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American Idol 11 • Top 13 Results

American Idol Season 11 Top 13

Well, it has finally arrived, the first results show of the season. After weeks of watching auditions, good and bad, followed by the Hollywood rounds and the semifinals, it is finally time for the audience to send someone home... Or is it? That's right, the voters are only getting the chance to pick the bottom two, and then the judges will decide who is safe, and which contestant will end their Idol journey tonight.

American Idol Season 11 Judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Ryan Seacrest

After a quick review of the performances from last night, Steven, Randy and Jennifer are introduced, followed by Crusty. He tells us the Season 1- runner up, Lauren Alaina will sing tonight, as well as the first mentor, Mary J Blige. But before they get down to any business, we get the first group number of the season, as the kids all get together to sing Stevie Wonder's 1977 As. The song is off the iconic album Songs In The Key of Life.

You can find Stevie's album on iTunes and Amazon.

That was followed by the first Ford Music Video of the season. The kids all get to sing the great song Big Time, Peter Gabriel's huge hit from 1986.

Jessica, Elise and Hollie are called to center stage, First, we hear from Jimmy Iovine, and he tells us he thinks Elise is in trouble. He thinks Hollie is safe, as is Jessica. Back to the action, Crusty tells us Jessica is safe. So is Hollie, and Elise is in the bottom three. Crusty quickly moves on, and calls Heejun, Jermaine and Colton to the stage. Jimmy I doesn't like what Heejun did with the song. He likes Colton, but isn't sure if he is Pop or Rock singer. Jimmy also felt that Jermaine overthought the song, and it suffered. Colton is safe, and then Heejun is safe, so Jermaine is in the bottom three for the ladies. Crusty tells us that after the commercial break, Lauren Alaina will be joining him on stage.

In an interesting aside, during this first commercial break there is the latest ad for Kohl's department store featuring Jennifer Lopez, singing the 1974 hit for KiKi Dee, I've Got The Music In Me. For me, it showcases the thinness and brittleness of her voice.

Lauren Alaina Lauren Alaina Lauren Alaina

Soon it is time to introduce Lauren, who has played concert dates with big Country names like Jason Aldean. She will be performing her second hit off her debut album Wildflowers. The song is Georgia Peaches.

You can find her album, Wildflowers, on iTunes and Amazon.

Back to the action, Shannon, Erika and Skylar are on stage with Crusty. Jimmy I thinks Erika sang it well, but the presentation is iffy. He also made sure everyone knew it was nerves that conquered Shannon last night, and everyone thinks Skylar did well. Erika is sent to join Elise in the bottom, along with Shannon. Skylar goes to safety. Once again Crusty calls a group to join him. Joshua, Deandre, Phillip and Jeremy are there, and Jimmy I feels that people could tire of Joshua's voice, and that Deandre was good and should be safe. He loves Philip, but fears the ladies can out-sing him. This leaves Jeremy, and Jimmy I thinks he will be leaving tonight. Crusty gives the results, and Phillip is safe, and Jeremy is in the bottom 3. With one slot left, Joshua is in the bottom, and Deandre is safe. Before the break, Crusty fools everyone by announcing that Erika and Joshua are safe, leaving Elise and Shannon, as well as Jeremy and Jermaine, still to learn of their fate tonight.

Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige

Crusty introduces one of my favorite singers from recent years, Mary J. Blige. She sings Why?, from her album My Life II: The Journey Continues. It is amazing.

Yes, she was brilliant live. These kids could all learn from her. You can find Mary J Blige's album on iTunes and Amazon.

So Crusty has Elise and Shannon, as well as Jeremy and Jermaine, and we discover that Steven Tyler thinks Jeremy is going home. Crusty tells Jermaine he is safe. We learn that Shannon is safe, leaving Elise in the bottom. It is now up to the judges to decide who is going home. Randy isn't sure America got it quite right, but is OK with it. They will take the commercial break to decide. We know Steven will vote for Jeremy to go home, so what will Randy and Jennifer do? After the break, Jennifer struggles to say they have decided to save Elise. The contestant going home is....Jeremy.

Jeremy Rosado, American Idol Season 11

They say goodbye to Jeremy while playing Scotty McCreery's Please Remember Me.


  1. i have my eye on colton this season but have to say I had hope Jeremy would have stayed longer

  2. It is interesting. There are a couple of good singers this year, but I am waiting for more. I thought Shannon should have gone home last night, but she wasn't even the in the bottom 2. But these first few weeks will eliminate some contestants and we will have an idea of what is to come. Honestly, I think Colton Elise and Erika are my favorites thus far.



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