Sunday, March 25, 2012

Andy Units • Night Light

Andy Units - Night Light

Recently, I got a note from singer/songwriter Andy Units, asking me to give his music a listen. I agreed, and am pleased for he tells me he loves the blog. I can be easy like that. So I got his album, and gave it a listen. When I got it, I was immediately drawn in by the cover, with the handsome guy with a handful of glowing light. In a note, he promised to help explore the night with the album, the moment before the dream starts to play. That is the premise for Night Light.


The album starts off with the ethereal Turn On Your Nightlight, an electro-aria, that both haunts and charms at the same time. On Fun, we are greeted by a song more grounded on the earth, with the piano and/or harpsichord accompanying Andy's voice. His voice is almost sweet, with an rough-hewn edge.

Kick starts off with an electronic feel, but is quickly reminding me of a Bacharach/David song, with a lovely Pop melody and a great hook. To Only Think About You starts with a haunting sound, and that is echoed in Andy's voice. With the snap of his fingers, and a Motown vocal track, In The Night starts a love song that immediately sounds very now, current. Give a listen and tell me what you think.

The next track, Lost, begins with a feeling of mystery, of longing. Maybe it is the classical progression of the music, or the sound of Unit's voice, veering between a sexy growl and questioning whisper. Whatever it is, you feel the trouble brewing. With a sultry beat playing, Secret Garden Party builds to a sexy rhythm, caressing as it goes. Interestingly enough, Midnight Mass has neither an ecclesiastical nor a Gregorian feel, but more of a personal moment in a confessional. Tenderness has this feel of a great R&B ballad, at times flirty, other times wistful, and always sensual. Next up, you have Sea Of Stars bringing to a new level of folk ballad, with an aching feel you can hear for yourself.

The mood and form of Goodnight, Honeybear is an ever-shifting roller coaster, at times a soothing lullaby, while at others a caress of fear of what lies under your bed. Ride brings the musical journey to an end, resting a head on your pillow, with the thoughts of what is to come.


The album gives more an emotional landscape than a physical one. The music moves between and ethereal dreamy lilt to more of a bold, dream-chasing quality, pulling the listener deeper and deeper into Units' brainwaves. For more about Andy Units, visit his official website. You can find Night Light on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. After listening to a few of the songs, you know you'll love it!


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