Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brett Gleason • The Thawing Released

Brett Gleason The Thawing

Have you been wondering when you can purchase the latest release from rocker Brett Gleason? Well, my pretties, the time is now. Finally, after a long wait, Brett Gleason's new album, The Thawing, is available for purchase. The five-song EP kicks off with Destruction, the first single. The startling and textured song features song progressive rock layered with jazz riffs, part Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and part Thelonious Monk. Check out the video for Destruction.

That is followed by Unruddered, a that ramps up the density, feeling almost operatic in structure, but the sound is pure rock. When Calculated kicks off, it showcases a strong melody line, once again blurring the line between Rock and Classical. There is a feeling of being seared by the darkness, but only if you pause to bask in the fire. Polarity is a brooding and moody song, shifting gears and tempos often, smoothly transitioning with ease. The beginning of The Thawing puts me in mind of a wind-up musical mechanism, seeming a bit simple on first listen, only to discover the great depth on a second playing. Quickly, the song shifts into a melancholic mood, weaving a tuneful air that takes slick twists and turns.

Brett Gleason The Thawing

The Thawing is different from the 2010 EP, The Dissonance, with an added melodic sophistication. There is also less apocalyptic darkness, and more brooding contemplation. For more about Brett Gleason, you can visit his official website. The Thawing in now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Band Camp. If music that moves effortlessly between sweet melodies and bombastic rock, then The Thawing is waiting for you.


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