Monday, January 9, 2012

Dark Monday • Thoroughly Modern Millie

Sutton Foster Gavin Creel
Broadway stars Sutton Foster & Gavin Creel.

Thoroughly Modern Millie debuted on Broadway in April of 2002, and had a successful run. The show was based on a movie made in 1967, featuring performances by Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing and Beatrice Lillie. The musical garnered eleven Tony nominations, and won six. Among the wins were for Best Musical, and Sutton Foster for Best Performance By A Leading Actress In A Musical. Among the nominations was Gavin Creel for Best Performance By A Leading Actor In A Musical. For both, it was their first time to take the stage as a lead, not in supporting roles or as an understudy. Both received glowing reviews for their performances. That is hardly surprising, for both are immensely talented, and have just gorgeous voices.

Thoroughly Modern Millie, Gavin Creel & Sutton Foster
Creel & Foster in Thoroughly Modern Millie

For your entertainment this evening, I will bring you performances by the talented pair in the show, starting with Foster. Her voice is bold and strong, and she is never afraid to offer nuance in her performance. The who was featured on the 2002 Tony Awards, where Foster and the ladies in the cast sing the fun Forget About The Boy.

Here she is singing Gimme Gimme, the moment when the light bulb goes on, and she knows she is in love. I really love this song.

And here is the handsome and talented Gavin Creel singing a song he performed eight times a week on Broadway, What Do I Need With Love. It is also the moment in the show when Jimmy, played by Creel, figures out he loves Millie, played by Foster. Man, does he have a beautiful voice.

Both sonngs were written for the 2002 production, with the music by Jeanine Tesori and the lyrics by Dick Scanlan. You can find the Original Broadway Cast album on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. LOVED that show! Harriet Harris stole it as "Mrs. Meers"!

  2. PS: Miss Ginger has had the hots for Marc Kudish ever since she saw him the in failed revival of "Bells are Ringing", which, BTW, should have made it. Not sure why it flopped!

  3. It is a great show, and I'll let you have Kudisch if I get to keep Gavin as my own. And I am never sure about which shows make it and which don't. I remember being so very WRONG about some shows I'd seen in the 80s...



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