derek how much you love the album, you can find him on Twitter here and on FaceBook here. He has his own YouTube channel here.

Same Something Different On Sale Now!

Jake Walden

Jake Walden's sophomore album is available for purchase now, and as someone who has Same Something Different, I can tell you it is well worth buying. From start to finish, the 11-song collection is amazing, start to finish, with a depth and richness in his performance which must be heard. There is the joy found in cuts like When The World Lay Still, or the buoyantly positive cuts like Even In Your Doubt, to the clarion call for happiness of Simple Life, to the ethereal yet never wistful Dreamer, the melodic slice of life of Almost Brave, to the hopeful yearning of We Are Not Broken, the album streams life, pulsates with the collective human experience, and comes out on top, unfazed and undeterred, ready to look at life as the joyous and beautiful experience it is. Jake's voice soars when it should, and softly caresses other times, and never overpowered by the lush orchestration. Same Something Different is never the same as anything, but instead a series of mosaics, depicting life and love with the fabric squares of a life well-lived. Take a listen to a live performance of the title track, Same Something Different, from a recent performance.

Same Something Different is available for download on iTunes here, and on here. You can purchase the CD on here. Same Something Different is also available from CD Baby here. You can discover more about Jake and his music at his official website here. You can also find him on Twitter to tell him how much you are liking his music. Tweet him here.

Phil Putnam Celebrates With Fans

To kick off his birthday week, singer/songwriter Phil Putnam is offering his music at terrific savings now until his birthday, Friday, July 29th. Phil invites you to the party to help celebrate the festivities. According to Phil, the details are simple: $5 album downloads from his official website here. To help with the party, Phil plans to give back to his fans - at least one very special fan. He told me, "Everyone who buys album(s) during the sale will be up to win a Free Giveaway of my Casualties Deluxe Package ($70 value). It includes all my albums plus exclusive unreleased remixes, acoustic mixes, and exclusive behind the scenes videos that are only available in the Deluxe Package, which can be seen here."

Phil is an award-winning out and proud performer whose songs are highly personal, and at times share the same delicious sense of humor as Putnam. Take, for example, I'm No Prize from his album Casualty. His humor and musicality meld beautifully, making for a great song and video, which topped the LOGO TV chart in 2009.

Before that, Phil released his first music video in 2008 with the song More Than This. It also topped LOGO TV's video chart, and between the two songs, they stayed in the LOGO top ten for almost a full year. In his video debut, Phil's more serious side was in the spotlight, a bit more introspective as well as showing Phil comfortably behind the piano.

Just a month ago, I posted about Phil winning an OUTMusic Award for his love song, Paris. You can listen to the song on his website, or in the prior post. To offer Phil your salutations for the day, feel free to visit his official website sometime this week, or tweet him at twitter here. Or you could stop by his page on FaceBook here. While you are visiting his website, check out his music, and the Casualty package here, which will be won by a very lucky individual.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jake Walden at MilkBoy Coffee

Jake Walden

I was thrilled to be going to see Jake Walden on July 15th, driving to MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It's been a couple of years since I last saw Jake, when he played with Tom Goss in Washington, DC. But this time, Jake would be the closing set, with Amy Regan and Shaun Hague there to prime the crowd for Jake's electric set. I was looking forward to the show, for I knew we'd be hearing some of the new music set to be released on the 26th, Same Something Different. That was something that certainly drew me to be even more excited about a show that promised to be sensational.

I saw Jake shortly before the show, and got my first hug of the night. He seemed relaxed, especially for Jake. Now, if I were to describe seeing Jake perform, I would use words like, twitchy, exposed, intense, and even edgy. He seems to be a conduit for his nervous energy, and practically vibrate with that energy, channeled into the most expressive and glorious expression of his talent. This post features videos and pictures I took at the show, so you can share the wonderful experience with me.

Jake Walden

He began the show in Jake's own way, singing The Line, the song that opens all of Jake's shows. The song originally appeared on Walden's debut album, Alive And Screaming. It has one of the most beautiful lines in the chorus, "I don't wanna learn in the morning, that I was only dreaming tonight." Le sigh...

