Thursday, November 17, 2011

X-Factor Results • Rock On Outta Here

Astro Chris Rene Drew
Josh Krajcik LakotaRayne
LeRoy Bell Marcus Canty Melanie Amaro
Rachel Crow Stacy Francis X-Factor Logo Cropped
The Contestants: Top Row: Astro; Chris Rene; Drew; 2nd Row: Josh Krajcik; Lakota Rayne; 3rd Row: Leroy Bell; Marcus Canty; Melanie Amaro; Bottom Row: Rachel Crow; Stacy Francis.

Back on the show, the Final Ten come out singing Queen's We Will Rock You. They are singing live this week, as noticed when some microphones were not working properly.

Soon we are getting through the recap of last night, reminding us of the judges battle. Quickly, we jump to results, and the first two acts getting through to next week is LeRoy Bell. Lakota Rayne is also through, leaving Paula in the competition. Soon the Top Ten were stopping by photographer to get some pictures, and be given digital cameras. After that playtime and advertorial is done, it is time for Rihanna to perform her latest single, We Found Love.

All four judges were on their feet after Rihanna's performance. She advises the contestants to love what they do. With that, it is time to return to the competition, and find out who else is safe tonight. They are all brought on stage with their mentor, and the third to safety is Chris Rene. Next to safety is Melanie Amaro, followed by Josh Krajcik. Marcus Canty is safe, leaving Simon with two remaining, Nicole with one, and LA with one. And I make the realization that three out of my bottom four are relaxing in safety. After a break, we find out that Drew is safe. So the last act to move to safety is Rachel Crow, leaving Astro and Stacy Francis to sing for their lives. Nicole introduces Miss Stacy Francis, who comes out to sing Amazing Grace. As could be expected, she spends just a little too much time in the shrill part of her range.

Next up is Astro, rapping to the Never Can Say Goodbye track.

This leaves it in the hands of the judges. First up is LA Reid, who gives a big speech about Astro giving up, but then votes for Stacy to leave. Nicole votes to send Astro home. Paula sends home Stacy Francis, and it is up to Simon. Astro give a whole bunch of attitude, going so far as to say he didn't want to perform where he wasn't wanted, since he was in the bottom 2. Simon lectures him, and then he sends home Stacy, making it official. She is grace under fire in her exit.

Stacy Francis

The audience starts to boo, as they seem to be quite unhappy with Astro and his rank attitude. Should this continue, I don't expect Astro to last much longer in the competition. Was this real attitude, or are they manufacturing some attitude for when he leaves the show, giving him some cred? I don't know, but we will find out if things are any better next week, when the show airs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. See you then!


  1. i have to say after seeing Astro's attitude i have officially lost respect for him and i personally don't want to see him win.

  2. becca, I suspect much of America will agree with you.

  3. Go Chris Rene + Melanie Amarow + Josh Kragic!!! <3



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