Friday, July 20, 2012

My Dance Party

Gavin-Creel-2 Christopher Dallman Angelo
Kris Searle SIRPAUL featuring Candy Apple Blue
Clockwise: Gavin Creel; Christopher Dallman; Angelo; SIRPAUL featuring Candy Apple Blue; and Kris Searle.

Well, since I figured out I wasn't going to Philadelphia to see Jay Brannan, I decided to make up a post that was music I might very well be dancing to at home tonight. I would of course include artists seen here on the blog before, that are in regular rotation on my playlists. And as you can see from the pictures above, they are all delicious eye-candy, just waiting to be nibbled on. But mostly, they are amazing artists I also seem to return to when I want to be moved. And they are all independent musicians, working to not only make great music, but trying to promote it on their own. I will start with a talented Broadway veteran whose most recent album, Get Out, remains a favorite of mine. That would include a great song that immediately grabbed my attention, "Whitney Houston".

You can purchase Gavin's Get Out album on iTunes and Amazon. Christopher Dallman writes such personal and honest songs, I can always find a song that will match a mood I am in. In fact, I can usually find several. But I wasn't expecting a dance track, but when DJ Radboy got hold of Chris' marriage equality single "Anthem", I found a great one. So enjoy "Anthem", the Radboy Radio Edit.

You can find a FREE Download Radboy's remix of Christopher Dallman's "Anthem" SoundCloud. Now, Angelo is positively edible in every one of his pictures, but don't let that fool you. His music combines honesty and pain, often wrapped in a jacket ready to go to the club. I absolutely love his latest album, Narcissus Drowned. There is plenty of great music on it, including a bonus track, "Time Bomb" (RAC Remix).

You can purchase Angelo's Narcissus Drowned album on iTunes and Amazon. Somewhere in a musical laboratory, you will find a beaker that combines the chemicals for Electronica and the ones for great Pop music, and you will find a label that simply says SIRPAUL. I've been a fan for some time, and have been thrilled to see constant evolution in his music, always sounding not only current, but just ahead of Pop. I loved the album Music & Me, and one of the singles off the album was "Mistaken", This is one of the wonderful remixes, featuring the talented Candy Apple Blue. Together, they make some incredible music.

You can purchase SIRPAUL's "Mistaken" remix featuring the talents of Candy Apple Blue on iTunes and Amazon. Finally, I will listen to a song from a British transplant making a home for himself in Los Angeles. Kris Searle is making music that combines the UK aesthetic with a growing American one, making interesting tunes. One of those is "Falling For Your Light", a single that really grabbed me, and continues to do so.

You can purchase Kris Searle's single "Falling For Your Light" on iTunes and Amazon. These are some incredible talents, all who would be grateful for your support by purchasing their music. If you do, the joy when you hit play on your iPod will quadruple the return on the investment.

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