Soon we start hearing the music from the upcoming album, Same Something Different. Here, I will start with the joyous and beautiful first cut off the album, Even In Your Doubt. The simple, yet lovely melody drives the song, and makes me want to listen time and time again.

Jake Walden

The eighth cut on the new album, Almost Brave, was an interesting one, to be sure. The first few bars grabbed my attention, and Jake's voice came in and snapped that lead, and on the chorus, claimed my heart.

As the final song of the performance, Jake delivered a strong and beautiful version of We Are Not Broken, a song that was first featured on the first album, but was reimagined and included on the new album as well. Jake was kind to mention me in his dialog before the song, but also take note of his thoughts on a video, cause I will be reminding people of it when it is time. But, without further ado, this is We Are Not Broken.

After the show, I was able to catch up with him once again, and tell him how amazing the show was. And I was surprised to find the new album there for sale! So I had a head-start on many, but can tell you the album is amazing! It is just om damned multi-dimensional, so beautiful, so textured. And there is so much joy found in it. You can find out more about Jake Walden here. You can find his first album on iTunes here, or on here. And if you aren't quite convinced about buying the new album, I will remind you tomorrow with a video or two.

Jake Walden & Me

Amy Regan Live at MilkBoy Coffee

Amy Regan
Amy Regan

I caught the performance of singer/songwriter Amy Regan on the 15th, on the same bill as Jake Walden and Shaun Hague at MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. She opened the show, and did a great job pulling the crowd into her music. Whether on the guitar on at the keyboard, she delivered her songs with a heartfelt approach filled with honesty and charm. Part of that charm came from her between-song banter, little snippets from the live of a singer/songwriter, like her discussion about breaking it to her family that she was pursuing music, and the ensuing music. This is On My TV Screen.

When she moved to the keyboard, she had a sweet section of the set. That included one of my favorite songs of hers from the evening, Afterthought. I think it stayed in that sweet spot in her voice, a rich bottom side that is rich and full.

For more about Amy Regan, check out her official website here. You can find her music on iTunes here, and on here.

Marilyn Monroe Explains Heat Waves

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

In 1954, 20th Century Fox released There's No Business Like Show Business, starring the incredible cast of Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey, Mitzi Gaynor, Richard Eastham, and Johnnie Ray. It was Merman's first big movie role, as she had previously been a huge star of stage and recordings.

Marilyn Monroe

But with the recent weather, I was reminded of Marilyn Monroe's number in the show, Heat Wave. The movie featured the music of Irving Berlin, and the tlaents of some of the best in the business. Here is Heat Wave.

Ethel Merman

Merman certainly had her turn in the spotlight for this movie, including her stirring rendition of the title song. It was not her first time singing the song, as she had sung it many a time when she was starring in the Broadway hit, Annie Get Your Gun.

While it has become a quite popular as vintage movie musicals go, the movie was met with a lukewarm response, both from critics and the public.

Check it out, there are some fantastic moments.

Cast of  There's No Business Like Show Business

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning with Petula Clark

Petula Clark Petula Clark
Petula Clark Petula Clark

I know I just did a post on Petula Clark recently, But I had found these two videos that I was dying to use, and thought this would be a great way to do it. They are just beautiful, and need to be heard. The first is from her role in the film Finian's Rainbow. She sings a version of How Are Things in Glocca Morra? that is meant to break down even the coldest of hearts.

In the 70s, she appeared on British television to sing Cole Porter's Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, and does a fantastic job with it.

Clark also appeared on the stage quite often, taking the lead rol in many shows, including Sunset Boulevard and The Sound Of Music. She was magnificent as Maria, and the 'real' Maria Von Trapp said she was "the best Maria ever!" Here she is singing the beautiful Edelweiss.

