Wednesday, November 23, 2011

X-Factor • Going Home For The Holidays?

Rachel Crow Marcus Canty Melanie Amaro
LakotaRayne Chris Rene
LeRoy Bell Astro Drew Josh Krajcik
The Contestants: Top Row: Rachel Crow; Marcus Canty; Melanie Amaro; 2nd Row: Lakota Rayne; Chris Rene; Bottom Row: LeRoy Bell; Astro; Drew; Josh Krajcik.

It is a nerve-racking night on X-Factor, for two acts are going home this evening. Yes, nine competed this week, but there are only seven who will have that same honor next week. Seven will be grateful for the gift of further performances. However, the show kicks off with the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, singing her single What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger).

She is an amazing talent, and shows the contestants how to deliver it live. And she brings the judges to their feet for a well-deserved standing ovation. And it was sweet when Kelly said "Hey, Simon and Paula," over the great applause after the song. Quickly, announcer Steve Jones brings us on a recap of the performances last night, and teases that the results will be coming shortly. And Bruno Mars will be giving a live performance of his latest single! The Top 9 perform a mash up of The All-American Rejects hit Dirty Little Secrets and the megahit by Pink!, So What!. It is not particularly good, and the goofy costumes don't really help at all.

Lakota Rayne and Drew are called to the center stage. We are told one had the lowest number of votes, and will be leaving right away. The other is going through to next week. It is Drew who is moved to safety, so the act leaving is Lakota Rayne. They are the final group, and Paula is left without an act to mentor for the rest of the show. The ladies of the group tells us they will be in concert everywhere. However, those who have been watching these reality shows know that is rarely the case... In a blatant plug for his show following X-Factor, Howie Mandel pirates control of the show away from Jones, who stands holding the microphone, in awe to the fast talking bald man. Quickly, they move on to the next performance, by Bruno Mars.

He performs his latest single, It Will Rain. The song is from the latest installment of the Twilight movie franchise, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. He sings in front of a giant neon broken heart, which is my favorite part of the performance.

Steve Jones is back onstage, calling the remaining seven acts to the stage for continue the results. He quickly moves to the results, and tells us that Chris Rene is through to next week. Joining him in safety is Rachel Crow. Josh Krajcik joins the others. And it is time for a commercial break. On the return, we discover that Simon's final contestant, Melanie Amaro, is safe. This leaves three guys, one of whom will be leaving. The guy joining the others in safety is Astro. So Marcus Canty and LeRoy Bell will be singing for their survival.

LA Reid introduces his performer in this week's battle, Marcus Canty. He sings You Lost Me, by the big-singing Christina Aguilera. It was written by Christina, Samuel Dixon, and the brilliant Sia Furler. Marcus gives a typical performance of the song, and it leaves me cold. I really don't get him as a performer.

Next up, Nicole introduces her entry for the battle, LeRoy Bell. He sings Don't Let Me Down, by the Beatles. While I am often disappointed by him, this is one of my favorites by him during the run of the show.

If I were to pick, I'd have to save LeRoy, and send Marcus home. Right off the bat, LA reminds the other judges that Marcus has been consistent, a sure sign that knows LeRoy outsang his charge tonight. Nicole is up next, and she gives a big speech, and sends home Marcus. Paula is up next, and sends Marcus home. It is up to Simon, and he send home LeRoy, leaving them in deadlock. That means the act with the lowest number of votes will be leaving tonight. That is LeRoy Bell.

So, what we have learned so far is that America didn't like the groups at all, and wasn't really interested in hearing the voices of the more mature contestants. So what do we think will happen next week? The show will be back on the regular schedule, with performances on Wednesday, and results on Thursday.



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