Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wedding Blues

Adele Blossom Dearie
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Judy Garland
Clockwise: Adele; Blossom Dearie, Judy Garland; and Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.

Well, since I will most likely still be at my nephew's wedding by the time this posts, I thought I would have a fun time with songs about weddings and the like. Well, that was not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, I will start with one of the songs I found. Now, I just love the song "Never Will I Marry". It was written by Frank Loesser for a 1960 musical, Greenwillow. And while the show might have been a disappointment, running less than 100 performances on Broadway, it did give us this incredible song. Here is "Never Will I Marry" sung by the luminous Judy Garland.

Now, I didn't think that was a rousing endorsement for marriage, so I looked further. I found an interesting song by Etta James called "Stop The Wedding" and, well, decided against that one. It was a great song, but didn't celebrate the wedding process. So I looked just for love songs, and came across a few sung by Miss Etta. I decided on "Fool That I Am" and then it hit me. I needed to use the version done by Adele, who is herself inspired by Etta. So here is the classic song, "Fool That I Am".

"The Nearness of You" was written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Ned Washington. It is a gorgeous song, just so lush and beautiful, I knew I needed to find it recorded by very special voices. So when I discovered this version by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, I couldn't resist.

Now, I just find Blossom Dearie to be far too charming to believe, and thought it might e nice to find a little something to add to this post. And it didn't take me all that long to decide it must be "Lies of Handsome Men" written by Francesca Blumenthal. It is a wonderful song, and sung to perfection by Blossom Dearie.

Enjoy the night, and hope I was able to deliver a little bit of love...



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