Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GLEE Redux • Michael

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson

The show opens with Mercedes and Santana complaining about not performing Michel Jackson at sectionals a few weeks ago, and Blaine and Kurt wanting to perform more. In fact, Blaine knows just the song he wants to sing, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

Of course, he is joined by the group, all dressed from a variety of periods/videos of Michael Jackson. Soon they are talking about performing Michael for Sectionals. But soon we find out the Warblers are going to do an MJ tribute, too. In fact, Sebastian gloats that he got the idea from Blaine. The New Directions get into a tizzy about it, but soon decide they need to move forward, and take the argument to the streets, and perform Bad.

At the end of the number, Sebastian hits Blaine with a slushy. Blaine is taken to the hospital, needing surgery on his right eye. In the chorus room, the kids are talking about wanting to get even, since they know Sebastian did it on purpose. Artie is angry, and not wanting to hear the whole 'it gets better' crap, he wants it to be better now. He yells at Mr. Schue, and gets up out of his wheelchair. He is joined by Mike Chang, and performed Scream.

Back in the room, Artie is still confined to his wheelchair, and still upset. We follow Rachel to the ladies room, and we find Quinn. She tells Rachel about her early acceptance to Yale, and Rachel mentions that Finn proposed. Quinn suggests she needs to take it easy, and tell Finn no. Quinn sings Never Can Say Goodbye.

After the class applauds her song, she announces her plans to go to Yale. She thanks everyone for their support and their love, their unconditional love. She looks Rachel when she explains she needed to let the past go, in order to move forward. Next, Santana is walking down the hallway, and sees Kurt, and the two talk about beating Sebastian, but taking the high road. The continue to plot, but we join Sam and Mercedes in the auditorium, Sam looking cute with a guitar. He wants to sing a duet with Mercedes, who he still loves. Mercedes tries to leave, but Sam stops her when he starts to play Human Nature.

The song ends with a kiss. This reminds me just how happy I am that Sam is back on the show. We cut to the chorus room, and Kurt's Dad is there. He has a letter from NYADA. Kurt is a finalist, still up for admission. His father is so proud of him, it brings a tear to my eye. Kurt rushes to tell Rachel, how has not heard from NYADA, and collapses into Kurt's arms, crying over her lack of a future, sure she will be denied by NYADA.

Kurt is reading the trade magazines, when Rachel and Finn come to visit the eye-patched Blaine. Upset he is missing MJ week, they bring it to him, and Kurt, Finn and Rachel sing the haunting Ben.

We go to Warblers rehearsal, and see Santana coming to call Sebastian on his nefarious behavior. Soon they are dueling, with the aide of the spectacular 2Cellos, the handsome duo of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They sing Smooth Criminal.

Santana is laying it down. Afterwards, Sebastian admits to putting rock salt in the slushy meant for Kurt, but has nothing in the one he tosses on Santana. Back in the chorus room, and Santana is explaining she had a tape recorder attached to her underboob. However, Kurt doesn't want to hit back, or get Sebastian arrested. He has an idea, and takes the kids to the auditorium. But Finn stops Rachel, and tells her there is something he left out of his proposal. He brings in the band members, and sings I Just Can't Stop Loving You.

Of course, Rachel joins in on the song, and it is quite lovely. Rachel accepts Finn's proposal, and there is much hugging. He is, after all, the love of her life. The Warblers walk into McKinley High, and the New Direction are on stage, saying they won't do Michael for Regionals, but if they did, they would be better, because the Warblers don't do it justice. To prove it, they sing Black or White.

Soon, the other members of the Warblers are on stage dancing, except for Sebastian. He claps a sarcastic round of applause, only to be put in his place by Santana. The other Warblers learn of his treachery, and it seems as though this is a victory to truth, justice, and the American Way. With a gay flair, of course. Next, we are at Kurt's locker, and Rachel walks up, with a letter in hand. She has been made a finalist at NYADA, and they are both overjoyed. But when Kurt asks if she has told Finn yet, there is an awkward silence. Well, except for the dramatic score. Hmmmm.

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