Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matt Fishel • The First Time

Matt Fishel
Matt Fishel - The First Time COVER

British singer/songwriter Matt Fishel has released a new single, and I don't know if I could love it more. I mean, it is so very sweet, so innocent, and makes me remember my first time, which was a VERY long time ago. The song is The First Time, and it is pretty much what you thought right away - it is about the first time the boy has those very special feelings, of a sexual nature. To another boy. A good-looking one, too.

You can purchase The First time on iTunes and on Amazon. You can find Matt Fishel on Facebook and on Twitter. But you would be most happy if you found him in your iTunes window, playing yon your iPod.

Matt Fishel

And you know, I still remember the first time I fell for Matt Fishel. I was cruising around YouTube, looking for new music, when I happened upon his first video, for The Football Song. I was blown away, and immediately recognized the song was not only funny, smart and sweet, it was also damn good. Give it a go, and tell me what you think...

See, you now find it irresistible too, don't you? God, I love that video! If you haven't already, you can purchase The Football Song on iTunes and Amazon. I still love it. And I still play it all the time. And it gives me permission to think some very fun thoughts of David Beckham. And Victoria doesn't come into my thoughts at all.

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