Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Idol 11 • Top 9 Results

Last night, the latest crop of Idol wannabees picked songs by their Idols, and were mentored by the amazing Stevie Nicks. For their efforts, the kids were rewarded with five of nine standing ovations, leaving everyone to wonder how genuine those ovations were. Who will go home? One can never be sure, can they? I predicted that Hollie, Deandre and Heejun would be in the bottom, might I be right?

American Idol Season 11 Top 9
Nicki Minaj Scotty McCreery
Top: American Idol Top 9. Bottom l to r: Nicki Minaj, and Scotty McCreery.

The judges are introduced, and are quickly joined by Crusty, who announces that Nicki Minaj and Scotty McCreery will be performing, and there is a big announcement about Aerosmith. Seems they are heading back on tour, and we see clips to prove it. And we see several get tweets from their idols, saying nice things about their performances. Except for Deandre. Instead, he gets a live appearance from Eric Benet, who tells him how much he enjoyed it. Dendre is thrilled. Ford Music Video this week features the music of Twisted Sister. The kids sing I Wanna Rock.

We also find out the kids are moving in to the mansion, so I would think this means we get to have some behind-the-scenes clips coming. Crusty calls Elise, Phillip and Hollie to the center of the stage, the first to learn their fate. Jimmy I thinks Elise was amazing last night, and that he and Stevie loves Phillip as well. Hollie gets news that is not quite as kind, finding her to be lacking soul. Right away, Crusty sends Hollie to the stools, in the bottom this week. Phillip is sent to safety, as is Elise. After a commercial break, get a performance by Nicki Minaj, and her latest single, Starships.

Starships is on Nicki's soon-to-be-released album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. That album is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, April 3rd. You can find Starships on iTunes Clean or Explicit, or Amazon, Clean or Explicit. After a rather energetic performance, Nicki chats with Crusty and the judges, asking to join the panel, but Jennifer quickly says no! LOL Colton, Joshua and Heejun are called to the stage. In the recap, Jimmy I wasn't as impressed by Colton's tears, and thought he suffered because of it. Joshua gets bad marks for his performance, but high ones for his trio shot. Jimmy I isn't kind to Heejun, and thinks he is the weakest left. We learn Colton is safe, leaving two to learn their fate. Joshua is safe, and Heejun is in the bottom three, joining Hollie. After a break, Crusty introduces the youngest guy to ever have an album debut at #1 on the Billboard chart. Scotty McCreery Water Tower Town.

Water Tower Town is on Scotty's post-Idol debut, Clear As Day. You can find Clear As Day on iTunes or Amazon. After his performance, Jimmy I comes out and awards him the Platinum Record, a sweet moment.

Finally, we know Skylar, Deandre, Jessica have been awaiting their turn with Crusty to learn the results. Jimmy I was a bit disappointed with Skylar's song choice. Jimmy is a bit lukewarm on Deandre, and feels he needs more experience. Jimmy is on board with Jessica, and loves her. She is the first to learn she is safe. Quickly we discover Skylar is in the bottom three, and Deandre is safe. That is a surprise, to be sure. So it is Hollie, Heejun and Skylar in the bottom three, and one will be singing for their future. After a commercial break, we learn that Skylar is safe. The person with the fewest votes is Heejun, and he will be singing A Song For You to try to get the judges save. This is a long song, and the judges will have almost no time to render their decision. As he finishes, Jennifer is tearing up, and it looks like the save will not be played tonight. And Steven informs him that is the case. Goodbye, Heejun.

Heejun Han, American Idol Season 11

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