Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chris Keys • New Day EP

Chris Keys
Chris Keys Chris Keys

I have discovered that another of my favorite indie musicians, Chris Keys, has new music out. I was delighted to find New Day on iTunes, and make it a part of my music collection. First, let me reminisce a bit, to that fine day a couple of years ago when I ran across the music of a talented musician from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was immediately charmed by the slight smoke in his voice, and such honesty in his words. I loved songs like Shooting Star and Seven Seas, and they quickly went into rotation on my iPod. I am amused that I can look back, and see that I first wrote about him on this blog more than two years ago, here and here. But that was then, and this is now. I recently downloaded his latest release, New Day, and find he still knows how to make music that charms me to the core. Take, for instance, the title cut, New Day. Listen and watch this sweet performance.

I thought that was wonderful, so sweet, so honest. The New Day EP is a six-song collection, settled with beautiful songs that tell great stories in the tradition of Irish music. And much like one of my favorite Irish singer/songwriters, Van Morrison, the final product is more than just a story, it is a wonderful journey connected to the soul. I love the ride he takes me on when he sings Shadows, a song off New Day.

Over the past few years, I heard a maturity in both Chris' voice, and his original material. The new music found on New Day just speaks to me so completely, so totally, I can't stop listening. One of my favorites is You and I.

The New Day EP is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can find out more about Chris Keys by visiting his official website here. You can also watch more live performances on his YouTube channel here.

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