Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RightOut TV Winners Announced

RightOut TV

RightOutTV’s hand-picked panel of judges have spent the last month busy scoring the final nominated music videos and the results reflect an impressive array of talent in 13 different categories. Winning artists represent the United States, Israel, Australia, England and Austria, making this a truly global contest.

RightOut TV
Marlee & Tully announcing the RightOut TV winners.

“Many of the judges reported that it was difficult picking just one winner from such an incredible pool of talent,” says Tully Callender, video awards co-producer.

“It made us beam with pride knowing that many of the artists were being exposed to these industry professionals for the first time and they were completely impressed…but we knew they would be,” adds Marlee Walchuk, Tully’s wife and the other half of the RightOutTV production team.

The Awards Announcement presentation featuring some of the nominated artists is posted on RightOutTVAwards.com and on the post, below.

With 13 categories, there was only one double winner. In fact, with the 12 categories decided by the judges, there were no repeat winners, showing the depth of LGBT music at the moment. The repeat winner was given for the Fan choice. Four of the winners have been featured on this blog previously. And I will feature all the winners this week in posts highlighting the great LGBT artists who received the awards, starting this morning.

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