Monday, November 7, 2011

TimPermanent • Resident Interview


TimPermanent is about to release his latest collection of music. I first heard his music at the beginning of the year when he released Marker, a wonderful EP. My appreciation only grew when he released an acoustic cover of Robyn's song, Dancing On My Own. He is about to release another EP, Resident. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy, and it is outstanding.

I first covered Tim through the release of Marker. You can find that here. Tim has been an out and proud performer since he was part of the socially-conscious anti-folk duo Testosterone Kills. As a solo performer, he weds electronica with infectious Pop and heartfelt lyrics.


Resident is a five-song collection. From the first bars of Dance Floor Lost, I was hooked. The electronic beat grabbed me, and TimPermanent's voice shook me down. Mindset was up next, and it is a beautifully textured ballad, with a stunning layered chorus. Give It To Me made me take immediate notice with the Middle Eastern flavor, and with the layered rhythms in the chorus becomes damn near inspirational. On Busy, Tim pokes and prods at the electronic age in which we live, and how we spend out time. That leaves In The Dark, which positively soars on the wings of the honesty in the lyrics. There is such a connection when he sings "I'll be fine maybe most of the time," you feel the heartache that only love can cause. You can purchase Resident on Amazon now here, and on iTunes starting Tuesday, November 8th, here.

Just before it is available on iTunes, I was lucky enough to be able to take up a bit of TimPermanent's time to offer his thoughts about the new release, his inspirations, and some big-voiced divas.

Do you feel the music on Resident is your most personal yet? Which song most reflects you or your experience? I definitely feel like Resident has songs that are rather personal, maybe more so than the songs of Marker. The song Mindset is probably the most personal to me where I feel like it is my plea to the Universe for all of my wants.

This is the second release in a year - are you feeling more inspired than ever before? I am continually inspired... I feel perhaps more motivated to release new songs than ever before.


Do you write all your own music? Do you write on the piano or guitar? I do write and produce all my own music. I did have the pleasure of working with Chuck Wild on the song Give it to Me. Chuck is an amazing and very successful musician. We collaborated – it was awesome! To write, I use the computer/midi-keyboard mostly and sometimes the guitar.

Resident seems to have much more experimentation with rhythm than earlier music. What inspired that? Hmm. I don’t know. A song usually takes on a life all on its own. I cannot say where it comes from, I wish I knew. Perhaps from the ether, and then added a smiley-face.


Vocally, I can't think of anyone like you stylistically. So who inspires you vocally? I love big singer-singers like Beyoncé, Christina, Faith Hill, Aretha... I have a big voice so I use it like one of them. There aren’t a lot of male singers who sing big. Sometimes I hear songs that are sung more breathy and low-key and I think “I wish I could sound like that” but that’s just not who I am.

If you could pick a national artist to sing a cover of one of your songs, who would it be, and which song? I would love it if Faith Hill sang In the Dark. I wrote it with her in mind.

Any song you'd like to cover, beside the brilliant version you did of Robyn's Dancing On My Own? Ooo covers are hard for me. I have been thinking to do Someone Like You by Adele but it seems so obvious….

What song was playing the last time you were on a Dance floor lost? When Doves Cry by Prince.

Is it easier to write about love or heartache? I think suffering definitely lends itself to song writing- I have felt very inspired by pain in the past but I try to spin the pain and make a more hopeful song – something to reach toward rather than something to wallow in .

Any shows coming up for your fans outside of Los Angeles? We are working on a schedule…. Sign up for my ReverbNation mailing list here and stay tuned!!


For more about TimPermanent, visit his official website here. You can find Marker on iTunes here, and on Amazon here. You can find his cover of Robyn's Dancing On My Own on iTunes here, and on Amazon here. Pick one, or pick them all, I'd say you can't go wrong.


  1. Thanks, Wonder Man. I am quite happy with it. I love Tim's music!



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