Friday, June 12, 2009

EOB - Equal Oportunity Blogger - Str8 Boys Need Luvin' Too

Just to show I can be OK with people, no matter their sexual orientation, I will put up a couple of videos from str8 boys that I enjoy listening to. Like Chris J Keys, an indie artist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I don't know how I ran across him on the internet, but I am so glad I did. Also, he has been a sweet guy to correspond with.

JR Richards is the lead singer for Dishwalla, a very cool rock band from California. JR has an exceptional voice, at once intoxicating and sexy, despite his apparent heterosexuality. He just released a solo CD, A Beautiful End. The following video is when he performed with Dishwalla and a full orchestra, singing 'Angels and Devils.'

And I would be remiss if I were not to include a clip of Ace Young, my favorite all-time American Idol contestant. He is stunningly handsome, talented, and a very nice man.



  1. squeee. chalk one up for the str8 people, lol. lovethis boy.

  2. Linda, you know I couldn't leave out Ace. Because of him I have had some fun times, met some great people, and heard some good music.

  3. Wish you could have been with us to see this in person :D

    Also wish we had more Ace Adventures to look forward to :(

  4. You never know what the future will bring, babe.

  5. Thanks for sharing that, Howard. I hadn't seen that video before. :)

  6. You are welcome, Pam. Glad you are enjoying it.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to JR. Wow! I FELT that song all over!!

    Ace is handsome and sings really well, but just like white men can't say "baby" the way black men do, no one can sing Marvin Gaye's songs like he does.

  8. Not many will ever be able to touch Marvin, but I love Ace's version of this song.



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