Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SIRPAUL • Can't Be "Mistaken"

SIRPAUL The White Label EP Cover

New York City's King of ElectroPop is back out there, ready to release his latest single. SIRPAUL, handsome and talented artist behind incredible videos for Killer, Objectified, Swinger, and Music & Me, has released Mistaken, off the Music & Me album. The single features wonderfully talented Candy Apple Blue.

Mistaken (Single Version) (feat. Candy Apple Blue) by SIRPAUL

The EP includes four versions of Mistaken, as well as a bonus track, a mix of Press Rewind, a fantastic track off the Music & Me album. You can purchase The White Label EP on iTunes. A MUST have for those who love to dance, or just wanna hear great music.


  1. i like i appreciate you introducing me to so many new artist i've not heard before i love it

  2. Thank you darlings for shining a light on SIRPAUL! It's a privilege to work with him!

  3. Becca, glad you like it - I adore SIRPAUL's music.

    Candy Apple Blue, thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I love SIRPAUL, and have enjoyed getting to know a bit of yours as well.



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