Thursday, March 15, 2012

Idol Results, With No Result!

Lana Del Rey Demi Lovato
Clockwise: Lana Del Rey; Demi Lovato; and Daughtry.

While I am away at a show listening the the music of Tom Goss and Stewart Lewis, many of you will be watching the Results show for American Idol. At this point, we don't really know if someone will be sent home or not, but we have heard they have three guests coming all, to support new releases. In fact, one guest already played a role tonight, when Chris Daughtry had dinner and a TwitPic with Colton, and gave him some advice. Chris will front the Band Daughtry as they come on the show to play their released just earlier this week. Give a listen to Outta My Head.

Many will remember Chris from his time on Idol in 2006, where he was a frontrunner and surprise elimination in fourth place. Outta My Head is off the album Break The Spell, is available on iTunes and Amazon. It might be tough to find someone in the world who hasn't heard of Demi Lovato. It comes as no surprise Demi will be a featured performances on Idol. I am sure the producers are hoping she and the others guests give a boost the the ratings, which have faltered a bit as of late. She will be on to perform Give Your Heart A Break.

I sure this will keep many of the kids happy who are watching the show. Give Your Heart A Break is the followup to her megasuccessful single, Skyscraper. Both can be found on the album Unbroken. You can purchase Unbroken from iTunes and Amazon. And finally, they will also have singer Lana Del Ray on the show. The singer made quite the controversy when she sang Blue Jeans on Saturday Night Live, So again it does not surprise me that she was invited on American Idol, for the sheer suspense of her performing.

Blue Jeans is a single off the Born To Die album. You can purchase it on both iTunes and Amazon. As to who is going home this week on Idol, the only definite is that Jermaine already did. The only other definite I know is that I will be having a wonderful time. Hope you have a great time, too!


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