Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kenny Chesney • Somewhere With You

Kenny Chesney Shane Mack

OK, I will admit that normally, Kenny Chesney is not on the top of my playing list. However, I just heard him sing this on the radio, and I was completely blown away. You see, I recognized the song. One of the co-writers is someone I love, and can't understand why I still don't have an album by him in my collection. But first, I'll let you hear what I did, Kenny singing an absolutely gorgeous song, Somewhere With You.

Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, I am talking about the brilliant Shane Mack. You might remember him as the man who wrote and performed by several songs on the soundtrack for the amazing movie, Shelter. So I am thrilled the out singer/songwriter is getting songs picked upby other artists, and hope this means I will finally be getting that album I have wanted since I found his music on Myspace so very long ago. Yeah, remember Myspace? Well, remember this song? It is Lie To Me from Shelter.

And here is another album from Shane, Wreckage. Superstar Kelly Clarkson sang it live at concerts. But I still love Shane's version.

And here is Shane performing with Ashley Arrison, in Nashville. He is singing If I Stay, an exquisite song. I love the song, his performance, and Ashley's perfect backing vocals. Put this on a record, and I would be near giddy.

Well, to find more about Shane, you can check out his Facebook page here, or his Myspace page here. You know, the fifth post I wrote on this blog was about Shane, begging for a CD here. Guess what? I am still waiting!



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