Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning with Linda Ronstadt

Prisoner In Disguise, Linda Ronstadt

I have long thought that Linda Ronstadt is one of the more spectacular voices of my generation. So it is surprising I have yet to included Linda in my regular Sunday morning feature. But I will make that up now. Linda never had a problem bringing her all to just about any genre of music. Prisoner In Disguise, her 1975 release, is a prime example of this. She brought the Country, the Rock, and the soulful philosophic/theological questions in songs like "Many Rivers To Cross", the amazing song by Jimmy Cliff.

Also off the same album was the gorgeous and majestic "The Sweetest Gift". On the track, she sings it as a duet with Emmylou Harris, and together they sound like an angelic choir. They deliver on the song written by James. B. Coasts in 1942 like few others could, with a simple beauty and the courage to sing from the heart.

You can purchase Prisoner In Disguise from iTunes and Amazon.



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