For more about Petulat, check out her official website here. You can find one of the many Greatest Hits collections, which I am sure you will love, on here, and on iTunes here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shaun Hague at MilkBoy Coffee


I didn't know much about Shaun Hague when I went to see him playing live at MilkBoy Coffee. When I heard he was playing with Jake Walden, I purchased his EP, The Time Is Now, from iTunes, and really loved it. But you never know if a performer is WYSIWYG - Old computer talk for "What You See Is What You Get" or if his talent might suffer in a live translation. First thing I notice is the cool and easy feeling, a serene confidence, that Shaun brings with him to the stage. He is the antithesis of the brash rocker, with a quiet bravado that will let the set talk for itself, for he won't waste the time and energy telling you he is great, he'll just prove it. And he sits down to play.

A few bars into his set, I had my answer. Hague was made to deliver a great live show, with impressive guitar skills and a voice perfectly shaped for the music he plays. He leads with a song off the EP, and while I might have missed the first 30 seconds of Make It A Great Day, I made due in post-production (LOL) to give you a taste of the first thing I heard.

Hague also included some new music in his set, like the fantastic song, Last Rights. With it's driving guitar propelling the song forward, the strength of the music paired with the vulnerability of his vocals, makes for a truly winning experience.


There was yet another new song, one that I was crazy about then, and only more so now. Once A Lover, Never A Friend starts out with a wandering feel, a little loose, a little ethereal. The vulnerability in his voice from the last song is transformed to a strength, and pulls me in for a more intimate telling of the tale. When he uses the guitar for percussion, it's as if it was the beating heart of the song...

During the show, Shaun covered three really amazing American singer/songwriters, Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, and, finally, Roy Orbison. While his voice is not even remotely like Orbison's - but then again, does anyone have a voice like that? - Hague takes the superbly written song, bends and molds it into a performance that is very Shaun Hague, one that left me cheering and hoping for much more. Here is his performance of You Got It.

You can find more about Shaun Hague at his official website here. You can purchase his EP, The Time Is Now, at iTunes here, and here. I also discovered in my post-show research that Shaun has played with another of my California favorites, J. R. Richards, who has made it on the blog several times. And, of course, Jake Walden. I have to say, since the show, I was thinking about how nice it would have been for them to perform a song together.


Amy Winehouse RIP

Amy Winehouse RIP

I wish I could say we were greeted with the shocking news that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home today. Unfortunately, few find it to be shocking. Amy, whose star burned bright and quickly in the musical firmament, publicly fought her demons on many an occasion, and it became apparent that the demons often won. Most recently, that seem to be the case, with cancelled shows, and unfortunate performances. But there was a time when it was really all about the voice, the talent, and the gift she made of both to the world. So, without further words that will fall to the ground and futilely as did her life today, I just offer up a couple of performances that I will want to remember from the late and oh-so-talented Miss Amy Winehouse.

Don't Go To Strangers with Paul Weller

Tears Dry On Their Own

Love Is A Losing Game

Rest in peace, Amy. Amy you find your bliss in the celestial choir.

Saturday Morning Theme Songs

Well, I took a look at some of the shows with some interesting theme songs from my childhood, and it occurred to me that I could do the same with some of the early programs I would watch, Saturday morning cartoons. As I was putting this together, I discovered some of them were not just morning programs, but began as prime time animated programs!


However, Underdog is a show that began as a Saturday morning morality play. It was Superman, with the good winning over evil, truth and justice and all that, only in a cartoon format, with a dog. And I remember really laughing at it! It started running in 1964.

Hoppity Hooper

The next show is so very interesting, as the theme song had both an abstract and a jazz feel to it, well beyond the grasp of the child watching. But I remember the song as being cool cause it was different. And the show, Hoppity Hooper, was great, because there was a talking frog! This show also began it's run in 1964.

The Jetsons

The Jetsons started running in 1962 as a prime time animation, and I loved every minute of it. The theme song started me laughing, and I didn't stop until it was over. When you think about it, it still influences pop culture, like when people still imitate Astro the Dog and say "Ruh Roh, George." Great stuff!

