Friday, March 9, 2012

Madonna Live • Ray Of Light


I had a hankering for a little Madonna this morning, and found this video of her singing one of my favorites of the late 1990s, Ray Of Light. It was the title cut off her 1998 album. When I saw how she looked at the Live8 concert, I knew she had some pact with the devil. Bitch was and still is looking amazing. You know, sometimes I get a little taken aback when I realize that next year, Madonna and I will be celebrating out 30th anniversary. Well, faniversary, then, for I've loved her since 1983!

Speaking of loving her for so long, it all began with me the first time I heard Holiday. I was toast from then on, there was no recovery. After it came Lucky Star, and I've been addicted for life.

You can discover much more about Madonna at her official website. Her music is available anywhere music is sold, but you can find the Ray of Light album on iTunes and Amazon. You can find the Madonna's self-titled debut album featuring the hits Holiday, Lucky Star, and Borderline, on iTunes and Amazon.

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