Monday, March 5, 2012

Anthony Callea • Last To Go

Anthony Callea Last To Go cover

I swear that every time I hear new music of handsome Aussie Anthony Callea, I tell myself he can't get any better, and then more music is available, and he proves me wrong. Such is the case with Last To Go, the EP released this morning worldwide, which I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy. Anthony had his hand in the writing of the song, and it shows with a strong bond between the artist and the music. The versatility of his voice is remarkable, being able to sing whatever is asked of him. I first came to appreciate Anthony's talent about 8 years ago when I came across a video of him singing The Prayer, and the exquisite beauty of his voice and the gift of his phrasing made me an instant fan, importing albums and DVDs so I could feed my addiction. Well, with this release I don't have to wait for international shipping, for I just went to iTunes and "Presto," I was listening.

Anthony Callea Photobucket Anthony Callea

Last To Go kicks off with the single he release earlier, the dance track Oh Oh Oh Oh. I still love the playfulness of the song, as well as Anthony's ability to give full-throat to much of the song. You can find the video and my original thoughts in the the post here. That is followed by the latest single, the title cut, Last To Go. The feel is once again club-oriented, addressing that feeling we've all had, of just wanting to go out, have a few drinks, and dance your troubles away, and be the last out of the club. OK, for me it is more of a fond memory than a reality, but I sure remember the feeling. Tangled is next, a mid-tempo ballad about love that is complicated. This is another great song, squarely in Anthony's wheelhouse. Last night is anthemic, big and bold leaves no one mistaken the intention - treat your life like the last night. The next song is about as "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" as you can. I Don't Care What You Say is a bold, in your face song that says "screw what other say, live your life." If more could do just that. The next two tracks are amazing acoustic versions of the first tracks, Last To Go and Oh Oh Oh Oh. They are beautiful, featuring Anthony's amazing voice.

For more about Anthony Callea, visit his official website here, where you can find an exclusive Behind The Scenes look at the recording. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. You can find the EP Last To Go on iTunes and Amazon. It is great music, and you deserve a gift today, so check out Last To Go and get it on your iPod.


  1. A Brilliant Review for a Brilliant EP. I can't stop playing it. A great read Howard xxx

  2. Howard I really LOVE your fantastic review of Anthony's fabulous amazing new songs.I also agree with you that even though you think Anthony couldn't get any better he always does. I too have been a huge fan of Anthony's brilliant talent for the past eight years & still love & listen every single day to his breathtaking haunting voice. I now have his new EP in my car as well as in my home because I can't stop listening to it. Anthony's music has bought me more pleasure & musical joy than any other artist ever has. His voice is like no other. I really love the whole EP but I have a particular love of " Tangled " I also really love the acoustic versions of both songs. I LOVED reading your thoughts Howard Thank You so much. xo

  3. @Diamonds & Pearlz, thank you.

    @Nonnapat, thank you so much. Anthony has me twisted around his little finger - he can do anything and I'd love it!

  4. Wow Howard, what a great review of a fine piece of work by Anthony Callea. Thanks for spreading the word. By-the-way, Anthony is doing two shows in L.A. in mid-March. Information about this is on the web site.

  5. That acoustic version of Oh oh oh oh is sensational. Such a great singer



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