Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flo Anito • Uh Oh

Flo Anito
Flo Anito Flo Anito

I met Flo Anito when I was taking part of the music video by Tom Goss for It's All Over. The shoot was taking place in Washington, DC, in a park. Flo played the part of the jogger in the park, and later a guest at the backyard party. I can't be sure, but I swear she is checking out Tom's butt in that video...

Tom Goss & Flo Anito Photobucket

During the shoot, I enjoyed talking to her, and shared some laughs. She was quite nice, smart, and quite funny. At some point, there was a CD playing in the garage of the party shoot, and I thought it had an interesting sound. It turns out, it was Flo's CD, No Dustbunnies. Honestly, I had forgotten about it, until I recently saw a new video was posted, for the song Uh Oh!

Flo's vocals are a combination of styles and sounds, like Kate Bush with a total American spin. There is an exuberance in her music, a real joy. On first listen to her album, I had an immediate infatuation with Change My Life, Uh Oh!, Mean, and the title track. I managed to find No Dustbunnies, and will be happy to share it with you.

Flo Anito's album, No Dustbunnies, is available on iTunes and on Amazon. You can find her on the web at her official website here.



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