Bugs Bunny

For some time, Bugs Bunny anchored the broadcast network of Looney Tunes, a great cartoon block that included some of the greatest cartoons ever. But Bugs made his television debut in 1960, when he would headline the prime time program that showed the short films that appeared in the movie theaters, and he would tie them all together for the audience.

I hope they bring good memories for you, for they most certainly do for me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dancing With Martha & the Vandellas

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
Bottom photo, left to right: Rosalind, Betty and Martha.

Four girls grew up in Detroit, Michigan, wanting to sing and make music, a dream had by many, but realized by so very few. When Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard, Martha Reeves and Gloria Williams were singing in the clubs, parties and churches in the late 50s, they were noticed. Soon, they were being put together, using a series of names, including The Del-Phis and The Vels. Soon, Martha was working as a secretary to an exec at Motown Records, and the other ladies were singing background for the big names for the studio. According to the lore, singer Mary Wells didn't make it in to the studio for a session with the great Marvin Gaye. The ladies were called in to do a demo track of the song Gaye was working on, and the track, with Martha on lead vocal, garnered the attention for all the executives, and they were all offered contracts. Gloria Williams decided to not sign, fearing the life in the spotlight would interfere with her hopes of a family. But Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard and Martha Reeves signed the contracts, and were soon recording as Martha & the Vandellas.

Motown didn't have to wait long to see if their decision to back the girls would pay off. Their first hit came quickly, when the song written by the legendary team of Lamont Holland, Brian Dozier and Edward Holland delivered the 1963 hit, (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave. The song went to #4 on the Billboard Pop chart, and became a song that was remembered for the strength of the vocal performance for the talented ladies.

The next year, there was a line-up change, as Beard married and started a family, and decided to step down from the band. Betty Kelly was brought in to round out their sound. Martha & the Vandellas were back on the charts with a song written by Marvin Gaye, William "Mickey" Stevenson, and Ivy Jo Hunter that would become a calling card for the ladies. Dancing In The Streets was a song that certainly had people dancing whenever they heard it, and it soared up the charts, topping out at #2 on the Billboard Pop chart in 1964.

In 1965, the ladies released what I think is my favorite song in their wonderful catalog, Nowhere To Run To. It was thought to have been in heavy rotation on the Armed Forces Radio playlists, and beloved by the troops in Vietnam. Since then, the song was used extensively in movies and television shows, helping to define an era. The song was written by the team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, and went to #8 on the Billboard Pop chart.

I might have been a child at this point, but I had older siblings, and I still remember this music. And certainly this hit by the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland in one to remember. In 1967, Martha & the Vandellas released Jimmy Mack, a catchy pop song that was on the lips of the nation. It climbed to #10 on the Pop chart, and was another that became a signature tune for the group.

By 1968, there were changes afoot at Motown, and that included the exit of the songwriters from the Motown stable. There was also a shift in priorities, and Martha & the Vandellas were pushed out of the forefront by The Supremes and Diana Ross, who was just a few years shy of starting an illustrious solo career. After a series of replacements in the line-up, the group was 'retired' in 1972. In the 80s, the group would reunite from time to time, doing tours with other groups from the 60s. Their songs have been covered by some of the top names in the business, and their music is still held in high esteem by fans and music critics alike.

Torchwood Preview - Dead Of Night

Torchwood - Miracle Day

While I admit that I am delighted to have John Barrowman back on my television screen, I am also enjoying Torchwood: Miracle Day very much. Tonight at 10PM on STARZ, they are offering the 3rd of the 10-part series for this season. I like the was the story is growing, although I still will admit to missing some of the characters that have been killed off in the last series. But that is water under the bridge, and I will admit to enjoying some of the new characters, as well. Last week, Lauren Ambrose was added, and she certainly showing a delicious lack of moral fortitude that should be quite entertaining in shows to come. But here is a preview of tonight's episode.

And here is another preview, just in case you need further temptation...

So don't forget to tune in tonight. And you can check them out on the web at the official website here.

Torchwood - Miracle Day


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