Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stewart Lewis EP Stumbling For Truth

Stewart Lewis
Stewart Lewis - Stumbling For Truth

It has been a while since I featured the music of the smart and handsome Stewart Lewis, so I am twice as happy to say not only am I covering him, but it is due to a new release! Somehow or another, I missed the official release for Stumbling For Truth, but once Stewart told me about it on Twitter, I had to race over to iTunes to buy it! You see, I've been a fan of Lewis' work for a couple of years now, since I first purchased In Formation, and saw him performing live with Jake Walden and Tom Goss on the Rock The Folk Out tour. There I bought the rest of his music, and also his novel, Rockstar!

Stewart Lewis

The first thing I notice when I start with the 5-song collection was the intimate, more personal arrangement of Four Lanes To Pittsburgh, the opening song. While his previous music was rock-flavored Pop, the latest has a more acoustic folk feel. At the core of it, the song has a personal feeling, like Lewis is sharing a slice of his life with me. And then Leave Me kicks in, with the bluesy feel that has a real sexy feel to it. And only Stewart can fill a love song with 'you cannon fuel a dying star.' I have to say, I am loving this song. The third track is Rags And Bones, which has this odd retro feel, like it was a folk song with a strong acoustic take that makes it timeless. The fourth cut is another strong folk song, only with an airier feel, a bit more billowy. Careful Out There is the fourth cut, which melds the folk with a Pop feel to offer a slightly ethereal movement. The chorus is just so lovely. We are come to the last cut, House On A Hill, with a rootsy feel set with the opening strains of the guitar. The feeling on this one runs deep, and there are moments when the arrangement offers a Country appeal. When the song if over, I realize all five songs have been heard, and it seems like no time has passed, and I want to hear more.

Stewart Lewis

So far, there is no video for any of the songs from the EP, so I can't help you out there. You'll just have to trust me, and buy this. For less than $5.00, you get an excellent album. For more about Stewart Lewis, check out his FaceBook page here or his official page here. You can find it on iTunes here and on Amazon here and you can either download or purchase a physical CD at CD Baby here. You can preview the songs there. But what I can leave you with is an acoustic version of Shine, a song from his last album, In Formation.

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