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Being Human BBC • Puppy Love

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, BBC American will air the latest episode of the supernaturally good series Being Human. This episode is Puppy Love, and it proves that just when you weren't sure it can get better, they make it so! But before I start in on tonight's episode, I will begin where I left off for Hold The Front Page. Well, at least the final 20 minutes. I'll start with Annie taking Adam away from Yvonne, to see if he was seduced by her charms, or by her succubus magic. Once away from her, his feeling are different, and he is angry, and needs some space.

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Annie must return to the B&B and tell Yvonne, who is distraught. She goes outside, and tells the press she is guilty of stealing Adam's innocence, for she is a monster, and hates them all. As she returns to the house, photog Peter asks if she knows what Adam is... Annie shifts into Hal's room, where every piece of furniture is jammed against the door. They talk, with Annie suggesting Peter needs to be silenced. They go to see him together... In Peter's hotel, Cutter is waiting for the photographer's return. Peter invites Cutter into his room. Adam is out on the streets, seemingly on the hunt. Tom is closed in his room, aching to company. Yvonne is alone trying to figure out what is next in her life. Cutter goes over the evidence Peter has, and tells him it is weak, just a bunch of empty photographs.

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Peter suggests what he really needs is a vampire, live and in person. It is then we learn that Peter's family was destroyed by vampires, killing him mother as he watched. Cutter tries to be consoling. Peter then mentions that he had to invite Cutter in, and knows what he is. In an alley, Adam is starting to stalk a pretty blond. Back at the B&B, Yvonne stalks as well, and ends up outside of Tom's room. Tom tries to talk her away. Back at the hotel, Peter has Cutter trapped in the room, courtesy of a cross on the only door. Cutter fights back, but seems unable to reach Peter, who has journalists and police coming to the room. Back on the streets, Adam seems ready to go in all in a pub. He starts chatting with the girl, when he sees Yvonne on the local news. He hears what she says, and soon leaves the pub.

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Hal and Annie arrive at the hotel, and find the door ajar, and Peter's drained body. While the cross doesn't affect Hal, he remembers being in a monastery 300 ago. He was trapped, and used a drained body to get out, to protect him from the crucifix. Hal keeps staring at the bloody mess, and Annie knows she must get him out of there. At the B&B, Yvonne walks into Tom's room, eager for his touch. He shakes her hand, and her power overcomes him. She shoves him down on the Bed, and knows she will kill him. As she starts, Adam comes into the house, and she goes running after him. He keeps a door between them so he can have his say without her magic. They both admit they hate what they are, and perhaps they should be together after all. They really do love one another. She opens the door, and they are together once again. Hal and Annie see the couple off, and Hal stays clear of them. She did almost kill him, after all. Just before they pull away, Adam leaves them with an obscene gesture. As Annie and Hal walk back into the house, Hal admits he was going to hurt Peter. Annie admits she was going to let him. Meanwhile, Cutter is at his laptop, posting a video of Tom transforming on YouTube.

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So, now we can begin with the new episode, Puppy Love. The episode opens with the gorgeous and haunting music track under the opening. The song is Got Monsters, by transgender singer/songwriter Mina Caputo, formerly known as Keith Caputo.

While the song plays, we see Tom waking up, and a young girl pretty much mirroring with her own morning ritual. At the end, she leaves a note for her parents, and is ready to leave her house. Then to Hal, organizing eggs at the cafe. He is keeping busy, to avoid his demons, his thirst. Tom is watching him, obviously tiring of the OCD display. Hal takes the moment to ask him to help him in his rehabilitation, to step in, just as Leo had done decades earlier. Tom would be honored. But before they can talk more, Hal notices a young girl watching the cafe.

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It seems she is not a vampire, but "she smells more like a werewolf," according to Hal. When they go out to see her, she runs. They go after, and soon her rape whistle is sounding, deafening all. They bring her back to the B&B to talk. She's done great research to find out how to find Tom. She was researching how to find him starting with the werewolf videos, cross referencing databases and areas of industrialization, but it was going to a cafe with wifi than made her find Tom. Her name is Allison, and she asks what kind of idiot is Tom, to expose himself on YouTube? She shows him a clip, one of he and George transforming that was filmed by Cutler. Seems the clip went viral, with over a million hits. It was also trending on Twitter, and there is a Facebook page dedicated to the video. Might Hal go under cover, to find out more over some blood? Hal is mortified and leaves. Tom, on the other hand, knows exactly who to speak to. Meanwhile, Cutler is in his office, planting more salacious info about werewolves on Twitter. But he visitors, Goldie is there, in charge of UK Operations. She is taking over, blowing by Cutler. She wants a werewolf to have a little dogfight, although Cutler wants to save Tom for something else. Goldie doesn't care.

