Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GLEE Redux • Pot O' Gold

Kermit the Frog Katy Perry
Foreigner Teddy Thompson
Christina Aguilera
Clockwise: Kermit the Frog; Katy Perry; Teddy Thompson; Christina Aguilera; and Foreigner.

Welcome to my GLEE recap, complete with the clips of the songs by the original artists.

Quinn and Puck approach Ms. Corcoran about doing some babysitting for Beth, their child adopts by Corcoran. Sue takes on the Arts in her campaign for public office, starting with the school musical, the production of West Side Story. This is upsetting for Mr. Schue, and devastating for Rachel. Kurt offers to take on the fundraising to make sure the musical goes on. Brittany has an exchange student student from Ireland staying with her family. Rory Flanagan, played by the winner of a reality show about casting for a GLEE role, Damian McGinty. He is trying to be Finn's friend, and will be spying on Brittany for Finn. It seems Finn had seen Santana talking to Mercedes about joining the other show choir, and fears Santana and Brittany will follow her. Soon we see Rory talking down the hallway, getting his fair share of ridicule from the students. The Irishman sings Kermit The Frog's theme song, Bein' Green.

Puck has started a pool-cleaning business, and is particularly fond of the cougars who enjoy seeing him working the pools, especially when his shirt is off. They are not as fold of him when he is whipping out pictures of his baby. Quinn doesn't mind, although she is busy calling child protective services on Ms. Corcoran, in an effort to take Beth back. She fears everyone else has plans and a point, and she is left standing alone. So she plants some evidence in Corcoran's apartment. Soon they are back in the Glee room, and Blaine offers to sing Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (TGIF) to remind everyone that GLEE should be fun!

Santana is annoyed that Rachel and Blaine are going to take over the Glee club. She throws a public hissy, and then goes after Rory, telling him she wants him to go all leprechaun and grant a wish. He tells Brittany that Santana has one wish, and it is that shes leaves the New Directions and join the Girl's Glee Club. Mr. Schue stops by to see Kurt's dad, Burt Hummel,to convince him to run against Sue only to find out he is going to do it, as a write-in campaign. Puck stops by to visit Ms. Corcoran to thank her for recommending him for a pool job, and makes sure to clear out some of what Quinn let behind. Beth is unsettled and crying, but calms down when he starts singing to her. He plays Foreigner's Waiting For A Girl Like You, and quiets her down.

Finn tries to talk to Brittany about quitting the New Directions to join Mercedes, and ends up insulting her, causing her to announce she is defecting to the new group. Sue is at the television station when she learns Burt is running against her, and is not amused. She sees Mr. Schue in the background, helping him. She remains unhappy. Santana, Brittany and Mercedes go in the meeting room of the new Glee club, and find Sugar Motta, and give her the beat down, telling her to get in the shadows and sing softly. They soon decide on a name, The Troubletones. They start off by singing Christina Aguilera's Candyman.

Finn and Mr. Schue sees the girls singing , and know they are serious competition. It encourages Finn to apologize to Brittany and the girls, and wish them the best. He also helps Rory out of a jam, and invites him to join Glee. At Breadsticks to have a family conference about Burt's run for office, Finn is distracted by his lack of future plans, and Kurt is worried about Burt's health. Soon Sue shows up with a quadruple burger, sure poison for Burt's heart. She does the Sue thing, throwing a few jabs. None of them really scare the family. Back in the chorus room, Finn introduces Rory to the kids, and he sings Take Care of Yourself by Teddy Thompson.

As he sings, we see the strained relationship between the conflicted glee clubs. We also see hints of something going on between Puck and Ms. Corcoran...


  1. Any time Darren Criss gets to sing and dance, is definitely a gleeful time for me.

    Plus, I loved 'Candyman'.

  2. Bob, he certainly is a joy to listen to, and to watch!



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