Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Robert Urban!

Today is the birthday of the amazing musician Robert Urban. To define him, you need to take a look in several directions, as a musician, songwriter, producer, and promoter, to name a few. The handsome gay rocker has been making music for some time, but I discovered him about a decade ago. I have been a fan of Robert's music for since, and think his Rock Widow album is a must have. But that is not to shortchange Godless, Elegies nor Who I Was, all excellent albums by a wonderful musician. Here he does a cover of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful.

I first discussed Robert in this blog in 2009. You can find that post here. The following is a video of Robert singing It's Only Love, a beautiful song off the Godless album. It showcases his rocker side, which I love. And I get excited about the moodiness of Robert's music.

You know I loves me a sexy rocker, right? Robert certainly fits that bill, too! For more about Robert and his music, visit his official website here. You can purchase Rock Widow from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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