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Back at the B&B, a man is banging on the door, yelling and waking up Eve. Annie is afraid the Old Ones are there to get Eve. She pushes back, and discovers it isn't a vampire. Just a dead neighbor. Back on the waterfront, Goldie is planning for the arrival of the Old Ones, and Tom is there with Allison, checking it out. Tom plans to get the information the old fashioned way - via torture and staking. Allison is not impressed. They go to speak to a vampire, who runs. Allison tries to use logic to talk, but that won't work. The vampire goes after her, and Tom stakes the vampire. Allison is angered by this, and Tom has an idea. Back at the B&B, Annie is near tears as Emrys, the neighbor she accidentally killed, prattles on, not yet understanding he is dead. Back in Cutler's office, Tom and Allison are there to ask about the YouTube video, and the other talk online, all of which were planted by Cutler. They give Allison the lay of the land, and come up with a plan. And Tom will give Allison staking lessons. Back in the cafe, Hal is working and singing, making the most of the Isley Brothers Work To Do, which is playing on the radio as he mops the floor.

He looks up, and there is a lovely young lady there. They kinda chat, although the awkward pauses are found between the awkward chatter. She leaves the cafe. Back at the B&B, Annie is losing patience with Emrys, but then Tom and Allison come home, and she panics, trying to hide Emrys.

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So the wolves go upstairs to Tom's room, and the flirting, awkward as it is, begins. Allison tells Tom she liked his earlier argument, and that she will help him with debate, and he can help her slay vampires. As they begin to work, we hear the sound of Donny Osmond, the Justin Bieber of his day, singing Puppy Love, backed by his brothers.

She teaches him the rules of debate, and he teaching her the finer aspects of staking. They are adorable. Back at the cafe, Hal is talking to Tom, hoping to do some running together, but Tom has plans with Allison. He feels a bit left out, but is soon offering advice on courtship. As Hal pontificates on the merits of the dowry system, in comes the pretty girl from before, and he hides behind the counter. Soon, Tom tells her Hal is joining he and his girlfriend on a date, and invites her to join them. On her way out, she says her goodbye to the pathetic vampire.

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Back at the B&B, Allison screams while in the shower, discovering Emrys watching her. The secret is out, and the roommates learn Annie killed him. She is trying to help him with whatever unfinished business he has so he can move on. But he might have the answer. He's never been kissed. Annie laughs, but the others understand. He asks if perhaps Annie will be his first. Just as their lips are about to meet, Annie notices he has on a wedding ring... She takes him to see his ex-wife, for Annie knows that is the business. He speaks to her, telling her he loves her still. Annie escorts him to his door, only to discover it is a closet. More thought is needed.

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Allison, Tom and Hal are on the steps of a public building as Hal has a nervous breakdown about his date with Alex. They are going to the museum. Tom and Allison are the geekiest of couples, giving Alex and Hal plenty to roll their eyes about as they walk in to the museum. At the warehouse, Goldie is making arrangements for the Old Ones. Cutler comes in, asking for her help with his werewolf friend, who more than likely took out her other assistant/toy. This upsets her trainer/plaything, Kane. He wants to share the credit, but Goldie wants it all, and sends Kane out to get the job done, and kill the werewolf.

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Back at the museum, Tom is telling Allison he likes her, only she seems be missing his point. While trying to give Hal and Alex some alone time, he gets a call from Cutler, telling him the vampire is after him. He leaves with Allison, and Alex offers herself to Hal for a kiss, and he is unsure if he can control himself. He hears the beat of her heart, feels the pulse in her neck... He pulls away, leaving her alone. Back by the warehouse, Kane is looking for Tom, and is confronted by he and Allison. While they have the upper hand, soon the vampire has Allison in a hold. Tom knows he can't hurt her, and soon Kane is staked. And Allison gives Tom a big kiss, celebrating her first staking.

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What will happen in the last 15 minutes of the Puppy Love? Will Tom find love with Allison? Can Annie help Emrys find his door? Can Hal resist the urges to drink and get a kiss from Alex? Can Cutler plot and plan his way to overthrow Goldie? Will Tom get more than a kiss? Watch Saturday night, 9PM/8 Central on BBC America. Need to see a preview? Watch this...


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