Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jay Brannan • Rob Me Blind

Jay Branna Rob Me Blind cover

The latest album from singer/songwriter Jay Brannan, Rob Me Blind, is now available. As far as I am concerned, whenever Jay releases something, it is a "must have" for me, and anyone else who loves music. I am so convinced of this, I pre-ordered the album, and got it in the mail on Tuesday. And have loved it since. There is no mistaking the sound and specialness of Jay's voice, the the skillful way he uses it. And, should I fail to mention it elsewhere, he is quite handsome, too!

Jay Branna Rob Me Blind Jay Branna Rob Me Blind

Everywhere There's Statues kicks off the album with a common theme in Jay's work, the feeling of futility when looking for love. It is lovely yet heartbreaking. That is followed by Beautifully, the lead single released earlier. Check out the music video, so damn good.

That is followed by The Spanglish Song, which is stunning, carrying such strength at the core of the song. With Rob Me Blind, Jay reminds me of the brilliance of Joni Mitchell, with amazing harmonic structures. This song often takes my breath away. Then we have Greatest Hits. No, it's a song, not a collection. Check out the video.

There is a lightness and sense of humor displayed with La La La. I love it when Jay get's a bit mischievous. Jay reaches down deep to write the haunting Denmark. Check it out being played here live.

Brannan has had an ongoing struggle exploring this life for happiness, so it comes as no surprise he would write about the Myth of Happiness. He also tackles his thoughts on The State of Music, celebrating those who inspired him, like Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, and Sinéad O'Connor, while also questioning the music the masses migrate to. The final track is a beautiful song, A Love Story. Will he turn his back on love for good?

Jay Branna Rob Me Blind

To learn more about Jay Brannan, visit his official website. You can also get in touch with him on Facebook and Twitter. And he has t-shirts and other stuff available at his online store. With the Deluxe Bundle and the T-shirt CD Bundle, you get a download card with a code so you can get a free copy of Jay singing live at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta. This includes some fan favorites, as well as some new songs off Rob Me Blind. As well as two surprising cover songs.

At the moment, that is the only way to get this excellent collection is via a bundle. But you can and should find Rob Me Blind on iTunes and Amazon. Let me know if you can stop listening to it, cause I can't...



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