Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Idol Season 11 • Top 10 Results

This group, the Top 10, will be spending a lot of time together, for they make up the summer tour. However, it is likely that one of these contestants will have one last week with everyone else, and will be going home tonight. But who will it be? Last night, I suggested the bottom three would be Heejun, Deandre, and Hollie, with a wishful thought from me that Phillip would be there. My fear is that the bottom will be populated by ladies, with Hollie, Elise and Erika again in the bottom.

American Idol 11 Top 10
Haley Reinhart Lana Del Rey
Top: Season 11 Top 10. Middle: Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest. Bottom: Haley Reinhart and Lana Del Rey.

In the first six years of the show, the male/female split of finalists for the show was 6-6, while the last 4 years was 6-2. In the first six years, the ladies won 4, while the men took 2. In the last four season, all have been won by the guys. However, we shall see this evening and start to get an idea how this season might unfold. As usual, the show starts off with a quick recap of last night, and the introduction of the judges and Crusty. He tells us about the guest on the show, and introduces the Idols to sing Billy Joel's The Longest Time.

It actually sounds better than one would suspect it would. Although I really don't need to see girls perched on Steven Tyler's lap again. No, really. Then we have a Ford Focus Commercial, featuring the Idols singing The Fray's You Found Me.

The first contestants called to the stage are Hollie, Skylar and Elise. Jimmy Iovine thinks it was Hollie's toughest night so far, but she will stay around. He thinks Skylar is stalling, not evolving in the competition. He thought Elise was amazing and should not be worried tonight. First we learn that Hollie is safe. We then learn that Skylar is safe, and so is Elise. That is surprising. That also means three of the remaining seven will be in the bottom. After a commercial break, we have a performance by Lana Del Rey. It seems that last week Lana was in town, and had her performance of Video Games pre-recorded for tonight's show.

You can find Lana Del Rey's album, Born To Die, on iTunes and on sale for $4.99 on Amazon.

Joe Perry comes out playing Happy Birthday Song for Steven Tyler's birthday. Dude stole Colton's hair!

Deandre, Joshua, and Jessica are up next,and Jimmy I was not happy with Deandre, and could put him in trouble. He was also not happy with Joshua, who made several mistakes. He loved Jessica, and think she is safe. Now, time for the results. Jessica is safe, and hears that Billy Joel enjoyed her version of the song. It turns out that Joshua is also safe, leaving Deandre in the bottom three.

Last year, Haley Reinhart defied the odds and the judges to finish the season in third place. Often, it seemed she found little to no support from the judges, but much from the audience. Tonight, she returns to the stage with a contract from Jimmy I's Interscope Records, and her debut album coming in May. She sings her new single, Free.

Free was released this week. You can purchase the single on iTunes and Amazon. You can pre-order her CD on her official website here.

There are two more that must hit the bottom before we know who is up for elimination this week. Colton got great reviews from the judges, and Jimmy I and Billy Joel thought he did a great job. Phillip was next, and the judges loved him, and Jimmy slaps him a bit for not taking advice. Erika had mixed reviews from the judges, but not from Jimmy I - he loved her. Not so much Randy's comments. Heejun had bad reviews for the most part, and Jimmy thought it was terrible. Yikes. Colton is the first one sent to safety. Erika is not so lucky, and is the second in the bottom. She is joined by Heejun, as Phillip is sent to safety.

After the commercial, Deandre is sent back to safety, leaving Erika and Heejun in danger of elimination. So it is up to the judges to decide, and she sings I Believe In You And Me, the Whitney Houston song she sang.

She did a nice job, but we need to hear from the judges, will they use the save? Randy is a total loser, saying, "Unfortunately Ryan, No." Way to show some kindness. She is sent off with the video package as a goodbye. There are tears, and they come out to say goodbye to Erika Van Pelt.

Erika Van Pelt, American Idol Season 11


  1. I still think that Erika is a much better singer than most of the others.

  2. Wonder Man, Yes, good music!

    Queer Heaven, I agree, she is. It's a shame she left before others that are far less talented.



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