Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angelo • Narcissus Drowned Released!

Angelo - Narcissus Drowned
Angelo - Narcissus Drowned Angelo - Narcissus Drowned Angelo - Narcissus Drowned

It is finally here, the release of Angelo's album Narcissus Drowned! The title itself is can be found in the story of the striking Greek God who was so entranced by his own beauty reflected in a still pond, he lost himself in the pond, never realizing he gave his heart to himself. Now that I finally get a chance to hear the music as a whole, and not just a few singles and remixes I've had over the past year, I am thrilled with it. Indeed, well worth the wait, but with Angelo, I didn't expect any less. And after a short track that is a kind of forward, we jump into the title track, Narcissus Drowned. We begin the story, as our hero descend to the darkness of the water, drifting slowly away from the light.

That is followed by the song Keep Calm. In it, there is a certain sexy urgency in the guitar riff that starts off the song, massaged in by whisper Angelo uses in the opening.

From the first note, Hands Down has a buoyancy and joy, and it revels in a sensuality of the music. The fourth track is Time Bomb, which is a sustained seduction, a flirtation, trying to call you to the dance floor.

That is followed by Sinner & the Saint, one of my favorites on the album, a dance track with a sexy sound with a call and response almost gospel in intent. that is followed by Terrible Heart, is a heart-wrenching ballad, a story that would be a tragedy in the theater. As our Narcissus searches for himself, he just wants to Go'head and get down on the dance floor. He's looking for a dance, not a date that could complicate his search... That leaves us with three remixes, interesting yet different visions of the tales already told. We have a chance to give a listen to Narcissus Drowned (Requiem), Time Bomb (Rac Remix), and Sinner & the Saint (Buffetlibre Remix).

Angelo - Narcissus Drowned Angelo - Narcissus Drowned

The Narcissus Drowned album can be found on iTunes and Amazon. For more about Angelo, check out his official website. You can also find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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