Thursday, November 3, 2011

X-Factor 1st Results Show

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Left to right: Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger.

We were introduced by announcer Steve Jones to the judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger. He told us what to expect tonight: the top 10 out of the 12 will be given a pass through to next week; and the bottom two will perform for the judges, who will decide who is going home. Quickly, it was time to bring out the Top 12, who performed their version of Without You, by David Guetta featuring Usher.

There was a rather long video recap of last evening's events, with as much judging drama as there was singing. They should feature the singing more, for this is a talented group of contestants, the best group I have seen/heard on a reality show in a long time. They are in line to win a $5 million recording contract, and be featured in a Pepsi commercial. That is quite the reward, to be sure! Next, the Welsh announcer introduces the next guest performers, Outta Sight singing their hit single, Tonight's The Night. Hmmm, guess whiny boys are back in style...

So there is a video roll showing each contestant talking about their desire to not only sty in the competition, but to win. Afterwards, the judges and their acts to stand on stage, while Jones announces who is safe.

The first act in safety is Marcus Canty, followed by Drew. Then we were told Leroy Bell is safe, as is Astro, meaning all the boys are through to the next round. Next up is Lakota Rayne, and I have little faith in the voting public. Rachel Crow is also safe. Chris Rene is the next announced as safe, followed by Josh Krajcik. Melanie Amaro means all three of the girls have made it through. The final act getting a ticket to the next round is Stacy Francis, putting all the Over 30s through, leaving two of the groups to be a part of the final showdown.

After a commercial break, Paula introduces the first of her two acts in the bottom this evening. The Stereo Hogzz come out to perform Samantha Sang's big hit written by the Beegees, Emotion. Once again, the lead singer's voice seems a little thin and brittle to my ears.

Paula again get's to introduce InTENsity, who come out to sing Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without U. There is a charm and exuberance to their performance.

While I would give the nod to InTENsity to stick around, I have to believe the judges will be keeping The Stereo Hogzz. So the judges are asked to name who they would send home, and we start with Simon, who votes out Stereo Hogzz. Paula is up next, and will send home InTENsity. Nicole is going to send home is InTENsity. That leaves it in LA Reid's hands. He decides to send InTENsity home, and they are out of the competition. And we discover that the judge with the biggest heart for kids is Simon Cowell, go figure. Paula, LA Reid, Nicole, and America seems to dislike teens.



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