Sunday, January 1, 2012

Aiden James • Trouble With This • Available

Aiden James - Trouble With That

Trouble With This, the new album from songster Aiden James, is available for purchase today, January 2, 2012. I be on iTunes as soon as I can. I love me some Aiden James. You can find it on iTunes and on Amazon.

The album includes 12 songs, all fantastic! Aiden has a new sound, and I am quite enjoying it. This collection has a electronic, Poppy sound that is infectious. There is a sweet retro feel, like someone was just listening to the early Euro-Pop of Depeche Mode or Yazoo. There is a frothy light touch, but the unmistakable vocals still maintain a warmth and depth few can match. Give a listen to the first single, Best Shot.

James also lays a different take on Gonna Hurt More, a little moodier, less bound by guitar, and ready to fly. The same could be said of Snapshot, a song that maintains the sweetness of the narrative, but grows on the album. There is a bounce and joy to Touch Your Heart, a song that combines the innocence of 1964 with the light touch of reggae and the warmth of new love. There is so much to be excited about, all I can say is buy it, buy it now! You wanna know what my issue is? I can't find an ounce of trouble on The Trouble With This...

And don't forget, you can still purchase Aiden's amazing cover of Lady GaGa's Edge of Glory, given an amazing cover with Aiden's gorgeous voice and a ukelele.

You can purchase Edge of Glory here. And you can buy and download The Trouble With This from iTunes or Amazon.


  1. becca, so glad you like Aiden's music. I love it - hopefully you'll give an album or two a try.

  2. thought it was called trouble with *this* heading ;)

  3. Anon, you are correct. I have fixed it... Damn fingers! LOL



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