Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best of Live Music of 2011

I wanted to compile a video that would prove once and for all what a lucky man I am. After all, I got to see Jason Antone, Levi Kreis, Eric Himan, Tom Goss, Nathan Leigh Jones, Garrin Benfield, Amy Regan, Shaun Hague, Jake Walden, Coyote Grace, Gareth Asher, Avi Wisnia, Jeffrey Johnson, and Namoli Brennet all perform live last year. They appeared at the World Cafe Live!, PSALM Salon, Joe's Pub, Sullivan Hall, MilkBoy Coffee, NightCat, World Cafe at the Queen, and Black Fox Lounge. Yep, I am a freakin' lucky man. Enjoy the highlights of my "show season."

Support independent musicians by attending their shows in your area, and buying their merchandise. You will not only feel better, you will undoubtedly be assured a better seat in heaven when the shows start.


  1. Wonder Man, thanks! Much credit needs to go to the talented musicians I got to see.



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